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Located in Winn Lane Fortitude Valley Ben’s Burgers is inspired by the notion of doing one thing really well. In their pursuit of mastering a specific skill set, and subsequently mastering their product, Ben’s Burgers seek to keep the output simple and the objective clear. The Japanese know this practice as ‘kyūmei suru’. The menu is limited and alterations are discouraged but the burgers are second to none.

Standing By Company where engaged to create the identity, marketing collateral, menu, packaging, environment applications and advise on process and workflow.

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DIA were approached by non-profit organization Speak Up Africa to help them rebrand. While they wanted to stay close to their African roots we also wanted to give them a contemporary look and feel. The logo mark nods to speech and sound with the use of wave forms while being contained within the iconic shape of the African continent.

Speak Up Africa is a creative health communications and advocacy organization dedicated to catalyzing African leadership, enabling policy change, securing resources, and inspiring individual action for the most pressing issue affecting Africa’s future: public health.

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Cornershop is an award-winning brand design boutique located in Adelaide, Australia. They create brands that tell a unique story and help their clients grow; and they deliver them with old-fashioned service. “We love the value that a corner shop had in our community,” says Damian Hamilton, Brand Keeper & Designer at Cornershop. “We believe in and represent old-fashioned values, such as listening and providing tailored advice. We are welcoming, helpful, trustworthy, knowledgeable and we get to know our clients individual needs/attributes intimately. Ultimately, we are brand keepers. We build long term relationships with our clients to ensure their brand story is clearly and consistently told.”
Cornershop’s business cards are the highlight of their identity. The design solutions and quality of service that they deliver, are reflected in the attention to detail. The neon inspired logo represents a modern studio providing innovative design solutions. The historically inspired portrait photography expresses traditional values. All other details including the gold foiling and edging, uncoated card stock, typography and copywriting, add value and communicate their unique story.



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