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BikeExchange was ready for a rebrand, it was looking for a strong identity that would take advantage of the digital space (in terms of legibility) and would appeal to all riders. Brands to life created a brand mark that was designed with all relevant riding disciplines in mind. The straight line on the left stem of ‘b’ represents ‘Road’ for road bikes, the bent arrow for ‘Track’ for BMX on the right side of the ‘b’ suggests ‘Downhill’ for Mountain Bikes. You could say this is ‘Everything Bike’ in one mark.



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Yuta Takahashi were responsible for VI design for the BMX Flatland world championship final “FLAT ARK”. BMX Flatland is a style of competition where riders perform dancelike tricks over smooth surfaces; their tricks are then graded on their artistic merits. FLAT ARK is the final competition in a five-leg flatland course (spanning Switzerland, Spain, the U.S., Canada, and Japan). The name of the contest, FLAT ARK, is derived from the concept of an ark (as in Noah’s ark) that takes BMX Flatland to the next level—and for this, the world’s foremost BMX competition, we were requested to handle the VI design.

Yuta Takahashi wanted to show respect for the artists appearing in the competition, so we used two lines to express both their ordinary and their extraordinary experiences, with the upper line representing the spotlight of FLAT ARK. Seen in overview, the lines form the shape of a ship—one that suggests an ark. On this ark are five circles that represent dancing bikes. Seen as part of the whole, they have a crown-like motif, leaving an appropriate impression for the world’s foremost BMX competition.

This VI was used in a variety of places: everywhere from contest posters to invitations, flags, and original products. It was also featured in tie-in products with PUMA, G-SHOCK, and other businesses, as well as emblazoned on an Ohmine sake cask used to treat attendees at the closing ceremony.

FER313_WEB_41FER313_WEB_51FER313_WEB_NEW6 FER313_WEB_61

Feral Brewing Company is Western Australia’s largest independent brewery with a cult following of beer enthusiasts globally. Based in the Swan Valley, the brewery is the current titleholder of the Australian International Beer Awards for Best Large Australian Brewery.

Block completed a brand and packaging overhaul that sees the brewery’s products unified under a solid look and feel, albeit with a uniquely Feral personality. The rebranding is handcrafted and distinctive without detracting from the company’s obsessive focus on its beers, flavours and ingredients. Block went with an intentionally DIY, rough-and-ready aesthetic to match the company’s hands-on approach to brewing.

At a time when all the bigger breweries are attempting to combat the craft brew market and micro-breweries are popping up all over the shop, Feral remains the real deal — something Block wanted to convey with the rebrand. Block felt the design shouldn’t look overworked or pretentious and so created the antithesis of the minimalist or ‘ye olde’ beer brands that are cluttering the market.

The branding process started with the purchase of an old photocopier for $50 so that the packaging and promotional material would be genuinely fresh and DIY. The explosion of beer labels has seen the beer cabinet become one of the most crowded retail spaces imaginable, so the look that Block has crafted owns its shelf space in a very ‘ballsy’ way – which is absolutely on-brand for Feral.


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