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Tina Frey is a San Francisco based designer, inspired by the blue sea, curves and contours of nature, and treasures found while traveling. She creates beautiful hand crafted plates, vessels, bowls, utensils and homeware from delicate, colorful resin and metal. Tina begins by sculpting each piece in clay, molds are then created from each design and are used to cast the vessels in small batches by color. Each piece is hand sanded and carries a unique beauty that ensures the quality and integrity of each piece.

Mucho created a new identity for Tina. Her designs are so organic in shape and hand crafted that we wanted to create a symbol that she could produce with her finger in the clay. The resulting logo consists of two mirrored strokes and a horizontal bar to create a ‘t’ and an ‘f’.

Mucho then developed business cards, notecards, and posters from the unique forms that her products create. Interestingly, these 3-dimensional products inspired a 2-dimensional solution, that then lends itself perfectly to T-towel designs and linens.

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Pay TV costs, contracts and content were alienating audiences. SKY New Zealand and TVNZ saw the potential for a new entertainment option—a middle ground between subscription TV and free-to-air.

Interbrand‘s job was to turn a standard black box into a compelling and entertaining brand experience. Interbrand‘s idea: IGLOO. Affordable pay-as-you-go appeal, coupled with a series of playful, family-friendly, brand creatures designed to make using the service easy and fun—from explaining package options to set up and channel surfing. And Interbrand created the brand from start to finish, from positioning to naming, visual and verbal identity and rollout.

Witty, irreverent, and distinct, the new brand unlocked a new audience of Kiwi families.

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Big Beach produces and finances independent films, television and theater. With an eye toward intelligent, character-driven, humanistic material, the company’s overall mission is to showcase films that inspire, engage and entertain. The Big Beach portfolio includes indie classics Little Miss Sunshine, Safety Not Guaranteed and Away we go, among others.

GrandArmy created a comprehensive rebrand for Big Beach, including identity, pre-roll film, collateral, and website design. GrandArmy‘s solution was to create a BB monogram from four simple strokes, which formally recall the lapping of waves against a shore. This visual language was extended into a logotype, and graphic system for collateral and web.

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Senate Properties is a government owned enterprise and acts as the government’s expert on the working environment and working premises. They have a history that spans over 200 years as the manager of the Finnish state’s properties.

The visual solution focuses on visualizing movement. This refers to the continuing development and dynamism of the modern workplace, pushing the state’s working practices forward and the fact that in the current workplace change is the only constant. The solution abandons any references to the history of Senate Properties as the manager of historical properties, instead opting for a pure, energetic and modern visual language that represents a future-looking organisation.

Werklig‘s solution is quite simply based on the shapes drawn by a moving dot. The trajectory of the movement is represented in the form language of all elements: the letters of the logo, the shapes of the typeface and icons, and as a three-dimensional element. The color palette further emphasizes this movement by representing a shift from cold to warm or vice-versa.

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Set on the historic plot of land originally owned by John Septimus Roe, the amazing Homestead Brewery venue sits on fertile plains alongside the Swan River. It’s the latest craft brewery arrival and sets a new benchmark for regional breweries.

Led by award winning head brewer Ron Feruglio and brewed in quality German made Shulz equipment, Homestead offers a truly unique selection of beer and cider styles that compliment the seasons. Designed by JuiceBox.

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Wellington Chocolate Factory specialise in beautiful handcrafted chocolate. They are New Zealand’s original bean to bar chocolate factory, boasting an exciting range of single origin, Fair Trade and organic chocolate.

To reflect WCF’s handmade ethos, a brand was developed featuring a simplistic word-mark and unique illustrations from an array of artists. The word-mark is elegant and timeless yet humble enough to give space to the beauty of these illustrations, which were inspired by the chocolate flavour notes and the cacao origins.

With the constant of the black and white and the limitless opportunity for new illustrations, Wellington Chocolate Factory has the ability to visually grow alongside their ever-expanding flavour range. Pop in and try some today. Designed by Inject Design.


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