Monthly Archives: December 2011

Alla Horn interior designers were seeking a new identity to reflect their attention to detail, Swiss background and functional design solutions. As the Swiss are always pushing the boundaries in design, Marcus Hollands thought this would be best reflected through typography. The type-face, GT Haptik by Grilli, is a Swiss grotesque typeface which has been optimised to be read blindfolded. This is a reflection of the companys’ functionality over form, where optical criteria becomes secondary.

Coming in on the ground floor of an exciting expansion of the CERES social enterprise, SouthSouthWest were blessed with a unique opportunity to employ design as a tool for building real meaning. Creating an identity for this new community venture that employs long term unemployed, to deliver organic fruit and vegetables, bought fairly from local farmers is probably the most moral and worthwhile endeavor a studio could ever hope to be involved with.

Jackson Gilmour are a family run, award-winning catering company. With a prestigious client list that includes HRH the Queen and a staff of chefs with more than a few Michelin stars between them, they needed a rebrand that expressed their offer as one of the best in the business.

Focusing on their unique offer as a chef-led catering firm – Magpie studio devised a brand language reminiscent of cookery books and recipes. Add a dollop of typography inspired by copper pot hallmarks, a twist of the diagramatic language of family trees, a tablespoon of very luxuriant print techniques, heat at a high temperature and enjoy.

Husky Rescue and El Camino are both projects by Marko Nyberg, an artist and a producer. Husky Rescue is a well-known music group with a strong visual language, which Tsto wanted to remain on the foreground throughout the website. El Camino Helsinki is Marko Nyberg’s audio design studio. Tsto based El Camino’s identity around an embossing stamp and a custom typeface, which was used for both projects. The forms of the typeface were shaped from ten geometric modules, resulting in a geometric sans with characteristic faults.