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Snask are currently helping Oumph to take over the world. The brand identity feels off the hook, punk, and raw since the brand is anything but your run-of-the-mill, boring eco-friendly veggie product.”The brand is a revolution and a punch in the face. The graphic identity was crafted and inspired by the look and feel of food trucks and chalkboard scribbles. Oumph is booming on Facebook. People are ecstatic and raving about the product. Meat-lovers are on the verge of turning vegan. Oumph will change the world, and we are here to help them reach their goals. Snask has been in charge of creating the brand identity as well as the packaging design; we have hand painted all product names and the majority of the typography. The styling is by Elisabeth Johansson and food photography by Wolfgang Kleinschmidt.


Agricola Don Ricardo asked us to design their grapes packaging for the Cadime brand that export premium grapes to the Great Britain and France market. IS Creative Studio made a premium elegant design in white, black and gold featuring a duotone of a sunny harvest day. IS Creative Studio added the phrase “have a sunny day” to give a casual friendly approach to the minimalistic design.

CAZ_Logo2CAZ_ColoredBoxes2 CAZ_BottlesGroup2 CAZ_Extras1

Cazadores, part of the Bacardi portfolio, was already Mexico’s preferred tequila, but to grow this brand’s appeal beyond its country’s borders, Duffy & Partners evolved the bottle. Duffy & Partners refreshed the rugged sensibility of Cazadores including its iconic deer symbol, and simultaneously revived and leveraged the interest of craft and provenance to satisfy the quest of authenticity for a world-wide audience.

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Australian premium beverage creators Strangelove, are not content to follow the traditional visual tropes of their industry kin. In their view most energy drinks make you look like you’ve been kissing your cousin under the bleachers at the Parramatta Speedway. They scream premium but relentlessly hum Bon Jovi under their breath. The philosophy is simple: make something that people want to show their friends. The result is witty, eye-catching and truly original. Designed by Marx.

aloof-jw-identity-5 aloof-jw-identity-2c aloof-jw-package-6 aloof-jw-package-1

Josh Wood is one of the world’s most influential and respected hair colourists. As Director of renowned London salon, Realhair, Josh approached Aloof to review their branding and design a new range of hair styling products. Aloof identified an opportunity to evolve the existing branding to make it more impactful, creating a marque that could be used in inventive ways across their day-to-daycommunication, marketing collateral and packaging.

Aloof designed a family of four new styling products, launched at Harvey Nichols, updated an existing range of hair care products with the introduction of a travel set, and created the identity for ‘Realhair Prive’ — an exclusive salon service for overseas clients.


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