All Above All is a campaign that unites organizations and individuals to build support to lift the bans that deny abortion coverage. Their vision is to restore public insurance coverage so that every woman, regardless of her income, can access affordable, safe abortion care when she needs it. Margaret Conway and Chrissy Faessen of Conway Strategic entrusted us with the mission of developing the name, creative concept, and visual brand language for the campaign.

Apartment One developed a name for this campaign that elevates the dialogue to focus on the social justice and equal rights component of the issue and specifically that all women should have the equal ability and access to make her own decisions. Apartment One looked to create a name that was aspirational, inclusive, and inspired people, specifically Millenials, to get involved and take action. From the foundation of this name and our supporting messaging such as Dare to Declare, Amend to Defend and Brave, United, Equal, Apartment One developed a visual brand language that spoke to individual empowerment for collective change in the use of selfie photography and hand brush stroke typography. Apartment One also developed a stylized asterisk in brush stroke as a design device that could be used to bring a deeper level of communication to the campaign and allow for more specific messaging on the issue. Looking to speak to our target audience of Millenials, it was essential that the campaign feel fresh and vital and so we chose a bright, neon green as the core brand color alongside black and white.

All Above All has engaged supporters across the country and continues the work of this multi-year effort to make critical policy change.

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Molly Watson helps leaders to develop and deploy their most valuable communication resource: themselves – their own experiences, insights, opinion and the impression they make as individuals. She commissioned Studio Blackburn to articulate this proposition in the form of a visual identity, including website, stationery, business cards, templates and a reformatted CV.

The use of a bold colour against the muted palette and the speech marks in the logo imitates the distinctive effect of Molly’s work on her clients and their organisations. They stand out.

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Bakken Design Build is a Seattle-based construction firm that has a diverse range of experience in creating custom homes, additions & remodels. They work closely with each client to create beautiful and well-crafted spaces that are functional & practical.

The brief was to create a minimal responsive website, showcasing their portfolio seamlessly across multiple devices. Along with creating the website, adaptable were also commissioned to craft a refreshed brand identity for the company. Designed by Adaptable.

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The creative solution: what idea or perspective mandate approached  The lawyer is a human expert, who will always fight on your behalf. We needed to create an image of a more human and personal law firm.

Overall tonality for communication was found in the passions of our client’s leisure time. By concentrating on things closest to our clients heart, Werklig were able to find a mirror for portraying our client’s values and ways of conducting business. Humanity, perseverance and will to fight for the best interest of clients were manifested through images of hiking and boxing.

Finsta’s logo is based on the formulation of the letter s. It was adapted to fit the industry symbol § (clause in Finnish law literature). To prevent too banal highlighting of the symbol §, the same design thought was carried in all letters of the logo.


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