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Demarest is a unique film and television production company that also invests in technologies that create and deliver premium content across all mediums. They wanted to remove the “films” from their name and redesign their brand identity to better reflect their innovative business model. The name Demarest means “of the swamp” in french, which TRÜF Creative used to evoke a mysterious place where great ideas are born. The mark is composed of bisected circles that echo the letter “D”, creating an innovative wave pattern that’s full of motion and energy reminiscent of light refracting on dark water or ideas coming to life.

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Finchtail is a new company dedicated to (simple useful) things. Their first product is a cardboard tablet stand. Cheap to buy and sustainably made — in stark contrast to the sleek glass and metal technology that it’s designed to support. Believe In sought to explore this juxtaposition through the careful interplay of language, design, print and materials.

Every aspect of the brand experience reflects the strategy, and everything is delivered with precision and purpose. The marque is inspired by the tablet stand itself, while also connecting to ideas of travel, adventure and social living. Packaging is deliberately limited to black and white inks, while bright orange stock (inspired by the Finch’s plumage) plays beautifully with the neutrality of the kraft board, leveraging distinctiveness and colour association. Language stays focused on being informative and helpful, while always conveying a sense of humanity.

In addition to the brand and packaging, Believe In also created the marketing materials, including a (simple useful) website and launch video. Finchtail attracted immediate interest from a global travel company, plus a listing in the Design Museum’s shop (with an initial order that sold out in days).

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Margaret Howell has been designing understated, beautifully made clothing since 1970. StudioSmall have worked with the business for 10 years on both the main Margaret Howell brand, and its workwear-inspired MHL brand. From seasonal show invites to store packaging requirements across the globe, StudioSmall‘s work reinforces Margaret’s aesthetic for beautiful things made simply with the highest possible quality and provenance. StudioSmall‘s collaboration is based on the belief that our role is to listen and communicate the client’s philosophy and personality.


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Launched into the UK juicing market, two years ago, in that short time they have seen great success, rising from a small, exclusively online cleanse programme provider to become one of the the most popular and recommended functional juice and detox brands in London and the south of England. However as Purearth has grown, so has the competition. The Purearth founders knew they needed to review their brand strategy and execution in order to strengthen their presence and distinction, take their story to a wider audience and deliver a brand that matched their ambitions. That’s where we came in!

The first step was developing a compelling brand idea that captured their point of difference. The next, a creative concept that had the power to transition all the brand’s touch points and comms channels. One with the cut-through and emotion to engage a new audience. The new identity elevates their bottle tags from a functional packaging feature to a core brand asset. The tag becoming the vehicle to deliver the creative hook- the juices as a ‘gift from the earth’.

The tag and its loving messages to its recipient forms the central branding concept- speaking to the customer on shelf and engaging cleanse clients during their personal programmes. It becomes the canvas for communications and promotions too. Limited editions for events and partners play with the visual language of the tag, becoming a ‘designer label’ for London Fashion Week shows or a ‘VIP badge’ for festival partnerships. It also become a physical ‘hash tag’ to roll out across social media  highlighting their super food ingredients and benefits. The whole concept is designed to cause maximum disruption and engagement. Driving affinity and advocacy with loyalists and also introducing the benefits of their super juices to the uninitiated. The redesign has helped secure new distribution, listings and investment and has given the business a new voice in the market place. Designed by Afterhours.

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The International Literacy Association came to Ideon to establish literacy as an urgent global cause, elevate ILA’s brand and solve for literacy around the world.

The International Reading Association wanted literacy to become recognized as an urgent global challenge—and to use literacy to power 21st Century economies and transform lives, especially those 800 million people who aren’t able to read and learn. That’s why while IRA was already doing noble work and renaming itself the International Literacy Organization, Ideon identified gems to reposition the organization as a powerful global thought leader and champion for literacy, carrying this message across the total brand expression. Our work reflected ILA’s global commitment to a new theme, to “Make This the Age of Literacy,” with a redesigned logo in a bold font and warm yellow color evocative of a new dawn. Ideon combined modern design sensibility balanced with ILA’s brand attributes, creating a nimble social campaign named “Light Up a Mind” and a cause website that launched March 30, 2014.


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