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The Brand Strategy round set up a solid concepting round, where the design team honed in on “flags” as a solid direction. New nations rally behind their flag, the visual representation of their independence, a unifier of many, and the hard-fought result of revolution. The concept carries well for Assembly, a revolutionary platform that rejects the company and uplifts the creating power of individuals who come together. Exploring signal flags led Focus Lab into the world of naval signals and into morse code. Focus Lab fleshed out a look that combines code with banner-flags. The result was colorful, interesting, and highly unique. The new brand experience captured Assembly’s essence of people and idea sharing. Focus Lab carried that forth across strong, clean UI and UX.

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Visual identity system for London based Fraher Architects. Our concept is based on the visual language of architecture. The logo is based on the plan view of the letter F. The intersecting compartments or rooms create a simple graphic device for containing text, images and texture. A vibrant red accent colour supports the minimal yet functional aesthetic. Applications include: suite of stationery, website, internal documents and presentation materials. Website launching shortly. Designed by Freytag Anderson.

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Developer and eco-tourism stalwart Simon Current has pursued his vision for Pumphouse Point for nearly twenty years. A bold and ambitious dream will be realised when Pumphouse Point welcomes its first guests in early 2015.

Working to a clear brief on how he wanted guests to interact with and become immersed in their surroundings, SouthSouthWest were engaged to build a brand strategy and identity which was then executed across all aspects of the guest experience.

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February, 2015. Visual identity and communication concept for Adisgladis, a small shop in Stockholm retailing clothing, accessories and gadgets — all products researched for a positive way of living. The assignment includes units such as: logotype, bags, custom typeface, illustrations, packaging, pictograms, signage, stationery, stickers, storefront display & cetera. Designed by Bedow.

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Multi Adaptor took the P as our starting point, using the angle of the tip to create an ownable graphic device — the PayPoint pointer. We used this across the identity system in a variety of ways: to house messaging, create illustrations or frame content. Multi Adaptor developed tone of voice and messaging to reinforce the brand’s strapline and a flexible design language that could adapt depending on whether the brand was talking to consumers or businesses.

Brand development, tone of voice, messaging, consumer and B2B website, brand video, business stationery and collateral.


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