Commando Group – AFF

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 8.57.33 AM bb-illustration-_commandogroup_750x wbrowser-1_commandogroup_1500x desktop-1_commandogroup_1500x

Since 2008 Financial Times has annually rated AFF (The Administrative Research Institute at the Norwegian School of Economics) among the top providers of open-enrollment executive training in the world.

Commando Group were challenged to design a website that was serious but playful, fast, legible and intuitive. The process started by simplifying the menu, organizing the content on far less pages than before, boiling it down to the most relevant information. Commando Group used larger type for better legibility, and broke the blocks of text into bite-size sections. In addition to this, boxes of numbers and relevant facts were introduced to add some colour and quick information between the rows of more in-depth text.

Commando Group also used illustrations to distinguish AFFs services from each other, a bold move for an established organization in this segment, a move Commando Group are very grateful to have been part of. The new website includes features such as an events calendar, online application forms, autosuggest search function and of course a responsive design. Code by Mesén.

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