Moving Brands – BlackJet

MovingBrands_BlackJet_System2_708MovingBrands_BlackJet_Experience5_card_708 MovingBrands_BlackJet_Experience5_708-copy MovingBrands_BlackJet_System5_708

Moving Brands partnered with the private jet company Greenjets to create a brand identity for a radically new service poised to forever change long-entrenched perceptions of private jet travel. Co-founded by Uber founder Garrett Camp and powered by a Moving Brands-designed app, BlackJet allows a wider market of luxury travelers to book individual seats on private planes instantly, at the touch of an iPhone. The disruptive new brand presents unprecedented competition to commercial airlines by offering all of the luxury and convenience of private jet travel at a price point comparable to their first and business classes (and with the invaluable added benefit of avoiding all of the traditional hassles of the airport).

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