An environmentally conscious proposal for new fish packaging as part of ICON Magazine’s ‘rethink’ feature. Thirty-two per cent of the world’s fish are overfished, depleting, or recovering from depletion. If this continues, S-T are going to run out of fish in the next 50 years. So when ICON asked S-T to rethink something that we thought could be improved, they decided to focus on this issue. S-T created fish packaging labels with clear, detailed information on how fish was sourced – information that’s readily available online, but not immediately obvious on packaging. S-T also used a colour-coding system to provide further clarity and shelf presence. S-T‘s design promotes sustainably sourced fish, helping consumers make more informed choices, in turn driving down the unsustainable fishing trade.

5-BI_sc_Finchtail_09 7-BI_sc_Finchtail_07 1-BI_sc_Finchtail_006-BI_sc_Finchtail_08

Finchtail is a new company dedicated to (simple useful) things. Their first product is a cardboard tablet stand. Cheap to buy and sustainably made — in stark contrast to the sleek glass and metal technology that it’s designed to support. Believe In sought to explore this juxtaposition through the careful interplay of language, design, print and materials.

Every aspect of the brand experience reflects the strategy, and everything is delivered with precision and purpose. The marque is inspired by the tablet stand itself, while also connecting to ideas of travel, adventure and social living. Packaging is deliberately limited to black and white inks, while bright orange stock (inspired by the Finch’s plumage) plays beautifully with the neutrality of the kraft board, leveraging distinctiveness and colour association. Language stays focused on being informative and helpful, while always conveying a sense of humanity.

In addition to the brand and packaging, Believe In also created the marketing materials, including a (simple useful) website and launch video. Finchtail attracted immediate interest from a global travel company, plus a listing in the Design Museum’s shop (with an initial order that sold out in days).

StudioSmall-MH_Large-14-1396x931 StudioSmall-MH_Large-111-1396x931 StudioSmall-MH_Large-2-1396x931StudioSmall-Margaret_Howell_Large-1-1396x931

Margaret Howell has been designing understated, beautifully made clothing since 1970. StudioSmall have worked with the business for 10 years on both the main Margaret Howell brand, and its workwear-inspired MHL brand. From seasonal show invites to store packaging requirements across the globe, StudioSmall‘s work reinforces Margaret’s aesthetic for beautiful things made simply with the highest possible quality and provenance. StudioSmall‘s collaboration is based on the belief that our role is to listen and communicate the client’s philosophy and personality.


Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.08.28 amScreen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.09.03 amemerald_nuts_typeface_with_nuts emerald_nuts_lineup

First sold in 2004, Emerald Nuts is a line of nut snacks offering almonds, cashews, pecans, and walnuts in a variety of presentations and flavorings — from trail mixes to cocoa roasted almonds to sweet and salty mixes. Produced by parent company Diamond Foods, Emerald Nuts hit a period of growth in 2007, in part thanks to its Superbowl adfeaturing a mischievous Robert Goulet and is now sold nationwide at major retailers like Target and Walmart. With the recent introduction of resealable bag packaging, Emerald Nuts adopted a new logo and identity designed by Seattle, WA-based GIRVIN.

All images sourced from Jonathan Bell, who worked on the project at GIRVIN.

Spotted via Brand New.

IMG_78512TE_2256x1504_01 TE_2256x1504_02 IMG_7821

Toby’s Estate is a brand whose per­cep­tion doesn’t live up to its real­ity. Argu­ably the pion­eer of good cof­fee in Aus­tralia, the brand has slowly dimin­ished in the eyes of dis­cern­ing cof­fee drink­ers due to its pro­lif­er­a­tion through­out cafes around Aus­tralia and the emer­gence of smal­ler ‘on trend’ cof­fee roasters. Maud embarked on a jour­ney with Toby’s Estate, begin­ning with brand strategy, the devel­op­ment of a big brand idea and the redesign of their visual iden­tity and packaging.

Untold Stor­ies’ is the plat­form from which our design is based. At the core of the idea Maud is seed­ing the myth that you can buy a cof­fee for a good story, bring­ing to life that stor­ies are the ‘true explorers currency’.


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