Studio Newwork – Dow Jones

DJ_CI_13 DJ_CI_15 DJ_CI_17 DJ_CI_18

Dow Jones & Company is a publishing and financial information firm. Operating all over the world, Dow Jones has been the most trusted publisher of accurate financial news and business information in all media formats. Their premier products & services include The Wall Street Journal, DJX and Factiva.

STUDIO NEWWORK was commissioned to design the corporate identity for Dow Jones. Our task was to revitalize its brand to reshape the perception of the company. STUDIO NEWWORK developed a clean and modern identity, with a bold sans serif typeface to keep the company distinctive and to begin a new chapter of Dow Jones with a fresh look. Swoosh is integrated into ONE, at the same time it highlights ONE. It refers to the fact Dow Jones is the number one publisher in the world. Words and phrases that use or contain ONE can be used as power phrases in their communication materials. Ex. Number One, The One and the Only, For Everyone, One Step Ahead, Honest, Money etc. The swoosh starts from the tip of “J”, meets the corner of “N”, and goes to the corner of “E”. Impressions; Positive, Energetic and Alive, Up and Forward, Active and Fast, Increasing and Expanding. We have developed a monogram based on the logotype in the need of flexible logo usages such as employee ID cards, application/social network icons and new products & services logos. The logo colors are black with energetic blue, which are very robust in order to convey the vitality and energy of editors, journalists and all workers of Dow Jones.

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