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ONE Pro Cycling is a completely new UK-based professional cycling team co-founded by England cricketer Matt Prior. Following the announcement of the team in December 2014, ONE Pro Cycling have already become a licensed UCI Continental level professional cycling team with a full roster of riders, support team, infrastructure and race calendar for 2015 and beyond.

Responsible for their visual identity including naming, Studio Blackburn arrived at a bespoke wordmark referencing the forms of a bike and a slightly raw, grassroots aesthetic to match their ethos as a ‘team of the people’.

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‘Sansuhwa’ is premium tea house, located in the heart of Seoul, Hannamdong. With meaning that “good tea comes from pure water and great mountains.”
In fact ‘Sansuhwa’ is a unique genre of Korean traditional landscape painting which portrays the essence of Korean mountains and streams. The word, San-su, literally means mountains and water in Korean. It is our intention in this work to symbolize the blending of Korean Hangul typography with splendid scenery of the mountain and river which has expressed in Sansuhwa. Also, Studio Flag have used to extend some of this symbols with harmony of straight lines and curves into patterns for various packaging design.

Crescenzi_hornets2Crescenzi_hornets1Crescenzi_hornets5 Crescenzi_hornets3

In 2014–15, the Hornets return when owner Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Bobcats adopt the moniker synonymous with NBA basketball in Charlotte. I was approached by Nike’s Brand Jordan group to develop a new primary logo for the team. Alongside collaborators Rare Design, Darrin Crescenzi created a range of hornet symbols that strived to balance an approachable team look with the fierce aura of the Jordan aesthetic. The resulting primary logo was then refined and translated into a broad range of secondary marks for the wide variety of team applications.

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The School of Life launched in Melbourne in 2013 and after initial word of mouth success a campaign to re-engage was needed. Hoyne made recommendations based on The School of Life ethos towards learning.

A series of posters were created to motivate and push the audience towards The School of Life courses. The large yellow posters framed beautiful The School of Life thought-creating sentences. The outcome has been impactful.

Design_Project_Early_Excellence_Identity_Communications_Literature_07Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 5.41.39 pm Design_Project_Early_Excellence_Identity_Communications_Stationary Design_Project_Early_Excellence_Website_Sign

Early Excellence tasked us with putting their business at the forefront of the education sector by rethinking their brand. Focussing on their unique ‘Centre for Inspirational Learning’, Design Project gave the organisation a new identity, restructured their marketing with a segmented literature system and captured the engagement of their consumers with a fresh approach to photography. Brand development also included application to vehicle fleet graphics, signage and website.

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Naming and packaging for the new house wines by the gastronomic bar Betlem in Barcelona. Toormix created the names for white wine (Melcior), rosé (Gaspar) and red wine (Baltasar), all names related to Magic Kings as the name of the bar is Betlem (Bethlehem). Labels include complete information on varieties, their production and their ideal food pairing through some icons. Toormix also designed a tote bag to carry them.

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Nativetech is a new brand specialized in sports nutrition supplements that help improve athletes’ performance by boosting energy, providing muscle growth potential, and supporting recovery after intense training sessions. The products are highly functional and have been developed with innovative formulas that integrate the newest nutritional components derived from the application of the latest bioengineering technologies.

Anagrama brand proposal aims at breaking away from the generic solutions that are typical of this product segment by taking a direction that is inspired by bright, neon colors that are related to the world of optimal sport performance, including the attire, footwear, and accessories associated with these athletes. A vast majority of sports nutrition products require extensive directions and specifications on their packaging. Anagrama accomplished at turning this visual weakness into the prefect balance between the packaging and its labels, as well as by adding a numerical system that simplifies the steps and instructions for the use of the products. This system designed for Nativetech serves as an additional benefit for the future expansion of the brand’s product line while maintaining the brand’s essence. Nativetech’s bright color palette and typographic solution help its products stand out among the numerous existing supplement options.


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