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Mash Creative collaborated with Paul from Hype Type Studio to design the brand identity, print collateral, packaging and website for uBear® – A high end mobile phone, tablet and laptop accessories company based in Los Angeles, California.

The brief for the uBear® logo was to create an identity that would be both adaptable and instantly recognisable. The logo consists of a stand alone Bear marque hugging the letter U, as well as a custom sans serif logotype.

A unique, bold and bright colour palette was used throughout the packaging to help distinguish it from similar products on the market. The use of gloss varnishes and metallic foils throughout the packaging helps to create interest on the shelf.

In addition to the identity and packaging, a fully responsive website was designed and built to allow a seamless user experience.

Photography by György Kőrössy

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As tattooing continues to move from sub-culture into the mainstream, Robot Food felt it appropriate to develop a specialist skin care range. Robot Food created the product proposition then got to work on a catchy name, hipster-esque typography and striking illustrations – all balanced with clean, cosmetic credibility and designed to attract everyone, from the newly inked to the hardcore tattoo lover.

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Earlier this year Moving Brands celebrated our 15th birthday, for which Moving Brands created unique characters for everyone in our global eco-system. These characters, or Minos, then starred in custom interactive installations at dual MB15 parties in San Francisco and London.

Interested in the relationship between physical and digital worlds, Moving Brands wanted to transition these digital Minos back into a tangible artefact. With the holiday period approaching, Moving Brands created edible Minos to gift to the same people who had inspired the original digital versions.

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Bold began by investigating the visual cues of the great coffee houses and bars around Italy, the home of espresso. Bold‘s solution was directly inspired by what we found: the homemade lettering of the signage, the patterns from tiled kitchen floors, the ostentatious gold leaf decorations and even the attention to detail of the paper napkins and small gelato cups and spoons. Bold were also inspired by the founding fathers of the industry – brands such as La Pavoni and Gaggia. As Sempre was formerly called Sosta, Bold even helped give them a new Italian name. The result is an identity that helps transform the customer from inner-city Stockholm to a small backstreet somewhere in Italy – albeit for 15 minutes.

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OAC is a suitably festive thank you to our clients, friends and suppliers. Believe In selected a locally produced orange and chocolate cream liqueur for its unmistakable Christmas flavour, and created a new name for the product and some special seasonal packaging for the bottles. The luxurious labels incorporate a Christmas tag that runs up the side of the bottle, for a festive message from the team.

Each special edition bottle is individually numbered, with metallic copper gold paper kindly provided by GF Smith. The labels were digitally printed with white ink and hand finished in the studio.

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48 Miles Later is a collaboration brew between Fyne Ales and Brewdog, all in the spirit of Brewdog’s recent #Collabfest. The result is a unique Smoked Chilli Black Ale named ’48 Miles Later’, relating to the distance between the Brewdog bar and the Fyne Ales brewery.

Freytag Anderson were engaged by Fyne Ales to develop a label for a limited edition 750ml release of the beer. In collaboration with designer Matt Burns, Freytag Anderson developed a concept that would incorporate the two locations as well as the breathtaking drive required to reach the brewery from Glasgow to the shores of Loch Fyne. Freytag Anderson interpreted the twists and turns of the epic route using ink and roller onto A1 textured board.


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