Savvy Studio – Poesis

POESIS_Savvy_8 POESIS_Savvy_9 POESIS_Savvy_4 POESIS_Savvy_2

Poesis is a consulting company that supports organisations –and their high impact teams– to raise their energy levels on consciousness, transformation and healing capabilities. Their purpose is to contribute to the development of a healthier, benign, beautiful and sustainable humanity.

To achieve the complexity of their communication goals, we engaged in a collaborative effort where the knowledge of Poesis Consultants got mixed with the creative process of Savvy Studio.

After an extensive investigation, we developed a symbol from the greek figure Strophalos or the Hecate wheel which serves as the leading element of the graphic identity. The central circle symbol represents the flame of life, knowledge and fulfillment. The outer circles, arranged as a labyrinth, represent the processes by which they may reach a fully intellectual stage, which is the primary objective of Poesis’s practices.

The graphics applied have foil finishes and gray substrates giving it a mystical appearance, in accordance to the mood of the project. The graphical solution capitalized in an orderly manner the series of messages that the company wanted to spread.Designed by Savvy Studio.

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