Anagrama – Tourean

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Tourean is a British multinational branded design and venture capital company founded by entrepreneur Jacob Taio Cruz Esq. Operating all over the world, the Tourean corporation manages many and diverse lifestyle subsidiaries in music, design, events, social media, beverages and fashion. The word Tourean combines the words Taurean and tour, which rounds up the brand values strength, fortitude, courage and integrity nicely with its worldwide reach.
For Tourean’s logotype, we fuzed together two typefaces: Gotham Black and Copperlate Gothic, giving Gotham roman-like serifs and merging the modern aspect of the company with its more earnest business side. The color palette is serious and somber and fully enriched with the choice of thick, heavy, cream paper and gold foil hot-stamping. The monogram is sharp and heavy, especially when emphasized by the surrounding diamond. Designed by Anagrama.
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