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Mi (More Independent) is a Government-funded initiative that is being piloted across four UK regions. Using technology, the programme is designed to encourage people to take charge of their health, lifestyle and wellbeing, enabling them to feel safer and live more independently.

Uniform was briefed to develop a new brand for the initiative, including stakeholder engagement, research and insight, naming, brand strategy and activation. As the initiative was funded through the Technology Strategy Board, Uniform had to protect any intellectual property created in the project, including the brand mark.

With many partners involved in the process, all offering varying products and services, simplicity was imperative. It was also essential from the outset to create a flexible approach – including brand assets that can be used to depict various scenarios and create strong messaging, without becoming stale.


Direct mail campaign for the Stow Brothers, Walthamstow’s premium estate agent. Illustration, and copywriting by Build. Highlighting the Walthamstow Wetlands Project which has recently been given the go ahead, Build turned a very high profile piece of local news into a beautiful, effective direct mail campaign for the Stow Brothers. Each of the four mailers features a different bird that will inhabit the newly developed wetlands area.

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Guided by Tyra’s belief that makeup is the great beauty equalizer, Red Antler collaborated to launch a revolutionary cosmetics experience that gives people the power to transform what they’ve got, into what they want.

Tyra and her team challenged Red Antler  to come up with the “Tyra’s gonna think I’m crazy but…” idea. This mantra guided our creative process as Red Antler strove to shock Tyra and shake up the beauty industry. The chosen direction was inspired by Tyra’s signature Smize—smiling with your eyes.

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Merchants of Beverage is an online service that makes it easy to buy and gift hand-picked, hard-to-find wine and spirits. The company needed their brand identity to exude style and taste, and establish itself as a destination for sophisticated gifting and for anyone looking to build the ultimate home bar.

Manual created a comprehensive brand identity system and designed a responsive e-commerce website, which included art directing the photography to present beautiful drinks in inspiring settings.

To bring the thoughtfulness and luxury of the Merchants of Beverage online experience to life, Manual designed and produced a complete set of packaging materials, including commissioned illustrated recipe cards enclosed with cocktail kit orders.

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The packaging is designed so that the product requires minimal assembly before use but is protected during transportation. The material choice plays with the juxtaposition of glossy white paper and brown cardboard to emphasise the high tech and natural aspects of the product. The removable user manual is built into the product, giving clear step-by-step instructions on how to start using the smartpot. Designed by AKU.



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Design Addict is one of the world’s leading websites in the field of product design. With nearly 20 years of existence, the website has become an online encyclopedia of design and a contact point with hundreds of retailers. Design Addict reaches more than 40 000 visits per month.

Design Addict needed Stoemp to redesign the website remained unchanged since 2001. The main objective for Stoemp was to make it more professional and technologically updated. Stoemp completely reviewed the site navigation and created an innovating design to strengthen their positioning.


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