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Yardstick is an institution of coffee, aspiring to increase the knowledge and spread of specialty coffee in the Philippines. This inspired the logo, which resembles the national flag of Philippines, rotated. Rather than having a corporate colour, Acre devised a ‘corporate’ palette where we have the freedom to mix and match, infusing a sense of playfulness mingled with the seriousness of coffee craft.

The project embodies three parts: a cafe, a coffee roastery and a coffee lab. Acre embraced the use of colours selectively, almost clinically, to recreate a playful workshop, in keeping with the philosophy of invoking fun. Key touch points in the space are accented by a playful use of colours. Finally, the use of diffused lights help to eliminate shadows thereby creating an even canvas to communicate a clean and honest space.


Agricola Don Ricardo asked us to design their grapes packaging for the Cadime brand that export premium grapes to the Great Britain and France market. IS Creative Studio made a premium elegant design in white, black and gold featuring a duotone of a sunny harvest day. IS Creative Studio added the phrase “have a sunny day” to give a casual friendly approach to the minimalistic design.

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Cazadores, part of the Bacardi portfolio, was already Mexico’s preferred tequila, but to grow this brand’s appeal beyond its country’s borders, Duffy & Partners evolved the bottle. Duffy & Partners refreshed the rugged sensibility of Cazadores including its iconic deer symbol, and simultaneously revived and leveraged the interest of craft and provenance to satisfy the quest of authenticity for a world-wide audience.


A new paradigm in apps that make life easier. Lack of info, delays, time changes, gate changes, connecting to complete check-in… stressed out secretaries, lost passengers… various, frequent messes that we all know, and have all unfortunately experienced. Pass’n’fly is a new generation app that endeavors to make life easier and save you from all those headaches: it automates check-in and generates your boarding pass from the email account on your Smartphone. You can forget about everything: this app does the work for you. All this is a first base, with more services for travellers coming soon. 

Morillas joined the project to develop the visual identity and entire interface for the application, ensuring a clear, attractive, easy-to-use language for an app designed to save time and headaches.

CBA-Daher-Rebranding-Logo1CBA-Daher-Rebranding-Slideshow02 Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 8.41.49 am CBA-Daher-Rebranding-image4

Founded in 1863, Daher is today one of the French industry jewels, operating in key innovative sectors such as aeronautics, nuclear energy and defence… Despite its global span and a turnover reaching nearly 1 billion euros, the family-owned company has always remained humble and discreet. In 2014, as part of an ambitious strategic plan, it assigned CBA to help reassert its leadership within the competitive set of tier-1 supplier to high-technology industries.

The brand core personality trait is put at the foreground : its capacity to reconcile paradoxes in a unique way (service & industry, intuition & process, know & how, amongst others) enables it to leapfrog the competition on all its activities segments. After this thorough strategic work, CBA defined Daher’s new brand idea, which was so accurate that it was also chosen as the company’s tagline all around the world : Daher, shaping the industrial intelligence. Designed by CBA.


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