Mousegraphics – Nuts of snacks

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Nuts can be a lot of fun and also have high nutritional value especially when oven-baked as in this case. Mousegraphics decided to opt for a consumer – friendly, casual looking yet careful approach, to combine both attributes in the best possible way. Mousegraphics developed the “Nuts for Snack” product name which plays on the double meaning of the word “nuts”; To “go crazy” over a type of food so as to make it a daily small nibble ritual – a snack must – and the actual meaning. Mousegraphics worked on the packaging design with an emphasis on illustration. Mousegraphics assigned this project to a collaborator who has worked with urban graffiti and fanzine illustration leading us to decide on several cartoon-like characters. Both cute and awkward, in funky, nut-related color schemes, these characters are assigned to the different product flavors and ultimately ‘communicate’ in a globally recognized urban jargon.

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