Purpose – The McGuire Project

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Sixty six million people stammer worldwide. Little is known about why, and despite there being no cure, The McGuire Programme is providing effective therapeutic coaching to help sufferers manage their difficulties. Founded in 1994, the organisation is run entirely by people who are conquering their own stutters and who work towards transforming lives. Their visual language however, lacked in the confidence and consistency the organisation needed to grow their brand and reputation.

As part of an internal initiative, Purpose approached The McGuire Programme with a view to creating an identity that truly reflected the strengths of the organisation, and equip them with the tools they would need to create a strong, recognisable brand. Purpose developed a core thought, ‘Beyond Stuttering’, which helped to inform the new confident visual and verbal language. Simple graphic speech bubbles are readily adapted as a communication device and campaigning banner, which helps lay the foundation for a growing image bank. The two-colour approach has created a level of consistency throughout all their marketing communications, whilst being a very cost-effective solution – a top priority for a non-profit organisation. The new identity is transforming The McGuire Programme into a stronger, more prominent brand, helping them really stand out from their competitors and ultimately get their voice heard.

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