Monthly Archives: August 2012

While doing research for the logo, Bierut, Opara and their designers happened to divide the city into a grid and discovered that isolating the areas of the museum’s two locations — Villa Philbrook and the new expansion downtown — formed the shape of a letter “P,” for Philbrook. The form also resembles a human face, a subject of artists throughout history. The identity projects a warmth and accessibility that connects the museum to the community of people who enjoy its programs. Designed by Pentagram.

Emailvision is a global provider of email, mobile and social marketing software with an ambition to become the worldwide leader in its sector. Structure were commissioned to develop a brand and multi-language website to help achieve this goal.

The brand we developed set the firm apart from its competitors. It emphasised Emailvision’s combination of global footprint and local support, as well as its powerful software and ability to deliver significant financial returns for customers.

The worldwide rollout of the brand is currently in its final stages and Emailvision’s senior management team are delighted with the results.