Monthly Archives: November 2012

Energy Saving Trust exists with the sole purpose of helping people save energy. It’s totally focussed on changing attitudes and influencing behaviour. To help this organisation reach its goals OPX built a new brand around the concept of getting ‘more from less’. This simple concept communicates the idea that saving energy can benefit everyone, and locks into a brand personality that’s positive, real and inspiring.

From a microsite showing the benefits of renewable technology in homes across Scotland, to apps helping drivers understand what they can gain through better fuel economy; OPX embraced Energy Saving Trust’s single-minded approach to helping people make a positive difference.

Installed in premises of the old Bodega del Raval, a rather odd bar frequented by lumpen personalities and riff-raff of all kinds in the last century, and inspired in the Barcelona inns of the Sisos, where in the old days the popular classes could find reasonable menus. Suculent opens its doors in the hands of Carlos Avellan.

Market packets, conserves of the period, warehouse dockets, all served as a source of inspiration in creating its graphic identity. An essentially typographical image which is enriched with the broad range of supports, materials and techniques used throughout the project. Designed by Comité.

Firedog conducted an exciting research phase, whereby fellows of the Academy applied minds in an exercise to define the core DNA of the brand. They explored the Academy’s role in society and it became increasingly apparent that the “Heart of Society” positioning was very authentic and appropriate. The research also informed the creative process, exposing the current identity as rigid, restricting and not very imaginative. The Academy addressed a multitude of audience segments, therefore we developed a visual identity system which could be “dialed” up to speak to younger audiences, but at the same time toned down to speak to industry and policy makers. Firedog refreshed the RAeng symbol, literally turning it on its head.