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Cornershop is an award-winning brand design boutique located in Adelaide, Australia. They create brands that tell a unique story and help their clients grow; and they deliver them with old-fashioned service. “We love the value that a corner shop had in our community,” says Damian Hamilton, Brand Keeper & Designer at Cornershop. “We believe in and represent old-fashioned values, such as listening and providing tailored advice. We are welcoming, helpful, trustworthy, knowledgeable and we get to know our clients individual needs/attributes intimately. Ultimately, we are brand keepers. We build long term relationships with our clients to ensure their brand story is clearly and consistently told.”
Cornershop’s business cards are the highlight of their identity. The design solutions and quality of service that they deliver, are reflected in the attention to detail. The neon inspired logo represents a modern studio providing innovative design solutions. The historically inspired portrait photography expresses traditional values. All other details including the gold foiling and edging, uncoated card stock, typography and copywriting, add value and communicate their unique story.


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B.B. Boyd is an apparel brand based in the Carolinas and built on timeless aesthetic and tradition. B.B. Boyd provides quality American-made craftsmanship and sources all materials from within the United States. Bluerock Design Co‘s collaboration defined the brand with a focused and cohesive design program. The brand identity utilizes a sophisticated typographic system, refined color palette and unique symbol. The symbol is bold yet abstract, alluding to a geometric boat hull coming towards the viewer, and two mirrored uppercase B’s. The project includes brand identity, stationery system, apparel packaging, print collateral and responsive website design and development.Bluerock Design Co photographed and directed lifestyle campaigns while on-location in South Carolina and New England. Additional images from the photoshoots can be viewed here. Take a look at the B.B. Boyd website to learn more about the company and their excellent products.


Identity for Studio Aves (Aves, from the latin meaning Bird). We designed a colour-based identity for this typographic design studio around the markings of British birds. These include a Great Spotted Woodpecker, Blue Tit, Goldfinch, Magpie, Dunnock, Wood Warbler, Wheatear, Kingfisher and a Robin.

To cut down costs on a relatively low print run items such as the business cards, compliment card and DL envelope were digitally printed on different colour Colorplan stock. This resulted in the look and feel of a hi-spec print at a lower production cost to the client. Digital print by Generation Press.

Build also designed a simple holding page for the studio (full site soon) —

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Notum is latin for ”known”, and is a tour operator as well as a consultancy company within the travel business in Norway. They focus on having a local insight and knowledge to all the small paths and unique sights in the vast nature in Norway – they want to deliver an extraordinary view worthy of a “postcard moment”. The identity builds on this, taking inspiration from a postcard stamp as logo together with photographs of Norwegian nature. The logo mark itself is a tree branching out to smaller paths and destinations. Designed by Daniel Brokstad.

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Basecamp Explorer is a different kind of travel company that accompanies its customers to the furthermost corners of the earth, enabling them to enjoy some of earth´s most picturesque and breathtaking experiences — be it an excursion to an arctic glacier or a safari adventure in the heart of the Kenyan savannah. The identity captures the core essence of the company through the use of a flag as the common denominator between its different destinations, thus uniting them under “one nation”. Furthermore, the flag reflects Basecamp Explorer´s involvement in local communities and culture, striving to be a showcase for best practice responsible tourism and sustainable destination development. The use of tactile materials and secondary identity elements that celebrate the heritage and history of travel are used throughout the identity to reinforce the link to the past without neglecting the fact that Basecamp Explorer is a modern, forward-thinking company within its own industry. Designed by Bleed.

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Harvard is a prestigious school without consistency throughout their visual identity. An institute with 12 separate schools. Every school does their “own” thing, using various elements in different kinds of ways – a part from each other. The new identity is based on the traditional logo’s and authentic feeling. Veritas. Veritas means truth – it’s deeply rooted in the Harvard soul. It’s engraved on the gates, their statues and even their waffles. It’s something that has to be maintained. With the new and fresh identity every school maintains their own crest in an abstract way – but will continue using the Harvard style of communicating. Designed by Subform.


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