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Mandarin natural chocolate makes “bean to bar” chocolates, employing chocolatiers consistently working on the entire manufacturing process from the roasting of cacao beans to the finished chocolate bar. We offer 60, 80 and 100% cacao chocolate bars only made with organic cacao and cane sugar.

We are idealists who pursue quality and believe in “improving the quality of people’s lives”. This modernistic brand expresses itself through stunning white, an understated elegance and modernistic graphic design.

Our distinct identity, borne of our obsessive refusal to compromise, integrates a minimalistic elegance with a contemporary impression thus bringing the experience of a lovely, new brand to you. Designed by Yuta Takahashi.

For-Point-Cards-2998x1998 121415_Fort_Point_forGif_2400 Cans-detail-2998x1998 Box-lift-2998x1998

As San Francisco’s fastest growing craft brewery, Fort Point creates balanced, thoughtful beers that reference traditional styles, but are by no means bound to them.

The brewery resides in a historic Presidio building that was formerly used as an Army motor pool. Their iconic location—close to both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Fort Point National Historic Site—provided inspiration for a modular, illustrative brand identity. In packaging, the illustration incorporates elements of city landmarks and Bay Area culture to create a unique and authentic sense of place.

The result is a brand that locals can identify with and, as Fort Point grows and becomes available throughout the nation, can be regarded as the new San Francisco craft beer. Designed by Manual.

Bilpin Archibald 1 Bilpin Archibald 3 Bilpin Archibald 4 Bilpin Archibald 5

Building on the Bilpin brand positioning as a boutique apple growing region located in the Blue Mountains and staying true to the brands rich history, heritage and quality, Bilpin Archibald Cloudy Apple Cider was born.

Archibald Bell already had a reputation as a adventurer when in 1823 he forged a stock route across the unforgiving Blue mountains through what is today known as Bilpin: one of the most fertile apple growing region – “The land of the Mountain Apple”. The new cider crafted for those looking for something different, something to be discovered. Bilpin Archibald is the first cloudy cider that follows it’s own path, a new product for a new category.

Inspired by the topographic maps of the Blue Mountains area, Archibald’s portrait is a tangled mess of linework. Scratched and scuffed, it captures the grit and determination of a young explorer looking to make a name for himself in a hostile wilderness.

At a premium price point, Bilpin Archibald is targeted at those consumers who want a quality craft cider, that is unique and rich in its own history and isn’t another ‘me too’ in a sea of sameness. Designed by Boldinc Brand Innovation.

Arrels_05Arrels_03Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 8.26.03 am Arrels_11

Arrels, which means “roots” in English, is a Barcelona based footwear brand making shoes for the urban market. Creating the identity meant finding the right balance between their urban look and their rural roots and between being handmade and mass produced.

This duality is reflected in the two colours of the identity and in the pattern created for the boxes and the shoes; an idea which was carried over to the brochure. The design of the pattern plays with the idea that if you were to rip up all the layers of concrete which cover the urban landscape underneath you would find the original, natural surface of the earth. Designed by Hey Studio.

FER313_WEB_41FER313_WEB_51FER313_WEB_NEW6 FER313_WEB_61

Feral Brewing Company is Western Australia’s largest independent brewery with a cult following of beer enthusiasts globally. Based in the Swan Valley, the brewery is the current titleholder of the Australian International Beer Awards for Best Large Australian Brewery.

Block completed a brand and packaging overhaul that sees the brewery’s products unified under a solid look and feel, albeit with a uniquely Feral personality. The rebranding is handcrafted and distinctive without detracting from the company’s obsessive focus on its beers, flavours and ingredients. Block went with an intentionally DIY, rough-and-ready aesthetic to match the company’s hands-on approach to brewing.

At a time when all the bigger breweries are attempting to combat the craft brew market and micro-breweries are popping up all over the shop, Feral remains the real deal — something Block wanted to convey with the rebrand. Block felt the design shouldn’t look overworked or pretentious and so created the antithesis of the minimalist or ‘ye olde’ beer brands that are cluttering the market.

The branding process started with the purchase of an old photocopier for $50 so that the packaging and promotional material would be genuinely fresh and DIY. The explosion of beer labels has seen the beer cabinet become one of the most crowded retail spaces imaginable, so the look that Block has crafted owns its shelf space in a very ‘ballsy’ way – which is absolutely on-brand for Feral.


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