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No. Six Depot is a family owned, small-batch coffee roaster and café nested in the beautiful Berkshires. Located in a historic train station on 6 Depot St, they serve teas, salts and coffee from small farms and roast on location. Their identity juxtaposes a mix of unique rural and modern elements — drawing inspiration from their own backyard railroad and unique approach to keeping it simple and making it true. Designed by Perky Bros.

Photography: Jennifer May

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Waffee is a Melbourne based chain specialising in authentic Belgian waffles and coffee. A Friend of Mine created a logo where the Waffee lettering is incorporated into the waffle griddle iron pattern, to produce a concise, simple marque. To provide warmth and approachability, A Friend of Mine also developed a cheeky racoon character in a series of illustrations depicting a bandit racoon eating, stealing or dreaming about waffles. A Friend of Mine consulted with architects Hecker Guthrie for the Swanston Street store and Foolscap Studio for the Emporium store, and designed signage systems for both fitouts. Packaging features crisp white waffle trays with bronze foiled details and bursts of buttery yellow inside, whilst signage details in-store echo the toasty bronze highlights and minimal modern colour palette.

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All Good Scents’ mission is to create the first contemporary perfume house in India. Historically and culturally Indians are very keen on fragrances and perfume usage. However the usage is either restricted to natural elements or locally produced scents. All Good Scents hopes to create a niche for chic products with global appeal.

A strategic analysis of the client revealed the importance of showing the fresh attitude of a new brand to the market, whilst also establishing the credibility that an old family dedicated to perfume making brought to the product. Accordingly, we created a simple, rational and easy to recognize symbol, deprived of classic decoration. By including an extra horitzontal stroke, the initial ‘A’ of the name was turned into a perfume pyramid, the structural device which is the basis for all perfume formulas. Centered typography with a rounded light font positioned the brand as a contemporary, style conscious player.

Along with the corporate identity, Mucho helped All Good Scents to develop a brand architecture scheme for the perfume brands, helping to establish a communication structure and thus correctly convey each perfume’s nature and identity to their established consumer target.


Rebellion Brewing engaged Studio Round to redevelop the identity and packaging of its leading gluten free beer product, O’Brien.

The desire was to reposition the beer away from being positioned solely on its gluten-free functional benefit (“forced choice”) and to become a first choice (“my beer”) for both celiac-sufferors and also the general craft beer market. To support this new positioning the intention was to dial up the craft beer story in order to move away from the dull, mainstream beers, and create a new, more aspirational brand image for the product.

The design response needed to feel more crafted and aspirational, but it was also important not to position it too far into the boutique beer market as it could alienate their existing customer base. Designed by Round.

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The Beginnings offers strengthening raw food ingredients from around the world. Garlic from jungles of the North, wheatgrass from meadows of the East, the most fragrant cocoa of the South, the hottest tropical ginger root, algae from the purest seas. The wild, uncontaminated power of life. Those are your Beginnings – the source of the authentic you.

The visual identity has been created using patterns from unique places around the world. By combining and contrasting these patterns, Asketic has brought the wild of the jungle into the wild of the city. During the process Asketic created design concept and identity, product packaging, a library of illustrated patterns and visual guidelines to help expand the brand identity as it evolves.

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Radiance Cleanse was founded in 2009 by two best friends, Christina Agnew and Clare Neill, who both believe passionately in the huge benefits of juice cleansing. Clare and Christina wanted to pioneer the UK’s first high quality, nutritional and organic juice cleanse programme, and they wanted to make it available across the mainland UK.
And so Radiance was born.Designed by Construct.

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Föllinge is a brand and also the name of a small village in the north of Sweden where all their products are developed. They have made a complete redesign of their organic skin care assortment. Inspired by the pure Nordic nature, the handcrafted process and the unique knowledge that is needed to develop these organic master pieces, a new visual identity was developed. The end result is a visual expression that communicates expertise, craftsmanship, origin and authenticity. Designed by Amore.


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