Work In Progress – Maaemo

WorkinProgress_Maaemo_06 WorkinProgress_Maaemo_11 WorkinProgress_Maaemo_12 WorkinProgress_Maaemo_13

Maaemo is an ecological gourmet restaurant in Oslo, Norway. The restaurant has a Norwegian owner, Danish cook and a Finnish sommelier, so it is truly a Scandinavian collaboration. The cuisine of Maaemo is Nordic, and the name and colour scheme derive from Finnish, meaning “Mother Earth”. The brown soil is nurtured by the clear, ice blue water, creating life and growth.

The design for Maaemo is inspired by Scandinavian nature and architecture, reflected in the lines, shapes, rhythm and light creating a poetic, Nordic modernism. It gives the restaurant its atmosphere with consistent use of shape and colour, incorporating features such as the chair, a Danish design classic, the askew pendulum lamp, and the overall design, both interior and exterior.
The philosophy is that all aspects of the design solution should be both functional and aesthetic: Menu, folder, letterhead and bill are stripped of decoration, and left with clean folding, functional lines. This project was made in collaboration with Ludvig Bruneau Rossow, while working at Uniform Strategic Design, Oslo. Designed by Work In Progress.

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