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Gene’s Sausage Shop opened its doors in 1972. 2009 marked their 37th anniversary and a new beginning with a second location in the heart of Lincoln Square, which also happens to be our neighborhood! With over 40 varieties of handmade sausages made fresh on-site daily, this gourmet European market and deli has become known and loved by Chicagoans near and far. Knoed‘s involvement included rebranding the new location with a new identity system, website, apparel, signage, packaging, vehicle wrap and print ads.

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Supreme approached Marx Design with a very clear problem, take the complex and make it simple. Their warehouse was becoming overwhelming; too many varieties, too many different packaging options and the consistent need to dispatch, urgently. They had grown rapidly but didn’t have a simple solution to match their growth. A packaging solution was required to work across both wholesale and retail, two diverse audiences unified by their need to get their fresh coffee fix.

Functionality was a critical consideration.Marx Design needed a solution that would retain freshness, stand unassisted and dramatically reduce the number of different pack formats. At the time of briefing there were eight different wholesale pack solutions which stock management issues and created chaos when trying to dispatch and ensure the correct bean was in the correct bag. For consumers education was critical for them to be able to achieve café quality brews at home. Café owners knew exactly how to make a great cup of Supreme so education on pack wasn’t important but our research told us they found the previous bags difficult to open, they wouldn’t reseal, and wouldn’t stand on their own. If they were dropped (a frequent occurrence in the trade) they’d split and whole bags of coffee were ruined.

The result we created was one form in four different sizes. It’s an extremely minimal, resealable, bespoke white foil bag. Immediately the choice of white pops it out from the sea of brown paper packaging of many other coffee brands.

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Mimi’s Nuts is a small company that produces and sells many flavours of pecans. Drew Watts developed a stitched motif to emphasize the hand made qualities of the product. Drew Watts then chose to draw attention to the large and ever-changing

variety of nuts by developing an icon system for all the individual flavours. A minimalistic approach to the label design allows for the focus to be on the icons which in essence is the Mimi’s Nuts brand.

StudioAlto-MadameBrussels-Brochure-1_1 StudioAlto-MadameBrussels-Brochure-2-615x460 StudioAlto-MadameBrussels-Signage-3-615x460 StudioAlto-MadameBrussels-Signage-11

Studio Alto was engaged by property managers Knight Frank to re-brand Madame Brussels Lane. This retail precinct derives its name from a notorious Melburnian, multiple brothel owner and local resident, Madame Brussels.

The brief was to create a ‘sense of place’ in the modern laneway that is imbued with the mythology, character and personality of Mme B. While immersing themselves in the history of ‘Marvellous Melbourne’,Studio Alto took inspiration from a press excerpt at the height of Mme B’s infamy in 1889. Conservative moral crusaders claimed that she had been “parading in Collins Street in charge of a beautiful girl under 20 with a white feather in her hat, indicating that her maiden virtue was to be had for a price ‘in her gilded den’.” The solution achieved an elegant mark that adds to the mythology surrounding the namesake of the laneway.


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