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Pablo & Rusty’s is an award-winning small-batch coffee roaster based in Sydney, Australia. They strive to find amazing coffee; determine the best way to roast it; take it to one of their four stores and deliver an exceptional experience to their customers. Pablo & Rusty’s have a strong company culture, are passionate about sustainability, and are in constant pursuit of perfection.

Pablo & Rusty’s approached Manual to rebrand the company and better reflect the values they’d developed over the past decade. An immersion into the brand began with a brief research trip to Sydney to learn more about local coffee culture and experience Pablo & Rusty’s retail locations.

Manual then created a complete brand identity, and applied it to key retail and packaging elements. Manual began by taking inspiration from the core of their business—the humble coffee sacks and stencil typography often found printed on them—and reinterpreted this as modern, sophisticated custom-drawn logotype. In our research we discovered that many of their customers and staff referred to them as ‘P&R’ for short, so we recommended building on that brand recognition and created a monogram that would work at small sizes. This duality in naming and branding provided the backbone for all print, packaging, and retail design elements.

The simple use of typography and restrained color palette provided the appropriate level of design sophistication, and allowed the cafe experience–and coffee–to remain the focus.

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Breakfast Club is a luxury delivery service located in Saudi Arabia that brings breakfast straight to your front door with the impression of receiving a much desired package by post, complete with postcards, stamps and stickers attractively sealed with patterned tape.

Anagrama branding proposal for Breakfast Club takes inspiration from traditional postal imagery and elements, such as stamps, seals and stickers over Kraft paper, the traditional postage packaging material. Even so, Breakfast Club is a brand that preserves simplicity and cleanliness in its vintage style. The main brand icon is based in the sound of birds singing in the morning, making it the secondary concept, along with a color palette inspired in bright sunshine and the blue morning sky.

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The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is renowned as a leading force in the fight against cancer and one of the most prominent research organizations in the world. But the reality is that most people don’t understand the work they do or the link between their scientific research and the lives it changes—world-changing breakthroughs like bone marrow transplantation and HPV vaccine development. Hornall Anderson worked in true partnership with the team at Fred Hutch to reimagine the center’s brand and bring it to life in powerful new ways.

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The Water Rat is amongst South Melbourne’s oldest hotels in an area rich with ‘watering holes’. Rather unfortunately, it is perhaps best known for the 1973 murder of union secretary Pat Shannon, gunned down in the hotel’s front bar. Immensely popular in the 1990s but less so of late, the hotel recently changed hands.

Hofstede were asked to provide a fresh identity for the Water Rat, part of the new owner’s strategy for rejuvenation. Incorporating a traditional shield motif, a set of customised icons and a sophisticated colour palette, the identity was developed to complement Eades and Bergman’s elegant interiors. The playful system was implemented out across numerous items including menus, uniforms, function folders and a website.

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Brand identity and package design for a small Italian coffee roastery, called Nero Scuro.
The roastery is driven by a simple process: source the best single origins available on the market, roast them at perfection in small batches with a manual machine and pack the coffee straight away to ship it worldwide.
Manuel Bortoletti wanted to communicate the italian quality and the old school process with an handmade logo of an old roaster, shown while he is smelling the aroma and checking the roast level of the coffee during the roasting process. That is an important step for give the coffee perfect results, so I tried to tell this professional behavior through my illustration.
Manuel Bortoletti designed the packages trying to put the most important information on the front label, such as the coffee origin, the roast colour and the grind method; while on the back I put the secondary informations, such as the varietal and the tasting notes, in such a modular grid. Then, Manuel Bortoletti found color keys for the three coffee collections: organic, reserve and rare.


The Swedish Handicraft Association have been around for more than 100 years. With over 17 000 members, 22 regional offices and 8 retail shops they had a big challenge to gather everything under one name and one brand.

Snask changed the associations of Swedish Handicraft from old butter knifes and knitting into everything made by hand, thus creating something modern but with a rich history of knowledge and experience. Snask made a logotype, that could be made by hand flat on a surface as well as built up by any material, as well as an graphic identity. The whole organisation chose to join under one brand in 2013 where all the 60 board members made the wave for the new identity.


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