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Teusner Wines are respected artisan producers based in Barossa Valley, South Australia. The regions landscape is remarkably diverse. Teusner are fortunate to source grapes from all over the Valley and make wines that showcase the many faces of the region. Bilmore Shiraz is one such product. Named in honour of one of Teusner’s favourite characters, Roger Bilmore is the alter ego of a grape grower who shows his face after a few glasses of red wine.
To contrast with the existing brand architecture (top oval label), Cornershop developed a colourful idea inspired by the grape grower’s mischievous alter ego. His friendly portrait is a canvas that Bilmore has playfully defaced. Bilmore typically shows his face at night, so as a hidden surprise, these hand drawn elements glow in the dark.
Bilmore Shiraz is sold exclusively through independent retailers and on-trade at approximately A$20.

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Innovating in the telco business isn’t easy, that’s why so few companies dare to try. You need to be a different breed and a different sort of company; small, nimble and with big aspirations. Tuenti is just one of these kind of organisations. Founded in Spain in 2006 by a group of young and visionary entrepreneurs, the digital and technology company Tuenti was born as a successful social network and quickly attracted 15 million users. Seduced by its success, global telecom giant Telefónica acquired Tuenti and helped it to evolve into a technology focused mobile phone network.

Tuenti developed various innovative services to help costumers get rid of astronomical roaming bills, as well as allow them to enjoy device agnostic communication if and when they wanted to. Whereas low cost operators have a price and data battle in an over saturated market, Tuenti’s engineers bet on developing technological solutions able to shape the future of telecommunications. Designed by Saffron.

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Brooklinen is a Brooklyn-based sartup with a mission to deliver hotel-quality bedding at a fraction of the cost. Focused on quality, transparency and affordability, Brooklinen needed an accessible yet refined identity system that reflected their company ethos. One of the primary branding directives was to make men feel welcome within a historically female-leaning product space. The resulting custom logotype features bold lettering softened by fabric-like curves and folds, and the muted blue palette and pinstripe accents convey a subtle masculinity while maintaining broad appeal. Designed by

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Along with the consolidation of the company, the business has been expanding beyond the Spanish market to compete with the world’s first league of smartphones manufacturers and distributors. In this context of continuous growth, BQ asked Saffron to help them build a strong and differentiating brand that could grow with them and take them even further.

When Saffron first got in contact with the founders and directors of the company, we found a team with a very honest, aspirational as well as inspirational spirit and very strong beliefs: Technology is the engine that helps us make possible what seemed impossible; it breaks barriers and speaks a universal language that will make us free; it is the key to change the world for the better.


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