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Freshmax, one the largest fresh produce companies in the Pan-Pacific region wanted to create an brand they could use across their berry fruit portfolio. The idea for Munch’n was driven by perfect little fruit mouthfuls that you just can’t stop popping. The range will potentially grow to include Kiwiberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Cherries, Tomato Berries etc. One of the big challenges with fresh produce is getting the balance right between branding and product visibility.

Fresh produce is an involved/tactile purchase, with consumers taking time to ensure quality & freshness. With the limited amount of retail area on the smaller punnets we knew our design had to be very simple, bold & cute. Fresh produce is definitely an exciting category with so much more investment going into brand’s & products than ever before. Designed by Tried & True.

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MultiAdaptor were tasked with creating a brand that would carry more meaning and emotion beyond the acronym. It needed to strike a balance of being both bold and vibrant, yet trustworthy and resourceful. And importantly, feel creative and impactful without being lavish.

MultiAdaptor‘s research surfaced a key insight, which highlighted that NCVO tended to be perceived as passive rather than active within the sector. MultiAdaptor‘s idea was to transform them into a proactive voice within both the voluntary industry and the public eye. MultiAdaptor activated the ‘V’ to  become an ‘amplifier’, creating a more dynamic strapline treatment in the process. An overarching visual style using the the angle of the V helped to then tie communications together with a distinct look, while still being flexible.

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When the owners of Chez Dré in South Melbourne decided to open up a European styled dessert boutique next door, they wanted to stand apart from others and give the space a sense of permanence. Bibelot (French for a small object of curiosity, beauty or desire) was thus born, encompassing an artisinal patisserie, gelateria, coffee bar, chocolate shop and high tea salon. Wanting to marry branding, packaging and signage together to evoke a strong sense of place, AFOM drew upon traditional mosaic tiling techniques as a design reference point. AFOM custom crafted typography with intricate tiling patterns in a bold and geometric typeface to give a sense of modernity and avoid a pastiche look. A suite of patterns lend the packaging designs variety whilst the deliberately monochromatic palette of black and cream unites the brand. AFOM collaborated with Breathe Architecture and a mosaic artist to create the custom signage elements within the space.

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Tasked with the mission of reuniting the Gage Roads brand with its home of Fremantle, Swear Words set about revitalising a dated brand and reconnecting it with the coastline and Western Australian lifestyle. A new master brand and a redesign of their entire product range ensued.

Inspired by iconic landmarks and the vernacular of marine typography, colour and symbol, Swear Words have created a fresh look that speaks as much of contemporary craft as it does about Gage’s spiritual home by the ocean.

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Australand was well respected within industry circles as one of the most successful diversified property groups in Australia, but their public profile didn’t match their industry status.

Designworks were tasked with creating a new brand marketing strategy for the main corporate brand as well as the individual residential, commercial and industrial projects the company delivers. The first step was to define a clear central purpose for the organisation that would bring a multidisciplinary, multi-state operation together behind a simple unified objective. This central idea then became the primary driver of all brand activity across the corporate and project brands. The approach was designed to significantly increase the market presence of Australand, whilst dramatically simplifying the sales process and improving the efficiency of marketing spend across the group.

Post GFC, the property sector is a tough market and a new approach to marketing projects was needed by the business to stand out from the competition and remain relevant to customers in a very different economic environment. Australand’s focus on understanding the needs of customers and the market has been a key factor in the continuing success of the business. The company has built an enviable reputation for delivering on its promises and the brand now sits at the very heart of this high performance business.

The new brand was launched nationally in March 2011, with the majority of major projects and brand activity being aligned with the new brand system from the first week of launch. A huge undertaking and a huge achievement for both Australand and Designworks.

Drikolor_Identity_02-1400x990Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 8.56.16 am Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 8.55.54 am Drikolor_Identity_03-1400x990

Using patented technology adapted from the pharmaceutical industry, Drikolor has developed a process to produce dry, granulated pigments that disperse easily when combined with a liquid. Drikolor pigment is mixed into a standard base paint onsite by the end user rather than at the point of purchase. Mixing is quick and easy, and can be done without the need of a paint shaking machine – a simple spatula is all that is required to stir the colour into the base paint.

Drikolor is a technology brand that represents the unique technology and delivery system. Other retail paint brands and designers can apply their existing brands to create their own range using the system. Several such ranges have been developed including Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier, Dwell® in the United States and the ColourMaster brand in New Zealand. The bespoke bottle designed by Jamie McLellan is made from Carbon Capture™ non-petrochemical plastic. All three sizes utilise the same neck form and closure, adding some economy to production and a nice visual uniformity.

The project encompassed strategy, naming, visual identity, photography and packaging as well as and collateral for retail and business communications. Designed by Inhouse.

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This spring a unique publication is added to the Hungarian market: the cookbook entitled The Art of Grill is of the highest quality both in content and its design.

It is published by M Profood Inc., a company involved in the production and distribution of spice blends and additives, as well as the provision of food industry consultancy services. In 2014, it commissioned graphic designer Dávid Baráth and the David Barath Design Studio to revamp its image, which resulted in a publication closely related to the company’s profile and built on the brand’s values and slogan (The Art of Spices), published in the three languages that represent its target markets.


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