Design Studio – Benito’s Hat Mexican Kitchen

Benitos_Hat_2560x1440_70_012_1024_576_90_c1 Benitos_Hat_2560x1440_70_09_1024_576_90_c1 Benitos_Hat_2560x1440_70_08_1024_576_90_c1 Benitos_Hat_2560x1440_70_03_1024_576_90_c1

First year revenue of £600,000. Almost £1m a year later. Over £2.5m in 2012. And now four restaurants in London. We helped Benito’s Hat, a Mexican restaurant chain in our city, grow in size and profit, and we improved their customers’ experience.

Design Studio met the client to ask questions about their business and brand.

They shared their reason for creating Benito’s Hat: to make fresh, healthy, authentic Mexican food. In those three adjectives, we’d uncovered the foundation of their new brand identity. Logo, colour palette, typeface. We created the brand guidelines to start. Then we shot and put together a new photo library – fresh and authentic. Every photo shows these qualities, through the food and the atmosphere, by day and by night.

Design Studio found an opportunity inside the restaurants, too. By redesigning the interiors with interior specialist Dusst, we could create a bright space with large, bold, colourful menu boards. This would give people wanting a quick takeaway and guests visiting for an evening meal a more enjoyable Benito’s Hat experience.

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