Limegreentangerine – Jöttnar

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Two years is a long time by most standards; and it was over two years ago now that Limegreentangerine first met two former Royal Marines. They told us how they were in the Norwegian mountains, during a particularly fierce Arctic winter, when inspiration first took hold.

Their plan was to develop a brand of technical outdoor clothing that would protect against the raging brutality around them, whilst capturing the purity and elegance of the Scandinavian landscape. A new brand that was better and more considered than any other mountineering clothing brand in existence.

Since then, Limegreentangerine have had the distinct pleasure of working besides this ambitious start up as they sought investment, designed, prototyped, scrutinised, developed, tested and tested again their product. Now, after much hype in the mountaineering press, Jöttnar has finally launched. With it, their journey encompassing strategy, positioning, identity & brand development, photography, design and website development has now reached its apotheosis and a new brand is released. All told, a considerable achievement in just two years.

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