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The Forum for Theological Exploration is a leadership incubator that inspires future pastors and theological educators to make a difference in the world through Christian resources, events, networks, grants and fellowships. Since 1954, FTE has created spaces for gifted students, young adults and partners to explore their passion, purpose and calling. Designed by Matchstic.

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The Prospect Park Alliance partners with the City of New York to ensure ongoing care and long-term preservation of Brooklyn’s largest park. Since 1987, they have worked to help fund the Park’s operating budget. Today, they employ three-quarters of the Park staff and help preserve the natural environment, restore historic design and provide public programs and amenities for the park. No small task at 585 acres in size with more than 10 million visits each year.

OCD worked with the Prospect Park Alliance to improve the park’s digital experience, as well as build community and clarify the brand. In November, we launched a new online platform including an interactive map and dynamic calendar. We also refreshed the logo and built a comprehensive identity system to support ongoing communications. The overarching strategy was simple: make a great park greater.

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Working in the unique design for the construction company, we have decided to use the actual name and the theme of myths and ancient Greek culture. So the idea of the brutal face of Atlant and the relief inscription came to life. Rough and hard features show us that the men who work in the company are serious and real.

Losko Creative was inspired by the various lines which are always used by architects and builders to name the materials, designing our brand collateral.

Honest-Tea-Logo-Before-After-2015_0129_1 Honest-Tea-Honey-Green-Before-After-2015_0129_2 Honest-Tea-Bottle-Pyramid-Flattened-2015_0129_1 Honest-Tea-Multiserve-Pyramid-2015_0129

Not long after Coca-Cola acquired Honest Tea, Beardwood&Co. were asked to help relaunch the core line to appeal to a broader range of consumers. Honest Tea is known and loved by an army of health-conscious, natural tea drinkers, but non-users saw the brand as too serious and less flavorful than the bevvy of new tea competitors coming to market.

In collaboration with Honest’s in-house creative team, Beardwood&Co. tested many packaging design iterations with consumers to understand how far the brand could stretch — appealing to a new audience while staying true to its roots. Beardwood&Co. learned that it was critical to keep the T shape for brand recognition, but not at the expense of appetite appeal, refreshment, or shelf navigation.


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