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Inspired by graphic illustrations of the gut, the identity is designed to work a broad range of applications for a wide scale of audiences, with an architecture of sub brands that reflect the 3 main activities that UEG undertakes.

Felt have developed a range of printed items with UEG including their Journal (published by Sage), Education course adverts, stationery, a History brochure celebrating 20 years of the society and the guide to UEG Week.

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Being one of the world’s leading technology companies, it is imperative to keep and attract the most talented employees. Knowing where your career path can take you is vital to anyone’s success. Panasonic approached us to design their new career development programme. Working with their structural content that was informative and detailed, Spy created a name that would engage everyones’ aspirations – Boost.

Using Boost as the visual hook we created a marque that contained numerous lines like pathways that could be cropped and scaled in a dynamic way. This was paired with some bespoke icons, fresh colour palette and elegant fonts. The applications included updatable forms, introduction packs, posters, intranet pages and internal signage graphics.

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OKQ8 are a Swedish chain of roadside service stations. As well as all the usual necessities like petrol, hotdogs and coffee, OKQ8 also pride themselves on knowing cars. With fully trained staff and an extensive range of car focused products their mantra really is the car comes first.

A design system inspired by the car. High performance fused with user friendly. Like the dashboard in your car. Our thought. All the important information in an easy to discover format. Neutral colours as backgrounds and spot colours to guide. The bigger and brighter the info. The more important to take note of it. A design system that looks cohesive whilst providing versatility and user friendliness across 130 products and ten categories. In addition a uniquely designed pictogram series to aid the system and increase usability.  Designed by Identity Works.

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DeviantArt, the world’s largest online social network for art, approached Moving Brands to undertake a massive rebranding, as well as the design of a revolutionary new app.

An internet institution, DeviantArt had grown from a niche platform for sharing original Winamp skins to a digital art juggernaut with 32 million registered members, making it one of the largest social media sites in the world. Moving Brands was engaged to support the drive for new partnerships and aggressive goals for growth, working with senior leaders on branding, experience design and communications.

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The Wild Network are a collection of organisations who came together around the Project Wild Thing film, and pooled resources to help kickstart a movement to reconnect kids and nature.

Fieldwork developed a brand identity, custom hand-drawn type, a series of illustrations, and a website to promote the film and get the community started. We applied the visual identity across film, web, and various printed materials.

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Dishoom take inspiration from Bombay’s beautiful old Irani cafés. We’ve been working with them over the last two years to evolve their visual identity and help with anything print based.  &Smith most recent project is working with them to launch a new restaurant in King’s Cross – the Dishoom KX Godown. &Smith worked on their new logo, all their menus, exterior signage, cocktail packaging and a number of other printed pieces.
Each Dishoom has its own back story, and this one is inspired by its location – an old railway transit shed. Dishoom imagined a young Irani in 1928, who sees the opportunity to start selling chai to railway workers, and slowly builds a ramshackle Irani restaurant. Dishoom King’s Cross is this restaurant decades later, now established, even something of an institution, and still serving the local people, railwaymen and office workers of the local area.  The name itself – ‘Godown’ – is an old Indian word for warehouse.
Inspiration for the look and feel came from old Indian train paraphernalia mixed in with the vintage Bombay style that runs right through all their restaurants. &Smith worked with Kalapi Gajjar-Bordawekar, an expert in Indian typefaces, to make sure our style felt authentic.

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