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The Assembly is a multi-label lifestyle store targeted at men’s fashion. The Assembly presents a lifestyle experience for the fun and spontaneous gentlemen who appreciates quality. Also conceptualised as a place for like-minded individuals to gather, The Assembly also has a café called The Assembly Ground.

The identity that we’ve crafted for The Assembly is one that is classic, versatile and playful. The logo mark relates to the brand name and the idea of the store and café as places of convocation. The Assembly’s colour palette is one that is highly saturated, whilst its graphic system consists of fabric patterns. Designed by Bravo.

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Principals’ task was to deliver a new identity that would allow the Domain to be celebrated as the great asset that it is, and the Trust to communicate the purpose of its science facilities and gardens in a single minded and powerful way. The identity would also give the Domain a stronger presence in the minds of its audience and increase its value as a unique inner city venue.

While the site is a large green park in the center of the city, sitting on this alone does not differentiate it from other green spaces and those who access it for this reason (jogging or walking from A to B) will continue to do so no matter what. The opportunity for this site is to focus on and amplify its energy and buzz as a centre of activity gluing together Sydney’s inner city. Principals needed a new identity to capture this. The new identity and its dynamic logo suite carry strength in its adaptability, versatility and energy and captures everything that The Domain does. It’s dynamic and stands out creating instant association.

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The Franklin Hotel is situated in the heart of Adelaide. After successfully reinventing the pub the team saw a need to address the tired accommodation upstairs. Band were engaged to develop a brand and supporting collateral. A condensed type was used which was stencilled to create a logotype that reflected the raw, urban edge of the venue. Each room was created to have unique feel with a premium finish, the overall colour palette was dark which was contrasted with bright yellow. Uncoated stocks were embellished with white foils and edge colours to reflect this.

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Senate Properties is a government owned enterprise and acts as the government’s expert on the working environment and working premises. They have a history that spans over 200 years as the manager of the Finnish state’s properties.

The visual solution focuses on visualizing movement. This refers to the continuing development and dynamism of the modern workplace, pushing the state’s working practices forward and the fact that in the current workplace change is the only constant. The solution abandons any references to the history of Senate Properties as the manager of historical properties, instead opting for a pure, energetic and modern visual language that represents a future-looking organisation.

Werklig‘s solution is quite simply based on the shapes drawn by a moving dot. The trajectory of the movement is represented in the form language of all elements: the letters of the logo, the shapes of the typeface and icons, and as a three-dimensional element. The color palette further emphasizes this movement by representing a shift from cold to warm or vice-versa.

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Set on the historic plot of land originally owned by John Septimus Roe, the amazing Homestead Brewery venue sits on fertile plains alongside the Swan River. It’s the latest craft brewery arrival and sets a new benchmark for regional breweries.

Led by award winning head brewer Ron Feruglio and brewed in quality German made Shulz equipment, Homestead offers a truly unique selection of beer and cider styles that compliment the seasons. Designed by JuiceBox.


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