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Biju’s founder saw an opportunity to create a fresher, healthier bubble tea: brewing every tea fresh, using milk not creamer and ditching the artificial additives. His research led to drinks that are (literally) bursting with flavour and far fresher than those of many competitors. ico Design developed a name and identity that capture this freshness, appealing to a more discerning audience yet also acknowledging that it’s a fun experience.

The result, Biju, is now open in Soho. The store’s interior – designed by Gundry and Ducker – echoes the brand seamlessly, creating a bright, open social space. Social media has seen celebrities and bloggers rave about Biju’s teas, driving up traffic at their first location; hopefully just a taste of things to come.

PET_CellarDoor_1980x1322_1-20151215084515PET_CellarDoor_1400x935_1-20151215090455  PET_CellarDoor_1980x1322_3 Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.07.06 am

When Petaluma first looked to build themselves a home in the Adelaide Hills, they wanted to ensure it would be an extension of the brand we were helping to define and develop. Working closely with architects Grieve Gillet, Parallax Design embedded the brand’s personality and aesthetic throughout the building. From the three rammed earth entrance walls (using soils excavated from their Adelaide Hills, Coonawarra and Clare Valley vineyards), to furnishings and finishes, the place just feels like Petaluma — a completely consistent brand experience for the visitor. Recycled riddling racks, bin pallets and bore pipes also feature in the fitout and signage.

italians-biglietti2 italians-biglietti italians-logo2 italians-grembiule

Brand identity for a restaurant in Milan.
The concept: coming back to Italy after a long time spent in the USA. A mix of old and new: the ambient is old-fashioned, the menu has some classics of the italian homemade revisited with a bit of american taste. The logo goes back to the ’30 (years of the big immigration to the USA), with an ancient stamp completing the lettering. Designed by The 6th.

bedow-adisgladis-identity-10bedow-adisgladis-identity-04 bedow-adisgladis-identity-03  bedow-adisgladis-identity-17

February, 2015. Visual identity and communication concept for Adisgladis, a small shop in Stockholm retailing clothing, accessories and gadgets — all products researched for a positive way of living. The assignment includes units such as: logotype, bags, custom typeface, illustrations, packaging, pictograms, signage, stationery, stickers, storefront display & cetera. Designed by Bedow.

WWM_41 WWM_7 WWM_10 WWM_29

Woodland Wine Merchant is a tidy and eclectic wine store in Nashville, Tennessee. They carefully curate wines from artisan producers who practice natural & sustainable methods. The brand identity’s design collides two worlds—nature and the building’s unadorned 1960s modern qualities.

The shop tirelessly hunts and gathers the best value wines in the world, ultimately bringing them back home. Perky Bros design is inspired by this, positioning Tennessee’s red fox as a symbol for the brand. The type is kept stark and utilitarian with subtle quirks referencing gridless mid-century layouts.


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