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Woodland Wine Merchant is a tidy and eclectic wine store in Nashville, Tennessee. They carefully curate wines from artisan producers who practice natural & sustainable methods. The brand identity’s design collides two worlds—nature and the building’s unadorned 1960s modern qualities.

The shop tirelessly hunts and gathers the best value wines in the world, ultimately bringing them back home. Perky Bros design is inspired by this, positioning Tennessee’s red fox as a symbol for the brand. The type is kept stark and utilitarian with subtle quirks referencing gridless mid-century layouts.

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Bliss Health is a brand of all-natural cleansing and detoxifying juices that use only organic ingredients and are formulated in a custom step-by-step program for each individual customer. Anagrama design proposal draws inspiration from vintage pharmaceutical labels, using a clear and simple visual language that allows the products’ purity and vivid colors to stand out. The use of silver in the logo and packaging is a nod towards Bliss Health’s method of cold pressing all of their juices, which is the best way to maintain all their ingredients and nutrients as intact and fresh as possible.
In order for the consumer to easily follow the step-by-step program, Anagrama designed a not only beautiful, but functional and very easy system using the brand’s dots as numerical visual references. For example, the first bottle in the program is missing one black dot, the second is missing two, the third is missing three, and so on. This way, the customer can easily keep track of his custom detoxifying program thanks to the lively appearance of the juice’s colors in the label.

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Combining passion, ingenuity and winemaking know-how, Léon Courville Vigneron produces an international-calibre wine on Quebec soil, one bottle at a time. The new identity reflects the history of the vineyard and the tradition the product issues from, notably through the creation of a crest that celebrates the Courville family and its passion for wine. Since Mr. Courville was an important collector of corkscrews, the appropriation of this symbol was only natural and was adapted to the labels of the different lines of wine.

The sober, distinguished identity affirms the Quebec wine’s noble pedigree. Designed by lg2 boutique.

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Bouch Burger Bistro was created with the intent of perfecting the burger. Each burger has been carefully crafted to provide a unique and thoroughly enjoyable flavor. The burger is created from the ground up, which means the bread, sauces and spices are made in-house to guarantee quality.

The concept is inspired by small specialty butcher shops, where products are hand-picked to ensure the finest and freshest selection for their clients. It was important for the brand to represent quality products, with a certain charm and friendliness. The packaging and branding was designed having in mind that it had to be practical for transport (for delivery and pick-up), easy to use, and cost-effective. Measures were taken to optimize material, as well as intelligent use of tints & finishes to reduce costs to a minimal, and maintain presentation to a maximum. Designed by Firmalt.

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Inspired by graphic illustrations of the gut, the identity is designed to work a broad range of applications for a wide scale of audiences, with an architecture of sub brands that reflect the 3 main activities that UEG undertakes.

Felt have developed a range of printed items with UEG including their Journal (published by Sage), Education course adverts, stationery, a History brochure celebrating 20 years of the society and the guide to UEG Week.

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Being one of the world’s leading technology companies, it is imperative to keep and attract the most talented employees. Knowing where your career path can take you is vital to anyone’s success. Panasonic approached us to design their new career development programme. Working with their structural content that was informative and detailed, Spy created a name that would engage everyones’ aspirations – Boost.

Using Boost as the visual hook we created a marque that contained numerous lines like pathways that could be cropped and scaled in a dynamic way. This was paired with some bespoke icons, fresh colour palette and elegant fonts. The applications included updatable forms, introduction packs, posters, intranet pages and internal signage graphics.


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