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Golf’s oldest major has undergone a complete rebrand across all media, with everything about The Open championship rebuilt from the ground up. Designwerk created the new identity, which portrays the championship in a contemporary, progressive, and dynamic manner, helping to build a consistent image around the world. The brand platform includes a new identity, brand guidelines and graphic language, special photography, key visuals, new custom typeface, event graphics, print and marketing collateral, online communications, CGI version of the trophy, plus a special digital brand book App with animations and movies. Working with strategic consultants Teamup, the new identity for The Open championship will roll out in the run up to the next event at St. Andrews in July.

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Australand was well respected within industry circles as one of the most successful diversified property groups in Australia, but their public profile didn’t match their industry status.

Designworks were tasked with creating a new brand marketing strategy for the main corporate brand as well as the individual residential, commercial and industrial projects the company delivers. The first step was to define a clear central purpose for the organisation that would bring a multidisciplinary, multi-state operation together behind a simple unified objective. This central idea then became the primary driver of all brand activity across the corporate and project brands. The approach was designed to significantly increase the market presence of Australand, whilst dramatically simplifying the sales process and improving the efficiency of marketing spend across the group.

Post GFC, the property sector is a tough market and a new approach to marketing projects was needed by the business to stand out from the competition and remain relevant to customers in a very different economic environment. Australand’s focus on understanding the needs of customers and the market has been a key factor in the continuing success of the business. The company has built an enviable reputation for delivering on its promises and the brand now sits at the very heart of this high performance business.

The new brand was launched nationally in March 2011, with the majority of major projects and brand activity being aligned with the new brand system from the first week of launch. A huge undertaking and a huge achievement for both Australand and Designworks.

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One Eighty is a new residential development in Stratford, East London. It’s owned by Longharbour, an asset management firm and designed for people who choose to rent for the flexibility and freedom it brings to their lives. One Eighty offers its residents a suite of services that includes cold storage for food deliveries, dry cleaning and apartment cleaning, a residents’ cinema room with golf simulator, and private function room for parties.

Initially asked to create the name, branding and website, Fivefootsix‘s role grew to encompass interior design, apartment styling, wayfinding, and everything in-between. More 360 than 180.


Dirty Blonde, a fusion of prohibition inspired speakeasy glamour and early C20th decadence, is the new flagship brand from the revered Eclectic Bars PLC.Once established, the flambuoyant identity, bespoke monogram and custom pattern were then applied to a range of items in preparation for the launch. In addition to the design of invites, menu suite and responsive website, Salad also provided copywriting, photography and art direction services to ensure strong, consistent messaging across all materials.

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Innovating in the telco business isn’t easy, that’s why so few companies dare to try. You need to be a different breed and a different sort of company; small, nimble and with big aspirations. Tuenti is just one of these kind of organisations. Founded in Spain in 2006 by a group of young and visionary entrepreneurs, the digital and technology company Tuenti was born as a successful social network and quickly attracted 15 million users. Seduced by its success, global telecom giant Telefónica acquired Tuenti and helped it to evolve into a technology focused mobile phone network.

Tuenti developed various innovative services to help costumers get rid of astronomical roaming bills, as well as allow them to enjoy device agnostic communication if and when they wanted to. Whereas low cost operators have a price and data battle in an over saturated market, Tuenti’s engineers bet on developing technological solutions able to shape the future of telecommunications. Designed by Saffron.


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