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B.B. Boyd is an apparel brand based in the Carolinas and built on timeless aesthetic and tradition. B.B. Boyd provides quality American-made craftsmanship and sources all materials from within the United States. Bluerock Design Co‘s collaboration defined the brand with a focused and cohesive design program. The brand identity utilizes a sophisticated typographic system, refined color palette and unique symbol. The symbol is bold yet abstract, alluding to a geometric boat hull coming towards the viewer, and two mirrored uppercase B’s. The project includes brand identity, stationery system, apparel packaging, print collateral and responsive website design and development.Bluerock Design Co photographed and directed lifestyle campaigns while on-location in South Carolina and New England. Additional images from the photoshoots can be viewed here. Take a look at the B.B. Boyd website to learn more about the company and their excellent products.

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Clutch Bodyshop are an inspirational brand founded in 2005 by elite fitness and nutrition expert Ashley Conrad. They specialise in fitness and nutrition programs as well as providing a portfolio of supporting supplements.

Clutch Bodyshop comissioned Socio alongside their in-house team to contribute some ideas for their new range of supplements. The new packs were designed to reflect the quality and science behind the supplements, positioning Clutch as a premium player in sports nutrition and fitness. The final design combined a minimal typographic aesthetic and simplistic colour palette to create a distinctive pack design that communicated the purity of ingredients within the range. Unfortunately our concepts were not taken forward into production.

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IYA was commissioned to create the brand, packaging and e-commerce store

Working closely with creator, Ankur Shah, IYA developed an exciting brand that epitomises the products uniqueness and sense of fun. The ‘m’ marque became part of the sole of the shoe, as a stand alone device and through the development of the brand, this has become an intrinsic part of the detachable soles.

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A wink may be a quick, but it can mean a lot. When someone gives you one, it’s for you and no one else. The clean freaks at Wink Laser and Wax Studio believe that hair removal should always be just a wink away – fast, easy, and personal. Leave it to them to make you happy, whoever you are and whatever you’re looking for.

Because Wink wants to change how people look at the hair removal business, we ditched the flowers and the sexy women early in the branding process.

Instead, Wink’s look is defined by subtle shades of grey, blue, yellow, and orange in a clean but whimsical illustration style. The logo is an I with asterisk. Wink, wink!

Designed by Vgrafiks.

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Koodoo is a new fast casual pizza and wok restaurant recently opened in Belgorod.

Koodoo – a small and cozy place, with an unusual combination of pizza and wok menu and open kitchen, where visitors can watch them cooking. Koodoo main priority is quality and fast delivery, which allows you to bring the pizza and wok to the buyer at its best, without loss of palatability. Therefore, as the main image of the brand, it was decided to use the Koodoo antelope, one of the fastest animals in the world. Koodoo and his team are in constant motion, moving to a variety of modes of transport, always deliver the food on time. Handmade and playful character graphics corporate identity is designed to support the overall concept of the brand, creating a sense of movement. Designed by Piece of Cake.

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This project was developed from the very  beginning, even from within the product, a very unique ice cream: a shaved taiwanese style ice cream (but made with italian gelato), and with a texture somewhere between sorbet and ice cream.

There was a certain level of complexity for two reasons: first, this type of ice is unknown in Europe, implying a teaching job to overcome initial logic distrust. On the other hand, from the aesthetic criteria about local food, this ice cream is not very attractive, but rather ugly: an amorphous mass of ice cream with lots of sauces and toppings falling above and the sides. Marion Dönneweg + Merche Alcalá decided to make a virtue of it by creating a creative strategy around this.Marion Dönneweg + Merche Alcalá worked up the product working closely with the client (Joad López and Federico Mendoza), that had at all times a receptive and constructive attitude. Firstly we changed the taiwanese raw material by italian and started a “deconstruction”, separating the ice cream and toppings. As key creative twist,Marion Dönneweg + Merche Alcalá put two sugar eyes on the top of this ice cream mountain, making it a character-monster that looks you in the eyes and immediately gives it life and personality. The effect you get with a some simple eyes is just amazing.



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