Monthly Archives: September 2012

Saffron worked with Mtel to define a brand that creates meaningful connections, one that brings it closer to the life of its customers. Based around the idea ‘More. Me’, the brand celebrates the variety and diversity of Mtel’s customers and recognises the different needs and aspirations they each have. It provides a powerful platform for the company to focus on its customer’s lives, helping them provide services that become increasingly essential to us every day.

Saffron worked closely with Mtel’s internal teams to adapt and align, amongst others things, a diverse product portfolio, tariff structures and naming strategies to the new strategy. An entirely new visual expression completed the transformation of Mtel from a mobile phone operator to a fully integrated communications business.

Starting as a small boutique, thirty years ago Bernard Boutique is an award winning store and one of Surrey’s most important fashion destinations. Bunch was responsible for the new look, including the store signage, bags, boxes, tags and various other in-store collateral. Bold minimalistic identity is complemented with a great attention to detail and tactility of all promotional materials.

Since 2006, AIGA San Francisco has organized San Francisco Design Week as a way to reach a diverse community of over 20,000 Bay Area design professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and the wider public.

With each year’s graphic identity being distinctly different from the last, the AIGA saw the need for a consistent logo that would appear alongside the visual campaigns for future years. AIGASF commissioned Manual to design a logo that would be established as a consistent mark for all future SFDW events and create a campaign for the 2012 event. The logo initially took its inspiration directly from San Francisco’s urban landscape: boxes on a hillside. It also carried visual associations of ‘highlighting’ and ‘emerging’ which seemed appropriate for an event that highlights design and emerging talent.