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Identity, interior, signage system and art direction for Norway’s largest film studio. The logo’s white square creates a storyboard, a space for creativity, which encourages the user to interact. The name also implies a full-scale film production. People’s notion of film and commercials is an escape, a twist on reality, action and colourful special effects. The photos taken for the identity by Filippo Minelli are frozen moments where the future is yet to be revealed, and it makes the viewer engaged and curious. The signage system is inspired by the film studios of Hollywood. Detailing of custom made typography for logo in cooperation with Magnus Rakeng. Portfolio photos by Mathias Fossum. Designed by Work In Progress.

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Women for Child Rescue (WFCR) is a branch of World Vision which was setup by a small group of women that set out to make a difference to disadvantaged children in 3rd world countries. Working closely with the group, I helped create a logo that could be used across marketing and collateral. Could Not Sleep took the photos on a trip to an Orphanage in Cambodia and they have been used for invitations, postcards and other marketing applications.


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