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Josh Wood is one of the world’s most influential and respected hair colourists. As Director of renowned London salon, Realhair, Josh approached Aloof to review their branding and design a new range of hair styling products. Aloof identified an opportunity to evolve the existing branding to make it more impactful, creating a marque that could be used in inventive ways across their day-to-daycommunication, marketing collateral and packaging.

Aloof designed a family of four new styling products, launched at Harvey Nichols, updated an existing range of hair care products with the introduction of a travel set, and created the identity for ‘Realhair Prive’ — an exclusive salon service for overseas clients.

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À chacun son pain is a recognized artisanal bakery, café, and pizzeria from Baie-Saint-Paul and Mont-Ste-Anne. In 2014, the small diverse Quebec business commissioned Paprika to review its visual identity program. To achieve this mandate, Paprika drew inspiration from the bread peel of the company’s former identity and the wood oven used for cooking ingredients. The fusion of those two elements made it possible to create an “A” whose round silhouette is reminiscent of the oven’s shape, while the countershape symbolizes the bread peel. Integrated into the company’s name, this typographic element is also omnipresent throughout the business products’ various designations. Simple and efficient, the symbol is identity program’s centerpiece and allows for many variations.

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Moolanda is the new name for LanzThomson, boutique premium wine producers from Barossa Valley. Cornershop were appointed to develop a brand identity for the company and packaging for three tiers of wines. Moolanda is an Aboriginal word meaning “on the far side”. The Moolanda vineyard is located on the far side of Barossa Valley. Aboriginal tribes roamed the valley for thousands of years and understood its unique qualities. Several rock art sites found in the region contain ancient drawings created using red, yellow and white ochre; rocks which can be found on the Moolanda vineyard this very day. The way the soil interacts with these rocks affects how the vines grow. They are an invaluable part of the grape growing process for Moolanda.
The Moolanda ‘Workers’ packaging is inspired by the hard-working individuals who cultivated the land, such as the growers who tend the vineyard and help hand craft the wines. The textures and colours of the illustration are inspired by the distinct rocks on the property. Moolanda ‘Workers’ Shiraz (featured) sells for approximately A$20 rrp.

Honest-Tea-Logo-Before-After-2015_0129_1 Honest-Tea-Honey-Green-Before-After-2015_0129_2 Honest-Tea-Bottle-Pyramid-Flattened-2015_0129_1 Honest-Tea-Multiserve-Pyramid-2015_0129

Not long after Coca-Cola acquired Honest Tea, Beardwood&Co. were asked to help relaunch the core line to appeal to a broader range of consumers. Honest Tea is known and loved by an army of health-conscious, natural tea drinkers, but non-users saw the brand as too serious and less flavorful than the bevvy of new tea competitors coming to market.

In collaboration with Honest’s in-house creative team, Beardwood&Co. tested many packaging design iterations with consumers to understand how far the brand could stretch — appealing to a new audience while staying true to its roots. Beardwood&Co. learned that it was critical to keep the T shape for brand recognition, but not at the expense of appetite appeal, refreshment, or shelf navigation.


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