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Notting Hill Housing Association is an innovative housing association and one of the largest property developers in London. They house people in need, help residents become homeowners and reinvest the money generated to build more new homes. For over five years February have created brand positioning and identities for NHH across a wide array of their popular developments. 


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The Water Rat is amongst South Melbourne’s oldest hotels in an area rich with ‘watering holes’. Rather unfortunately, it is perhaps best known for the 1973 murder of union secretary Pat Shannon, gunned down in the hotel’s front bar. Immensely popular in the 1990s but less so of late, the hotel recently changed hands.

Hofstede were asked to provide a fresh identity for the Water Rat, part of the new owner’s strategy for rejuvenation. Incorporating a traditional shield motif, a set of customised icons and a sophisticated colour palette, the identity was developed to complement Eades and Bergman’s elegant interiors. The playful system was implemented out across numerous items including menus, uniforms, function folders and a website.

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Before starting a brewery, father and son duo Dan and Eric Garfinkel ran a successful business selling classic toys. Finkel & Garf helped them bring their fun, straightforward, and laid back attitude to their newest venture into a craft brewery in the heart of beer country.

Referencing their roots in the toy industry and inspired by crests common on vintage beer cans, we created a custom coat of arms for the Finkel & Garf brewery. Featuring toys in a traditionally serious and regal context reflects their desire to subtly subvert the wine-ification of craft beer and introduce a more approachable product to the market. The various toys represented in the coat of arms were selected to inspire people from all generations to reconnect with their childlike sense of wonder and excitement.

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With such high ambitions it was necessary to speed up the project without sacrificing quality and control. The assignment demonstrated the value of Grow’s holistic approach to brand development, encompassing everything from strategy and design to culture and communication. Several parallel processes, including extensive insight work with workshops and interviews involving employees and customers, contributed to the development of the new brand.

A foundation stone for the new brand was the choice of name. Business Sweden is a powerful name, suitable for a global market. It not only sounds good, it also looks good as a word image, which was an asset in the design process. More importantly, it highlights the core objective of working for the greater good of Sweden through facilitating exports and investments.

The next step was the definition of corporate values, mission and vision in a brand platform, summarised by the directional idea: “Growing Sweden”. By creating a new logo and dynamic visual identity Grow provided a clear profile and solid foundation for all future applications. One of the most important of these in today’s digital age was the Business Sweden website, and again, Grow played a key role in its design, messaging and content development. Designed by Grow.

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Aspall have been making Cyder in Suffolk for eight generations, and in the face of increased competition in both the Cyder and Vinegar categories, approached NB to help reinvigorate and re-craft the Aspall brand identity. The new identity features across the full Cyder packaging range – both on and off trade – together with the website, point of sale and livery. With a rich history to explore, the early stages of the project focused on identifying brand assets that connect the visual identity with the past. This meant delving into the bottomless Aspall archive, blowing dust off of old documents and records and uncovering old marks, motifs, and photographs.

With a number of the new-to-market cider products habitually ‘inventing’ heritage stories, the focus of this exercise was to identify assets that capture the unique quirks and eccentricities of a three-century-old family business, and of the family members themselves. The overall result is very sensitive to Aspall’s history and heritage. The redesign emphasises the authenticity of the Aspall brand and products with robust underlying principles that create the platform for future cyder variants, the Aspall vinegar range and new products in both categories. Designed by NB Studio.

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The previous logo looked really mean and not very inviting to keep your money there and for retail locations it didn’t have any curb appeal. The new color scheme alone — as New York Knicks and Mets as it gets — brings a healthy dash of cheerful color to the bank. The icon, serving as both an “AB” monogram or simply an attractive abstract shape gives the bank a more identifiable device that is intriguing and attractive in its weaved simplicity. The wordmark, set in Lineto’s Circular, is okay and the way the “lg” and “k” interlock is beautiful; I’m not convinced an all-lowercase rendition of the name is the most appropriate for a bank and this bank in particular. Nonetheless, an undeniable improvement. Designed by Pentagram.

Spotted via Brand New.


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