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Pablo & Rusty’s is an award-winning small-batch coffee roaster based in Sydney, Australia. They strive to find amazing coffee; determine the best way to roast it; take it to one of their four stores and deliver an exceptional experience to their customers. Pablo & Rusty’s have a strong company culture, are passionate about sustainability, and are in constant pursuit of perfection.

Pablo & Rusty’s approached Manual to rebrand the company and better reflect the values they’d developed over the past decade. An immersion into the brand began with a brief research trip to Sydney to learn more about local coffee culture and experience Pablo & Rusty’s retail locations.

Manual then created a complete brand identity, and applied it to key retail and packaging elements. Manual began by taking inspiration from the core of their business—the humble coffee sacks and stencil typography often found printed on them—and reinterpreted this as modern, sophisticated custom-drawn logotype. In our research we discovered that many of their customers and staff referred to them as ‘P&R’ for short, so we recommended building on that brand recognition and created a monogram that would work at small sizes. This duality in naming and branding provided the backbone for all print, packaging, and retail design elements.

The simple use of typography and restrained color palette provided the appropriate level of design sophistication, and allowed the cafe experience–and coffee–to remain the focus.

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Sunniva produces a variety of juices and fruit-based drinks for the Norwegian market, and has established its Premium range, amongst others, as a market leader within its category.

In response to increasing competition within the industry, Strømme Throndsen Design developed a new brand identity and packaging solution for Sunniva that would help to further differentiate its Premium line from a wealth of alternatives, retain its position as Norway’s favourite and reinforce its high quality proposition.

Using large fruit illustrations with a bright but natural colour palette, a distinctive purple band and a proprietary logotype, the new packaging solution places high quality and natural flavour at the heart of communication, with a confident and distinctive sensibility.

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Before starting a brewery, father and son duo Dan and Eric Garfinkel ran a successful business selling classic toys. Finkel & Garf helped them bring their fun, straightforward, and laid back attitude to their newest venture into a craft brewery in the heart of beer country.

Referencing their roots in the toy industry and inspired by crests common on vintage beer cans, we created a custom coat of arms for the Finkel & Garf brewery. Featuring toys in a traditionally serious and regal context reflects their desire to subtly subvert the wine-ification of craft beer and introduce a more approachable product to the market. The various toys represented in the coat of arms were selected to inspire people from all generations to reconnect with their childlike sense of wonder and excitement.

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Berry Bros. & Rudd has released the first bottlings from its new Exceptional Casks Collection, an exclusive and exquisite range of rare spirits. Following Pentagram’s development of a new identity for the brand, Harry Pearce has designed the collection’s bottlings. The Exceptional Casks Collection is the culmination of a year-long project by Doug McIvor – Berry Bros. & Rudd’s Spirit Buyer – who hand-selected the casks. This meticulous process inspired Pearce and his team, and their design takes cues from McIvor’s sample bottles, tasting notes and simple wrap labels, creating a product similar to Victorian apothecary jars.

The initial design layouts for the bottling were created on a typewriter belonging to John Rudd, a former Chairman of Berry Bros. & Rudd, which was found in the backroom of the firm’s office at No. 3 St James Street by current Brand Director Geordie Willis. Its font and random type-setting style remain in the final design. Four expressions have been released as part of the collection: North British Single Grain 50 Year Old, 1977 Jamaican Rum Overproof (35-year-old), and two single casks of 1972 The Glenlivet single malt (41-year-old). The Exceptional Casks Collection is available from this month at Berry Bros. & Rudd. Designed by Pentagram.

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Identity for a new delicatessen in an iconic building on the main square in Ludlow. The deli is three stories high but only about twelve feet wide, and flanked by roads on both sides, one of which is Harp Lane itself. The shape of the building is central to the identity, becoming the outline for the logo. It is the house that all the products come from. Designed by Burgess Studio.


(Harp Lane Deli specialise in cheese, which loosely explains the choice of colour, and narrowly explains why the coffee card looks the way it does.)

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Herdade do Esporão, located in Alentejo region, occupies more than 1550 ha, with 450 ha of vineyards and 80 ha of olive groves. Last year, they reopened the wine tourism house, that offers the visitors a close look to what they do and how they do it. The place has a great restaurant with a beautiful view over the vineyard and the lake, as long as a wine bar and a store were visitor can learn about their products.

For the Herdade do Esporão wine tourism identity, White Studio wanted the feeling of the region: the quietness and the detail of the landscape, the pleasant silence of its affluentfauna and the rich and unique cultural tradition.

The whole identity is based on the traditional blankets characterized by their geometrical patterns in strong colours. White Studio redesigned these patterns and applied them to the several graphic objects. The identity becomes not just one colour or one pattern but a variety of strong colorful patterns that come together to emphasize the strong relationship between Esporão and Alentejo. One of the main features of this identity is also the use of natural materials as craft paper and local woods and fibers, always looking for ways to connect with the environment and the surrounding land.


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