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Gallery is a three-level restaurant, bar and function space situated in the central business district of Adelaide. Band‘s challenge was to develop an overall identity for the Gallery, as well as an identity for the rooftop bar so it was separated from the high end function areas. Identities were developed which referenced the minimalist, industrial interior and took inspiration from common art gallery elements such as frames, way-finding systems and sold stickers. Seeing an opportunity to create a street presence, neon signage for each level was developed to brand and clearly define each area.


A new Malaysian street eatery created by celebrated chef and restauranteur, Simon Goh, Chinta Kechil translates to ‘little love’. An intimate bar and restaurant, with seating for just 16 people, it harks back to the sights, tastes and sounds of traditional Malaysian street cafes.

Christopher Doyle & Co. created a simple, Malaysian-inspired visual identity, that centres around a bold ‘CK’ monogram, the letters being rotated and reversed to form a bowl and table. Hand painted signage, stamps, textured paper and old newspapers were used across stationery, packaging and menus to add heritage and an authentic, hand made feel.

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The Moth project was one of those rare opportunities to empower the owner and her interior designer by immersing them in the identity design process before a single hammer is swung. The result is a stunning space that provides a seamless communication of brand.

The identity system consists of business cards, postcards, stamps (for bags etc), wrapping paper, swing tags, change-room curtains and signage. Inspiration is drawn from the striking visual representation of a moth derived from the mirrored inkblot images of the Rorschach test. The nature of the Rorschach test is also a comment on the subjective opinion of moths; some see a thing of beauty, others a pest.

The logotype was derived from found lettering, most notably a ‘W’ that was inverted to create an unusual moth-shaped ‘M’. Copper foiling creates a premium feel and echoes the copper window trim on the exterior of the shop. The moth symbol is derived from our’s and the client’s favourite inkblot moth image. Designed by Swear Words.

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Ramblito is a cafe in my town and Cursor Design came up with the name inspired by the famous street Las Ramblas in Barcelona. When Cursor Design was assigned the job Cursor Design tried to do something that would combine both a contemporary and a classic style. Cursor Design applied my skills in a pen illustration . Their inspiration came from Barcelona and the famous Spanish artists.

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