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Nationella kvalitetsregister (NKR) translated into National Quality Systems of Quality Tools gives us in Sweden unique opportunities to improve quality of the healthcare industry. This unique system has mainly been developed with relatively small financial resources and with small elements of central control.

The client is the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. Söderhavet has developed the channel independent brand identity as well as templates for printed materials and website.

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European Sign Language Centre (ESC) is a non-profit organization promoting access to and use of sign language. One way they are doing this is by documenting all the different sign languages in the world and making them accessible through a digital service, called spreadthesign.com. Essentially, a global online dictionary for the hearing impaired. Kurppa Hosk supported the initiative by creating a distinctive visual identity for Spread the sign, including a specially designed typography with icons for every letter in the sign-language alphabet.

The number of hearing-impaired people in the world is estimated at 70 million. However, there is no universal sign language – people from different parts of the world cannot automatically understand each other. In all, there are hundreds of different sign languages. To facilitate communication between these communities – and between the hearing impaired and their close ones – European Sign Language Centre (ESC) is now documenting all the different sign languages in an online database calledspreadthesign.com. So far, ESC has documented 200.000+ words in 25 countries. Kurppa Hosk was asked to create a brand platform and a visual identity for the Spread the sign initiative.

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Firebelly loves Chicago. The place, the people, the get-it-done attitude. Firebelly were especially excited to collaborate with IDEO on the naming, logo and brand strategy for Chicago’s new bike share program, Divvy. Firebelly focused on the practical and utilitarian aspects of cycling to position bike-share as a smart, active and logical option for getting around the city. Firebelly appealed to the playfulness of riding to ease some of the fear around biking in the city. Firebelly choose to honor Chicago’s great city pride enticing to the down-to-earth and cosmopolitan traits of our city’s citizenry through the color and the symbolic Chicago star. From the truly collaborative team, through the launch of the city-wide transit system, the opportunity to participate in the extensive and embedded program within our community was honor in of itself.

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& Smith teamed up with Michelin star chef John Campbell to help create a brand and visual identity for his new venture in the Berkshire countryside. He got us on board to sharpen up his offer and make it clear to everyone what The Woodspeen was all about.  From the off, we knew John wanted to serve up seasonal food that he could source locally and pair it up with making it affordable for everyone.
& Smith decided to focus the brand around the Woodpeen community. All the cues were there. It was an old pub, the produce is provided by local farmers, brewers and fisherman, it was an unstuffy version of fine-dining, and a big part of the offer was the cookery school – it all seemed to make sense.  & Smith wanted the logotype to be uncomplicated and simple, the identity to avoid the usual cliches you’d expect from fine-dining, and the website to lead with suppliers and the people that help make it happen (rather than keeping them in the background).

To help the community concept further & Smith came up with the idea of a newsletter to keep the locals up to date with the ‘foody’ happenings in the area, a swap-shop idea where people can come along and swap home-made jam for some tomatoes from the garden, and other things like giving a recipe away with your bill.

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Branding, Application and Digital services for freelance print and digital designer Greg Ball, focused on producing effective, innovative but simple solutions to problems, the identity needed to reflect this.  There are two main elements to the project, firstly the identity and application of this identity onto suitable and relevant stationery and secondly, the design and build of a fully responsive portfolio site that also conveyed some of the designers personality. Designed by Greg Ball.


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