Werkilg – Human Rights Centre

-4 -3 -2 -1

Universal symbol of equality (=) was a self-evident choice for Human Rights Centre’s symbol. As the symbol alone is very indistinguishable (due to its universality) a more personal text logo was designed and attached to symbol, creating a fixed, unchangeable combination. A small visual pun has been hidden in between the text logo and symbol: negative space creates a Finnish flag cross, giving the logo some extra depth and meaning.

The Human Rights Centre is administratively connected to the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman so Human Right Centre’s identity had to share some attributes with the Parliamentary Ombudsman’s identity. The solution was to use same colours and typography — but as reversed, with different emphasis and hierarchy. For example, Parliamentary Ombudsman uses orange as a secondary colour and Human Rights Centre uses it as primary colour. Same logic applies to typographic choices.

In order to maintain a discreet and diplomatic approach traditional way of using photos was discarded. Instead, illustrations were used. Ilja Karsikas from Napa Illustrations created a series of flexible illustrations, based on visual guidelines provided. Designed by Werklig.

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