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& Smith teamed up with Michelin star chef John Campbell to help create a brand and visual identity for his new venture in the Berkshire countryside. He got us on board to sharpen up his offer and make it clear to everyone what The Woodspeen was all about.  From the off, we knew John wanted to serve up seasonal food that he could source locally and pair it up with making it affordable for everyone.
& Smith decided to focus the brand around the Woodpeen community. All the cues were there. It was an old pub, the produce is provided by local farmers, brewers and fisherman, it was an unstuffy version of fine-dining, and a big part of the offer was the cookery school – it all seemed to make sense.  & Smith wanted the logotype to be uncomplicated and simple, the identity to avoid the usual cliches you’d expect from fine-dining, and the website to lead with suppliers and the people that help make it happen (rather than keeping them in the background).

To help the community concept further & Smith came up with the idea of a newsletter to keep the locals up to date with the ‘foody’ happenings in the area, a swap-shop idea where people can come along and swap home-made jam for some tomatoes from the garden, and other things like giving a recipe away with your bill.

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Inclusive Play design and develop innovative play spaces for children of all abilities. They approached us with a request for a suite of marketing material that would set them apart from their competitors, many of whom still rely heavily on clichéd stock imagery.

Rather than create a standard sales catalogue, Touch‘s response was to imagine the ideal playground, accessible for all kids and incorporating the Inclusive Play product range. Illustrator Robert Hanson then interpreted our ideas to create a piece that was then applied to a brochure, sales presenter and email newsletter.

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Mi (More Independent) is a Government-funded initiative that is being piloted across four UK regions. Using technology, the programme is designed to encourage people to take charge of their health, lifestyle and wellbeing, enabling them to feel safer and live more independently.

Uniform was briefed to develop a new brand for the initiative, including stakeholder engagement, research and insight, naming, brand strategy and activation. As the initiative was funded through the Technology Strategy Board, Uniform had to protect any intellectual property created in the project, including the brand mark.

With many partners involved in the process, all offering varying products and services, simplicity was imperative. It was also essential from the outset to create a flexible approach – including brand assets that can be used to depict various scenarios and create strong messaging, without becoming stale.


Direct mail campaign for the Stow Brothers, Walthamstow’s premium estate agent. Illustration, and copywriting by Build. Highlighting the Walthamstow Wetlands Project which has recently been given the go ahead, Build turned a very high profile piece of local news into a beautiful, effective direct mail campaign for the Stow Brothers. Each of the four mailers features a different bird that will inhabit the newly developed wetlands area.

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DIA were approached by non-profit organization Speak Up Africa to help them rebrand. While they wanted to stay close to their African roots we also wanted to give them a contemporary look and feel. The logo mark nods to speech and sound with the use of wave forms while being contained within the iconic shape of the African continent.

Speak Up Africa is a creative health communications and advocacy organization dedicated to catalyzing African leadership, enabling policy change, securing resources, and inspiring individual action for the most pressing issue affecting Africa’s future: public health.

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Through their many company initiatives and employment policies, IAG has a strong background in supporting Indigenous Australians. Extending on their commitment, IAG set out to develop their very own Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), and to represent an important milestone for Reconciliation Australia, as the 500th organisation to launch a RAP in Australia.

With IAG to become Australia’s 500th RAP accredited organization, their mission was to contribute to recognising and solving inequality between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Designed by Re.

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The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), funded largely by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is an international organization working to end global malnutrition through a market-based, sustainable solution: home fortification packets that provide the essential nutrients to give birth and raise healthy children. Along with our partners at TaskForce, Apartment One developed GAIN’s first-ever national fundraising and awareness campaign, aimed at engaging American moms, grassroots activists, and policymakers.

Apartment One conceived and developed the name, brand identity, and touch points across print, digital, consumer merchandise, and packaging. In the branding and campaign,Apartment One celebrate the power of this small solution and the impact each human action can make to end global malnutrition. Apartment One developed a brand voice and visuals to be both empowering and accessible to our core audience. Included in the graphic language is a system of blank white boxes that allows individuals to make their own marks on the campaign–and on the future.


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