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The School of Life launched in Melbourne in 2013 and after initial word of mouth success a campaign to re-engage was needed. Hoyne made recommendations based on The School of Life ethos towards learning.

A series of posters were created to motivate and push the audience towards The School of Life courses. The large yellow posters framed beautiful The School of Life thought-creating sentences. The outcome has been impactful.

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Deftly balancing visuals and content, the guide rounds up iconic homegrown brands that attest to the current golden age of design in Singapore, and captures the creative labours gone into the making of the 17 brands featured.  This documentation of the creative inspiration and design processes through brand and design reports, is filled with takeaways and anecdotes capturing the vision to fruition of each brand owner.
Borne out of Foreign Policy Design’s vision as a forward-thinking design studio, Brand Guide series is set to deliver more design and brand reports to the masses. View the project here.

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With this in mind, Strategy set out to facilitate design students with a fluid transition into the creative industry, designing a platform for industry based learning and authentic, real-world experiences. The experience connects students and industry, initiating relationships and providing insight. It works by connecting one studio and one student for one week, where the student is provided a desk in the heart of the studio environment.

During this experience, students can continue their university work as well as engage with studio processes and activities. As studio desk space is often rare, Strategy designed a flexible, foldable, portable cardboard desk as an enabler.

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This spring a unique publication is added to the Hungarian market: the cookbook entitled The Art of Grill is of the highest quality both in content and its design.

It is published by M Profood Inc., a company involved in the production and distribution of spice blends and additives, as well as the provision of food industry consultancy services. In 2014, it commissioned graphic designer Dávid Baráth and the David Barath Design Studio to revamp its image, which resulted in a publication closely related to the company’s profile and built on the brand’s values and slogan (The Art of Spices), published in the three languages that represent its target markets.

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Inspired by graphic illustrations of the gut, the identity is designed to work a broad range of applications for a wide scale of audiences, with an architecture of sub brands that reflect the 3 main activities that UEG undertakes.

Felt have developed a range of printed items with UEG including their Journal (published by Sage), Education course adverts, stationery, a History brochure celebrating 20 years of the society and the guide to UEG Week.

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Being one of the world’s leading technology companies, it is imperative to keep and attract the most talented employees. Knowing where your career path can take you is vital to anyone’s success. Panasonic approached us to design their new career development programme. Working with their structural content that was informative and detailed, Spy created a name that would engage everyones’ aspirations – Boost.

Using Boost as the visual hook we created a marque that contained numerous lines like pathways that could be cropped and scaled in a dynamic way. This was paired with some bespoke icons, fresh colour palette and elegant fonts. The applications included updatable forms, introduction packs, posters, intranet pages and internal signage graphics.

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& Smith teamed up with Michelin star chef John Campbell to help create a brand and visual identity for his new venture in the Berkshire countryside. He got us on board to sharpen up his offer and make it clear to everyone what The Woodspeen was all about.  From the off, we knew John wanted to serve up seasonal food that he could source locally and pair it up with making it affordable for everyone.
& Smith decided to focus the brand around the Woodpeen community. All the cues were there. It was an old pub, the produce is provided by local farmers, brewers and fisherman, it was an unstuffy version of fine-dining, and a big part of the offer was the cookery school – it all seemed to make sense.  & Smith wanted the logotype to be uncomplicated and simple, the identity to avoid the usual cliches you’d expect from fine-dining, and the website to lead with suppliers and the people that help make it happen (rather than keeping them in the background).

To help the community concept further & Smith came up with the idea of a newsletter to keep the locals up to date with the ‘foody’ happenings in the area, a swap-shop idea where people can come along and swap home-made jam for some tomatoes from the garden, and other things like giving a recipe away with your bill.

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