Maud – Tony Ferguson

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The challenge was to reposition Tony Ferguson as an educational lifestyle program that helps people re-engineer their approach to food and health – not just a quick-fix meal replacement diet. Maud needed to educate consumers about healthier living, encouraging them to form a new relationship with food and move from a weight-loss mentality to lifestyle change. Maud’s strategy was to empower people with the confidence and knowledge to take control of their relationship with food.

Maud established a new brand identity and a set of basic outcomes that the brand had to represent.
– Modern, yet able to withstand the test of time.
– Pharmaceutical whilst not feeling cold and impersonal.
– To support the ‘lifestyle’ nature of the brand, the design had to feel like something people would be proud to associate with.
– Re-establish Tony Ferguson as an expert and trusted brand — a champion of healthy eating and education.

Launched in January & February of this year, sales have already increased year on year and anecdotal feedback suggests that the new brand identity is receiving positive acknowledgement across the board including the trade and other key stakeholders.

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