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This project was developed from the very  beginning, even from within the product, a very unique ice cream: a shaved taiwanese style ice cream (but made with italian gelato), and with a texture somewhere between sorbet and ice cream.

There was a certain level of complexity for two reasons: first, this type of ice is unknown in Europe, implying a teaching job to overcome initial logic distrust. On the other hand, from the aesthetic criteria about local food, this ice cream is not very attractive, but rather ugly: an amorphous mass of ice cream with lots of sauces and toppings falling above and the sides. Marion Dönneweg + Merche Alcalá decided to make a virtue of it by creating a creative strategy around this.Marion Dönneweg + Merche Alcalá worked up the product working closely with the client (Joad López and Federico Mendoza), that had at all times a receptive and constructive attitude. Firstly we changed the taiwanese raw material by italian and started a “deconstruction”, separating the ice cream and toppings. As key creative twist,Marion Dönneweg + Merche Alcalá put two sugar eyes on the top of this ice cream mountain, making it a character-monster that looks you in the eyes and immediately gives it life and personality. The effect you get with a some simple eyes is just amazing.


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In November of 2013, Google UXA hired Pemberton to explore a brand identity for its latest and greatest developer tool, Google Polymer. In a 15 day sprint, Pemberton cast a wide net in order to seek the best possible beginnings for the brand. Through a short yet intense turnaround, Pemberton were able to create a strong variety of marks that enabled Google’s team with many options to consider moving forward.

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Tomás is a tea house that, through its carefully curated selection, portrays the history, tradition and culture of the place of origin of each of its products. The name Tomás references an important figure in tea’s modern history – Thomas Sullivan – who was a New York-based merchant that carefully wrapped tea leaves in individual fabric sachets, patenting thus the first commercial tea bag.

Through a simple and clean identity, Savvy Studio portray tea itself as an experience – through scent and taste – that translates into wellbeing for body and mind.Savvy Studio‘s design is inspired upon the lifestyle that surrounds the daily ritual of drinking tea for which we developed a complex graphic system that helps identify all of Tomás’ products, categorising and emphasising their origins and key attributes and benefits.

The interior design reinterprets the romantic elements that surround the culture of tea-drinking into a modern setting, using a colour palette that talks about the wide variety of blends the brand has to offer. They communicate a complex ritual, in knowledge and understanding, where each client is invited to create their own environment and their own moment. The main room is an introduction to both products and scents, featuring each individual tea packaged in large tin containers, unified and coded by the graphic language Savvy Studio developed. There is a secondary experiential bar where a variety of scents and fragrances can be examined and enjoyed, bringing the consumer closer to the colours and textures of Tomás’ tea blends, along with more detailed information about each one and their composition.


Identity for Studio Aves (Aves, from the latin meaning Bird). We designed a colour-based identity for this typographic design studio around the markings of British birds. These include a Great Spotted Woodpecker, Blue Tit, Goldfinch, Magpie, Dunnock, Wood Warbler, Wheatear, Kingfisher and a Robin.

To cut down costs on a relatively low print run items such as the business cards, compliment card and DL envelope were digitally printed on different colour Colorplan stock. This resulted in the look and feel of a hi-spec print at a lower production cost to the client. Digital print by Generation Press.

Build also designed a simple holding page for the studio (full site soon) —


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