Ermolaev Bureau – A-moloko

a0edad6496816e9c896ecb07e07b27c9 bbbc22a5558be5ccedf1772d17cadb7a 5df4611c324dbf33efb8f0fa7beb4cf7 58fcb22b2a1c023f72cb71c3155b5440

This visual identity was developed for a company, which sells milk through a chain of vending machines. The design concept of the logo is inspired by the business of the chain: Automated sale of farm-fresh milk and the company’s name, A-moloko, which has been developed by Ermolaev Bureau as well. The first letter “A”, which when turned upside down resembles the muzzle of a cow, was taken as the basis. The visual identity is built on a clear system of symbols, which describes the path of the milk from the cow to the consumer. This visual language lends the blue and white appearance an emotionally appealing character.

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