Curious London – Beck Greener

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Beck Greener is one of the oldest intellectual property firms in the world. Their attorneys are experienced hands-on partners so they can offer clients a highly skilled and professional service. Curious London‘s new identity captures their strong heritage and expertise with a fresh contemporary feel. Click here to view website.

The partners at Beck Greener have the depth of expertise, commercial
 acumen and tenacity to make a real difference. By paying special attention
 to detail, they can look closer and see things that other firms can’t. To reflect
 their approach to doing business, we developed key brand statements and
commissioned illustrator Brett Ryder to embody the essence of the thinking.

Curious London developed three statements: ‘We look closer’, ‘Letting your ideas fly’
and ‘145 years new’ to feature in brand communications such as the website,
 marketing pieces and stationery. Each message is brought to life with a Brett
 Ryder illustration designed to add charm and give the new identity its fresh
 contemporary feel.

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