Koeweiden Postma – Nationale-Nederlanden

project_139_1427_1_nn-logo-opbouw project_139_1430_1_nn-brochures project_139_1431_1_nn-mijngetal project_139_1432_1_nn-tentoonstelling

In the Netherlands, everyone knows insurer Nationale-Nederlanden and everybody recognises its logo: it has existed for over forty years and is straightforward and strong. It is a fantastic assignment to recreate the visual identity of this national brand. At the same time it comes with a large responsibility: what do you preserve and what do you change? To get through to the core Koemeiden Postma had several creative sessions with 35 employees; a cross section of Nationale-Nederlanden. Quickly we learned that the logo is strong and part of the Dutch collective memory, but that it should be adjusted to the spirit of time. The visual style should be less cold and less distant, and communicate more directly.

In cooperation with advertising agency Ubachs Wisbrun, the concept. The Netherlands of Nationale-Nederlanden came to life. The concept fits perfectly considering the history, position and name of the brand, and its chosen leading role. Due to close collaboration with the advertising agency, the visual identity and campaign strongly amplify each other. The pleasant and efficient collaboration with the client, made it possible to develop this new brand in less than four months time. Every Dutch person can doodle the logo of Nationale-Nederlanden out of the top of his head. This thought was the basis for the logo, presented in a short introductory visual. For the corporate identity we chose a clear style, using large letters, clear promises (no small letters) and no deviating from the message. In addition, Koemeiden Postma used personal Dutch photographs and different shades of orange. This way the new visual identity is an almost literally translation of: The Netherlands of Nationale-Nederlanden.

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