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Smart Master is a clothing company that specializes in men’s wear. Its founder, having over 30 years of experience immersed in the tailoring industry, was looking for a clear direction to take the brand to the next level.
The brand was redesigned to bring back focus onto men’s wear, where the project starts with the idea that a man’s suit is a weapon that expresses his character and confidence. Using distinguishing elements from a gentleman’s wardrobe to reflect a classy elegance, the new image brought about a series of restructuring exercises to elevate the brand to a new benchmark of quality.
Store by store, each outlet underwent structural changes both internally and aesthetically to match its course, inspiring a fresh perspective on the brand that emanates sophistication. Designed by Shine Visual Lab.

rawganique-peltan-brosz-identity-15 rawganique-peltan-brosz-identity-161 rawganique-peltan-brosz-identity-20rawganique-peltan-brosz-identity-06

Rawganique founded by Thammarath Jamikorn & Klaus Wallner in 1997 is a handcrafted products manufacturer that is based on Denman Island in Canada’s Strait of Georgia. They are chemical-free and sweatshop-free. Made in-house for end-to-end purity and founded by off-the-grid island homesteaders.

Peltan-Brosz were comisioned to create their new visual identity. Peltan-Brosz made a sistem that is strict with its logo and font. But like nature itself from where the firm has its most inspiration the identity had to be more opened and closer. That is why in order that the identity is one in every way and reflects the new lifestyle that the firm proclaims we thought of using something personal like handwriting. In handwriting we saw the presence of the personal touch to each product, it gives the impression of a custom made material, it breaks away from commerce and convetional and it is modern. So Peltan-Brosz devised a custom typeface for Rawganique, that due to modern printing techique we could create more verions of written words on labels. In this way almost all labels differ form one another, because every label set on the offset printing sheet is defferent from one another in terms of typeface and pattern crop to.

sk_prints1sk_screens_2 sk_prints4  sk_logo_sketch_2

Skellefteå Kraft is the fifth largest electricity producer in Sweden and wholly owned by Skellefteå Municipality. With more than a 100 years in the business, they have the most sustainable energy production in Sweden as well as the most satisfied customers (survey 2014).

Bold‘s brief was to create a new visual identity that better reflects the company they are. The identity should help them stand out from the competition and generate interest in a market with low engagement. As a market challenger, Skellefteå Kraft also needed to be distinctly different from the established, more traditional power giants. Electricity is uninteresting. That’s at least what most people say. And studies seem to say the same thing. So to generate interest we chose to focus on what electricity creates – energy!

One of the cornerstones in the new visual identity is the new logotype, which combines the letters S, and K. ’S’ represents a stable foundation and ’K’ represents energy. The ’K’s outward direction forms a layout system where energy can be visualised in different ways. The new typeface, colour palette, layout system and all new graphic elements such as icons, illustrations and patterns are all designed to be differentiating and full of energy.

RUB_-Tin_1 RUB_Packet_3-20150802202149 RUB_Packet_2-20150802201850 RUB_Packet_1-20150802201911

Rubyspice is a new spice brand set up by food and spice queen, Jackie Singh. The logo developed for Rubyspice depicts a precious ruby stone, disguised as a pineapple. The pineapple holds a special place in the history of the early spice trade. Throughout the tropics, pineapples were used as a greeting. When the early spice traders took the fruit back to Europe, they were treated as symbols of wealth and luxury. A bespoke pineapple wallpaper pattern was also developed for use on packaging and interiors. Designed by Parallax.

CroppedImage1152728-01-affinity CroppedImage1152728-04-affinity CroppedImage1152728-09-affinityScreen Shot 2015-08-27 at 2.36.47 pm

Zebra created the visual identity for Singapore-based brand consultants Affinity. Affinity specialise in brand strategy and ethical brand management. They also apply their brand thinking through pro bono work.

The two letter f’s within the logotype face each other to visually represent the affinity between two separate partners, coming together to achieve a greater good collaboratively. Imagery of twins helps further represent the idea of a close affinity between two parties. One twin represents Affinity’s client and the other represents the client’s target audience.


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