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Black, white and stain­less steel. Urban envi­ron­ments require their meet­ing places. Places to sip the day’s first and last cup of cof­fee, and to take in the world at a glance. BVD gave Sto­ries a graphic pro­file both pure and sim­ple, con­trasted by the per­sonal and play­ful. A con­cept that reflects the city we live in.

The ABPI (The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry) needed to refresh their image of 40 years. L&Co worked to translate the strategy into a fresh new look. Based on the idea of smaller components collaborating to create something bigger, we designed the geometric trees inspired by an ancient medical symbol. L&Co then brought the tree to life across everything from signs to digital formats and print applications.

Beliveo is a young outsourcing company that provides tele services to all kinds of enterprises. This sort of business rarely stands out. The competition is tight and there is a lack of added value that makes it hard for the brand to arouse any emotions. However, we used this to our advantage, since it made it easier to create a differentiator for the new brand.

The logotype is a three-dimensional abstract icon. The goal was to give the icon a tactile quality that would make it feel warm and friendly. The “sketching” process for said icon involved the making of sculptures and taking their picture in order to have a vivid reference. The brand’s colors reflect joy and serenity and are paired up with a very neatly arranged typography that gives it a professional and tech-saavy look. Designed by Anagram.

Identity and set of three posters designed for the RMIT Visual Arts Graduate exhibition, titled If You Touch It, You’ll Get Dirty. Abstract images of ‘dirty’ art related mediums have been used to visually represent the exhibition title, and to show the variety of mediums in which the students work. The posters were packaged with a hand-stamped belly band for the opening night. Designed by Mildred & Duck.