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What happens when a company’s name no longer covers the breadth of their work?
Local non-profit AccountAbility Minnesota came to us to help rebrand their organization after many successful years providing high quality free tax preparation and financial services to individuals and families of limited means.

Their many passionate and savvy volunteers and staff had begun pursuing a broader focus: “improving the overall financial well-being and futures of low- and moderate-income families.” They wanted their branding to clearly reflect their expanded vision while making sense to the many customers and volunteers who prepare taxes.

To find the right balance, Zeus Jones worked to understand everything we could about the nonprofit. Through work sessions, moodboarding workshops and interviews with customers, we landed on a new name and branding that felt right for the organization. In the meantime,Zeus Jones had the pleasure of working with some of the nicest and brightest people in town.

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Doherty Design Studio is a renowned Melbourne interior design firm led by Mardi Doherty (formerly of Doherty Lynch). To celebrate this exciting business launch, AFOM were asked to rebrand the company to reflect Mardi’s tastes which include the unexpected, and ideas with humour and tactility. The brand identity revolves around shapes which playfully suggest the idea of three dimensionality, alluding to their work as interior designers working with ‘interior spaces’. Custom lettering featuring tilted details was drawn to match the angles of the shapes.

Six_Depot_Logo21 SixDepot_1 SixDepot_5 SixDepot_9

No. Six Depot is a family owned, small-batch coffee roaster and café nested in the beautiful Berkshires. Located in a historic train station on 6 Depot St, they serve teas, salts and coffee from small farms and roast on location. Their identity juxtaposes a mix of unique rural and modern elements — drawing inspiration from their own backyard railroad and unique approach to keeping it simple and making it true. Designed by Perky Bros.

Photography: Jennifer May


Rebellion Brewing engaged Studio Round to redevelop the identity and packaging of its leading gluten free beer product, O’Brien.

The desire was to reposition the beer away from being positioned solely on its gluten-free functional benefit (“forced choice”) and to become a first choice (“my beer”) for both celiac-sufferors and also the general craft beer market. To support this new positioning the intention was to dial up the craft beer story in order to move away from the dull, mainstream beers, and create a new, more aspirational brand image for the product.

The design response needed to feel more crafted and aspirational, but it was also important not to position it too far into the boutique beer market as it could alienate their existing customer base. Designed by Round.

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The Cut won a tender to design a new corporate identity for this central government agency. The brief was challenging, requiring a concept that worked on three levels and for three market segments. The deadline was no walk in the park either.

The Cut‘s solution was the ‘LInks’ concept. Inspired by the client brief and language that the client team used to describe the department – a group of people able to work individually, in small groups and large teams to achieve common goals and deliver projects that benefit all of Western Australia.

Loved by the client team, the concept shown here was applied to internal and external communications including reports, posters, recruitment advertising and the department’s website. A comprehensive 60 page Style Guide was also created to make it easy for Treasury’s internal team to apply the concept to their brand.


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