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Hoyne was invited to develop the new brand platform for Parramatta City, NSW’s second largest business hub. The objective was to deliver a brand that reflected the potential and positivity of a city in transition in order to encourage large-scale project investments and to inspire businesses to relocate to this burgeoning centre. The new identity uses Parramatta’s traditional, optimistic yellow as its central colour, whilst the use of the ‘plus’ icon and associated visual language symbolises the notion of Parramatta as a launching pad; an environment with abundant opportunities.

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Cambridge Design Partnership (CDP) creates ‘first of a kind’ product innovation to fuel its clients’ success in consumer, healthcare, energy and industrial markets. Passionate, human and open, CDP has a powerful offer and well-aligned culture. However, as it targeted larger, more global clients, and opened its first US office in Palo Alto, it became clear that the existing ten-year-old brand no longer reflected its ambition or ability. Moving Brands partnered with CDP to distil its internal culture, articulate its unique story, and communicate its offer through a visual identity and touchpoints that would cultivate trust from global players and support growth in new markets.



As a refresh, the project began with some inherent design limitations in the mark and color palette. Focus Lab knew that the progression of the brand had to honor both CreateOne’s youthful leadership as well as it’s traditional backbone. After several explorations, Focus Lab successfully refined the mark and enlivened the color scheme with an accent color that greatly helped in balancing out the website.

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Blank Digital are a New York-based boutique retouching and digital capture company. The quality of their stunning photographic and motion work speaks for itself, ensuring steady work with the best photographers in the business. However, with an offer broadening to include new motion capabilities, and an ambition to cement direct relationships with the world’s most successful luxury, fashion and media businesses, they needed a more proactive strategy. Designed by Moving Brands.

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Local 215 is a Philadelphia-based food truck specializing in artisanal dishes made from slow-cooked head-to-tail hogs as well as other locally-sourced farm-fresh items. R&Co worked with the guys at Local 215 on everything from the original pig illustration to the thematic color & texture selection in an effort to create a cohesive component-based identity system to be used across all of the brand’s materials including their coal mine rescue truck turned mobile kitchen.

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Laand is a landscape architecture studio with a passion for creating playful yet practical spaces; collaborating with clients and communities to deliver sustainable landscapes across the public and private sectors. The company needed to rebrand in order to create an identity that would better reflect it’s growing reputation and to also help promote itself to new clients. The brand that Passport developed is centred on the simplicity of contour lines – something that explicitly links to any kind of landscape and is therefore an element that takes an important role in Laand’s day-to-day practice. To give an added personalisation, the contours have been strategically ringed around the ‘A’ and ‘N’ – the proprietor’s initials – Alan Nowell. Simple, bold typography has then been used to contrast against the contour lines. The colour palette uses a neutral pale grey so as not to tie the brand to a particular sector of work whilst the bright coral accents clash effectively with the array of green tones often found in Laand’s technical plans and drawings.


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