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Notum is latin for ”known”, and is a tour operator as well as a consultancy company within the travel business in Norway. They focus on having a local insight and knowledge to all the small paths and unique sights in the vast nature in Norway – they want to deliver an extraordinary view worthy of a “postcard moment”. The identity builds on this, taking inspiration from a postcard stamp as logo together with photographs of Norwegian nature. The logo mark itself is a tree branching out to smaller paths and destinations. Designed by Daniel Brokstad.

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Basecamp Explorer is a different kind of travel company that accompanies its customers to the furthermost corners of the earth, enabling them to enjoy some of earth´s most picturesque and breathtaking experiences — be it an excursion to an arctic glacier or a safari adventure in the heart of the Kenyan savannah. The identity captures the core essence of the company through the use of a flag as the common denominator between its different destinations, thus uniting them under “one nation”. Furthermore, the flag reflects Basecamp Explorer´s involvement in local communities and culture, striving to be a showcase for best practice responsible tourism and sustainable destination development. The use of tactile materials and secondary identity elements that celebrate the heritage and history of travel are used throughout the identity to reinforce the link to the past without neglecting the fact that Basecamp Explorer is a modern, forward-thinking company within its own industry. Designed by Bleed.

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Harvard is a prestigious school without consistency throughout their visual identity. An institute with 12 separate schools. Every school does their “own” thing, using various elements in different kinds of ways – a part from each other. The new identity is based on the traditional logo’s and authentic feeling. Veritas. Veritas means truth – it’s deeply rooted in the Harvard soul. It’s engraved on the gates, their statues and even their waffles. It’s something that has to be maintained. With the new and fresh identity every school maintains their own crest in an abstract way – but will continue using the Harvard style of communicating. Designed by Subform.

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TapZen is a mobile gaming company focused on delivering unforgettable tablet and smartphone experiences.

Founded by an impressive team of proven industry veterans, TapZen is poised to create shockwaves within the growing mobile gaming category.

TapZen approached Character to develop their corporate identity. The name Tap–Zen is derived from the physical tapping action associated with mobile game play, combined with the Zen-like state players fall into during periods of intense concentration. The identity had to speak to both of these qualities, in addition to being sufficiently versatile to complement a variety of gaming genres.

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Constructed from Gridnik – the logotype’s uppercase sans-serif letterforms, 45-degree corners, monoline weight, structure and geometry, as well as its compounded nature, all point towards a straightforward and confident technological efficiency and neatly reference the designers that make up Sebazzo. The characters are well spaced, balanced by a central A and executed with a single black ink print treatment that provides a distinctive contrast to the more expressive and tactile sensibilities of the stationery.

The diagonal cut of the bright and pastel boards that make up the business cards create a striking but restrained dual tone and subtle dynamic aesthetic that feels like a simple but effective distillation of a two-man studio which compliments the ideation of the name and neatly splits the logotype into its two constituent parts. These are neatly unified by the tactile and crafted qualities of their paper marquetry construction.

The letterhead and compliment slip are absent the detail of the marquetry process, their full bleed colour palette and angle ties in well with the cards and continues to split the logotype. Designed by Bunch.

Text by Richard Baird.

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Claire Kneebone is a renowned Australian interior architect who primarily develops interior solutions for the hospitality industry. The spaces she creates have an industrial, minimal ambience with use of structural elements and dark tones which are juxtaposed with the warmth of recycled materials, metallic finishes and highlights of solid colour. Band‘s challenge was to develop a brand and collateral that represented this. Inspiration was taken from her work and a structural condensed logotype was developed. Stationery was letter pressed on uncoated stock to give a tactile finish; bronze foiling and edge gilding were used to embellish and provide contrast.


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