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First sold in 2004, Emerald Nuts is a line of nut snacks offering almonds, cashews, pecans, and walnuts in a variety of presentations and flavorings — from trail mixes to cocoa roasted almonds to sweet and salty mixes. Produced by parent company Diamond Foods, Emerald Nuts hit a period of growth in 2007, in part thanks to its Superbowl adfeaturing a mischievous Robert Goulet and is now sold nationwide at major retailers like Target and Walmart. With the recent introduction of resealable bag packaging, Emerald Nuts adopted a new logo and identity designed by Seattle, WA-based GIRVIN.

All images sourced from Jonathan Bell, who worked on the project at GIRVIN.

Spotted via Brand New.

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Toby’s Estate is a brand whose per­cep­tion doesn’t live up to its real­ity. Argu­ably the pion­eer of good cof­fee in Aus­tralia, the brand has slowly dimin­ished in the eyes of dis­cern­ing cof­fee drink­ers due to its pro­lif­er­a­tion through­out cafes around Aus­tralia and the emer­gence of smal­ler ‘on trend’ cof­fee roasters. Maud embarked on a jour­ney with Toby’s Estate, begin­ning with brand strategy, the devel­op­ment of a big brand idea and the redesign of their visual iden­tity and packaging.

Untold Stor­ies’ is the plat­form from which our design is based. At the core of the idea Maud is seed­ing the myth that you can buy a cof­fee for a good story, bring­ing to life that stor­ies are the ‘true explorers currency’.

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The Nordea Markets brand new looks, acts, and feels like a leading player that is ambitious, humble, and personal. Snask have helped the brand to stand out in the existing parent brand environment as well as the external competition, a brand that always puts customers first and avoids American corporate lingo. Since our relationship started in 2013, Snask have helped to define brand hierarchy, write a brand story and all key messages for different target groups, delivered design for the brand’s graphic identity, as well as produce branded material for print, digital, event and film environments. Snask are Nordea Markets’ agency, and we’re continuously working with them to implement their new brand direction in different mediums.

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Caverion was established through the demerger of building services and industrial services businesses within YIT Group, a leading European construction company. Bond provided the new company with a complete corporate brand identity program, including everything from the concept and brand manuals to print, digital and spatial applications of the brand. The logo communicates Caverion’s role in the entire life cycle of buildings and capacity for continuous reinvention. Custom-designed icons help communicate what the company’s immaterial services mean to the customer. The images communicate Caverion’s role in enabling customer business in the buildings that Caverion maintains.

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Global Generation are hands-on types. They run workshops for young people where they dig, grow vegetables, and make things. This was key to our approach with their new brand identity. Beginning with a one-day workshop attended the Global Generation team, some of the young people they work with, and Fieldwork (and led by one of our regular collaborators, Mark Shayler of Ape), we spent time uncovering the identity of the organisation and learning about their core purpose.

Fieldwork developed a few initial, exploratory ideas for the visual identity, which we iteratively narrowed down and developed into a custom stencil typeface that the team can use to create their own signage and print materials, in true hands-on Global Generation style. Fieldwork also developed bespoke iconography to provide additional tools for them to use in their communications.

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Experts in creating custom solutions for both huge and not-so-huge clients, with a particular penchant for unusual architectural challenges, Kinetica are known for their obsessive dedication to projects, and the usually mind-blowing results.

Face realized a complete overhaul of their brand DNA: changing their manifesto, their methods of communication, and, of course, redesigning their identity from head to toe. Using bright color, swiss typography, and a simple concept based on modular grids, the decidedly industrial tone of the design is tempered by an air of modernism and good taste. Designed by Face.

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Established in 1968, the franchise has had a remarkable visual history—it’s the only team ever to have its home court, then Mecca Arena, customized by the artist Robert Indiana. And the jerseys worn by Kareem Abdul-Jabaar and Oscar Robertson during their 1970s golden age are all-time uniform classics. As part of their overall quest to return the team to greatness, the new owners wanted to make a clean break with the team’s more recent logo marks and red-and-green color scheme.

Working closely with the Buck’s front office, Doubleday & Cartwright took inspiration from the organization’s rich history and the enduring character of its hometown. We introduced an updated color palette—deep forest green to represent Wisconsin’s woodlands, a contrasting cream in tribute to the iconic bricks that define the “Cream City’s” architecture, as well as a new accent of bright blue for its abundance of fresh water. Unifying all the elements is a custom typeface, MKE Block Varsity, inspired both by traditional varsity lettering and Milwaukee’s industrial heritage.

For the primary mark, we redrew the buck motif to better embody the competitive spirit of a team that is fearless (and fearsome), proud, and determined, with its antlers forming the outlines of a basketball. The secondary mark centers on a graphic reduction of a basketball and a bold letter M for Milwaukee. A tertiary mark puts the Bucks at the heart of the state of Wisconsin, literally and symbolically.


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