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The 2014 FIFA World Cup is the 20th FIFA World Cup, is a football tournament that is going to be played in twelve cities across Brazil. This stamp collection is self initatied project about a travel across a total of 32 national teams and 64 matches.

Emphasis is placed on a consistent layout system in order to create eye-catching and representative geometric graphic composition. Designed by MAAN.

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TwentyTwentyTwo, the gallery/bar space in Manchester, asked Studio DBD to create a unique idea aimed at promoting the World Cup being shown live at the venue. Together with Hey in Barcelona we began to collaborate on a small book for the client. The book titled ‘Gol!’ features illustrations of individual players from all 32 different teams involved in the event as well as unique facts and figures for each player. The books (limited edition) and a series of prints are available to purchase via TwentyTwentyTwo’s online shop and also direct from the venue itself.  Having worked with Hey before on the first BCNMCR event it seemed a perfect collaboration for TwentyTwentyTwo.

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The Shape of Design began as a Kickstarter campaign in early 2012. Another was tired of not having suitable texts to teach in his thesis-level design courses, so Another decided to write his own. The book skips over methods and practice, and instead takes a theoretical look at the opportunities and possibilities of the creative practice, and what could happen when a successful piece of design is launched into the world.

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As Museum Victoria’s creative agency, Clear was delighted to work alongside Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Melbourne Museum in developing the launch campaign for the opening of their latest permanent exhibition, First Peoples.

First Peoples was co-curated by the Yulendj (Knowledge) Group of Elders and community representatives from across Victoria in consultation with Museum Victoria staff. With great heart and generosity Yulendj contributed stories, objects and deep cultural and historical knowledge to the exhibition. And for Clear, it was all about trying to capture and distill the spirit, desire and warmth of Yulendj around the opening of the exhibition. Through an authentic First Person voice, the public are invited to connect with this new and powerful experience with the Boonwurrung and Woi Wurrung word ‘Wominjeka’ meaning ‘welcome’.

Clear’s role throughout the project has extended across creative concept development, art direction, design, and project management right through to implementation. The campaign features a 30 and 45 second TVC and cinema ad, online activity, collateral plus multiple press and outdoor media executions.

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Slåke is a proud, small furniture factory from Hjelmeland, Norway. Since 1938 they have produced «Jærstolen» as a modern Norwegian tradition furniture. Scandinavian design, norwegian production and tree as basic material characteristics Slåke’s products. For Slåke furniture carpentry means care for the materials and quality.

Slåke celebrates their 75th anniversary with a vision to work on new classics in Nordic design. The team consists of young, innovative designers that safeguard the heritage and unites past and future. In this occasion they also wanted to refresh their visual identity. Inspired by Scandinavian design traditions we created a minimalist expression to reinforce its focus on their products. The colors are inspired from the nature in Hjelmeland; -sun, sky, mountains, cropland, grass, sand and sea. As a counterbalance to an otherwise tight visual profile, the circle is used to provide a contrast in both shape and color. Designed by Ghost.


All Above All is a campaign that unites organizations and individuals to build support to lift the bans that deny abortion coverage. Their vision is to restore public insurance coverage so that every woman, regardless of her income, can access affordable, safe abortion care when she needs it. Margaret Conway and Chrissy Faessen of Conway Strategic entrusted us with the mission of developing the name, creative concept, and visual brand language for the campaign.

Apartment One developed a name for this campaign that elevates the dialogue to focus on the social justice and equal rights component of the issue and specifically that all women should have the equal ability and access to make her own decisions. Apartment One looked to create a name that was aspirational, inclusive, and inspired people, specifically Millenials, to get involved and take action. From the foundation of this name and our supporting messaging such as Dare to Declare, Amend to Defend and Brave, United, Equal, Apartment One developed a visual brand language that spoke to individual empowerment for collective change in the use of selfie photography and hand brush stroke typography. Apartment One also developed a stylized asterisk in brush stroke as a design device that could be used to bring a deeper level of communication to the campaign and allow for more specific messaging on the issue. Looking to speak to our target audience of Millenials, it was essential that the campaign feel fresh and vital and so we chose a bright, neon green as the core brand color alongside black and white.

All Above All has engaged supporters across the country and continues the work of this multi-year effort to make critical policy change.

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With the longest river frontage of any office building in London, Sea Containers is a London landmark. The internal reality, however, didn’t match its riverside status, and redevelopment was undertaken to rectify this and make the most of its awe-inspiring views from the London Eye to London Bridge. Plans also included the addition of a new building to the south and the launch of the first Mondrian hotel outside of the United States. Rebranding was twofold; to update its image and explain the complexities of the site.

With architecture strongly influenced by its sea-faring connections, the new marque is similarly based on a sextant – a marine navigational device – and the interlocking ‘S’ and ‘C’ of Sea Containers in copper, a material being used extensively by Tom Dixon in the internal redesign. The brochure included illustrations of the site’s reconfiguration and editorial tip-in section on life around Sea Containers. The website is brought to life with time-lapse imagery of Sea Containers on the river moving through day and night. An iPad app also provided the client with a sophisticated sales tool to sell the area and the building using 3D maps and illustrations. Designed by Dn&Co.


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