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Each Lana Dansky toy is made with love, delicate taste and incredible attention to detail. The main and only care recommendation for the product — it must be loved. Author toys of Lana Dansky is a world where is always a place for the strange, beautiful and touching. In the process of brand creation Alexey Malina Studio tried to be very gentle in order not to disturb the General perception of this unusual world and create branding that would have emphasized the identity of the main characters. During the work a tagline “Handmade Toys” appeared and it has become an integral part of the style.

gripoix_logo gripoix_logo 03_gripoix 10_gripoix

Gripoix is a French jewellery manufacturer with a long history going back to the Art Nouveau period. Mind Design were honored to redesign their identity and turn Gripoix into a brand of its own. In their traditional manufacturing process molten glass is poured into a thin linear framework. Mind Design‘s design relates to this process and features a complex pattern of ‘drop’ shapes whereby some counters are filled in with colour. Beside the new logo Mind Design designed all print communications, packaging and a new website.

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A pop-up café and venue exploring Scotland’s relationship with the North Atlantic slave trade through coffee, sugar, tea, cotton, music, visual art, poetry, debate, workshops, historical walks, film and literature. The ship-like identity references typographic influences, linking the artistic programme and poetry anthology with contributors gathered from across the Commonwealth. All served up with tea and cake. Designed by Graphical House.

the-open-creds-v3-04 the-open-flag-jpeg the-open-creds-v215 the-open-creds-v217

Golf’s oldest major has undergone a complete rebrand across all media, with everything about The Open championship rebuilt from the ground up. Designwerk created the new identity, which portrays the championship in a contemporary, progressive, and dynamic manner, helping to build a consistent image around the world. The brand platform includes a new identity, brand guidelines and graphic language, special photography, key visuals, new custom typeface, event graphics, print and marketing collateral, online communications, CGI version of the trophy, plus a special digital brand book App with animations and movies. Working with strategic consultants Teamup, the new identity for The Open championship will roll out in the run up to the next event at St. Andrews in July.

freshmax-shopping-bag-web freshmax-boxes-web freshmax-kiwiberries-closeup-web freshmax-raspberries-overhead-web

Freshmax, one the largest fresh produce companies in the Pan-Pacific region wanted to create an brand they could use across their berry fruit portfolio. The idea for Munch’n was driven by perfect little fruit mouthfuls that you just can’t stop popping. The range will potentially grow to include Kiwiberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Cherries, Tomato Berries etc. One of the big challenges with fresh produce is getting the balance right between branding and product visibility.

Fresh produce is an involved/tactile purchase, with consumers taking time to ensure quality & freshness. With the limited amount of retail area on the smaller punnets we knew our design had to be very simple, bold & cute. Fresh produce is definitely an exciting category with so much more investment going into brand’s & products than ever before. Designed by Tried & True.


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