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IYA was commissioned to create the brand, packaging and e-commerce store

Working closely with creator, Ankur Shah, IYA developed an exciting brand that epitomises the products uniqueness and sense of fun. The ‘m’ marque became part of the sole of the shoe, as a stand alone device and through the development of the brand, this has become an intrinsic part of the detachable soles.

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In November of 2013, Google UXA hired Pemberton to explore a brand identity for its latest and greatest developer tool, Google Polymer. In a 15 day sprint, Pemberton cast a wide net in order to seek the best possible beginnings for the brand. Through a short yet intense turnaround, Pemberton were able to create a strong variety of marks that enabled Google’s team with many options to consider moving forward.

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With pages and links sporadically added over time, the BHA site had become bloated and difficult to navigate. Starting the build from scratch, Firedog implemented a sense of hierarchy. The navigation bar is now clearly split into five main sections, allowing for a more compartmentalised and rigid structure. Horses, jockeys and trainers now form new sections within the website, which makes it easier to find relevant information.

As horseracing is an outdoors sport, Firedog ensured that information is easily accessible on the move. Firedog built a mobile first website which gives access to information in seconds, as there are no large images. Firedog worked with the BHA development team on creating custom algorithms for search and a brand new API. This ensures that the new site is incredibly intuitive and mobile, as well as featuring integral search.

Spotted via BrandNew.

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Corofin is an artisan family wine company. Working with local Marlborough producers with organic and biodynamic principles, they create single vineyard wines that are a transparent expression of the land and the season. Corofin and the Paterson family are inextricably linked through people and place, an idea expressed through their family crest, handed down through the family’s Irish lineage, which has been further developed into a distinctive engraved element. Designed by Inhouse.

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Waffee is a Melbourne based chain specialising in authentic Belgian waffles and coffee. A Friend of Mine created a logo where the Waffee lettering is incorporated into the waffle griddle iron pattern, to produce a concise, simple marque. To provide warmth and approachability, A Friend of Mine also developed a cheeky racoon character in a series of illustrations depicting a bandit racoon eating, stealing or dreaming about waffles. A Friend of Mine consulted with architects Hecker Guthrie for the Swanston Street store and Foolscap Studio for the Emporium store, and designed signage systems for both fitouts. Packaging features crisp white waffle trays with bronze foiled details and bursts of buttery yellow inside, whilst signage details in-store echo the toasty bronze highlights and minimal modern colour palette.


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