Monthly Archives: June 2012

When StumbleUpon approached Red Antler to help launch their revamped marketing platform, formerly known as StumbleUpon Ads, we knew our first order of business was to change the name. The term “advertising” didn’t do justice to what StumbleUpon offers marketers – the ability to lead consumers directly to discover their online content (website, video, etc), without clicking through ads or links. To convey the true value of this guaranteed engaged audience, we renamed the platform “Paid Discovery,” and summarized the benefit with the headline “Skip the Click.” From there, they designed a sell page and tour with a look and feel that ties back to the StumbleUpon brand while conveying the power of what Paid Discovery delivers to marketers. In addition, they styled the logged-in product experience and designed print collateral for the sales team. Throughout the process, they conducted research among advertising and media professionals to ensure clarity and effectiveness of message.

SEAM is a design consultancy specialising in mostly architectural lighting design. They are working with teams like FOA, Zaha Hadid, Amanda Levete. They are starting to bring up the architectural side so the company identity should no cater to lighting only.  The word SEAM literally came from a play of the directors initials (Amarasri Songcharoen, Emory Smith).  Metaphorically, SEAM is the entity that brings things together. This can be through design collaboration, materials, cross disciplines, visually. Designed by Kiss Miklos.

Mike from Pickle Pictures came to Liquorice with a big personality and even bigger ambition. Liquorice helped him to develop a bold and memorable brand identity, which works across print and the web and comes to life in motion. Key to their strategy was developing a logo that embodies Mike’s bright, friendly and personable approach when animated whilst acting as a crisp and corporate mark of trust when printed.

The website was built with a simple updatable CMS and the stationery was produced with a mix of high-end finishes and affordable DIY tools. The approach ensured every dollar spent by Pickles on their brand to be a worthwhile investment for the future.

Purely professional, hair and skin care products to all who want to reduce the use of perfumes, dyes, preservatives and other unnecessary chemistry without compromising on quality. Designed signals both the “salon” and hypoallergenic sense. Style refers to the old Apotekerglas, and ingredients are both clear and orderly. While products are marked with numbers and six different metalfarver, so salon results quickly and easily to recognize and select the correct bottle. Designed by Liebling.