Aesthetic Invention is the personal portfolio of entrepreneur/inventor Glen Liberman, founder of Kinekt Design. A video of Kinekt Design’s iconic gear ring has generated over 10 million (and counting) YouTube views – a genuine small business viral sensation.

After his smash success with the Kinekt gear ring, entrepreneur/inventor Glen approached Shellshock to design a portfolio site to showcase the full breadth of his work. This body of work was called Aesthetic Invention.

Over the course of a year, Shellshock worked closely with Glen to conceive a visual identity that expressed his skillset and personality. Shellshock designed an identity that played on the concepts of construction and creation within the name, Aesthetic Invention.

In phase one of the website design, Shellshock focused on highlighting the individual behind the inventions. In phase two, Shellshock enhanced this approach by making the inventions themselves the core focus of the site.

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Biju’s founder saw an opportunity to create a fresher, healthier bubble tea: brewing every tea fresh, using milk not creamer and ditching the artificial additives. His research led to drinks that are (literally) bursting with flavour and far fresher than those of many competitors. ico Design developed a name and identity that capture this freshness, appealing to a more discerning audience yet also acknowledging that it’s a fun experience.

The result, Biju, is now open in Soho. The store’s interior – designed by Gundry and Ducker – echoes the brand seamlessly, creating a bright, open social space. Social media has seen celebrities and bloggers rave about Biju’s teas, driving up traffic at their first location; hopefully just a taste of things to come.

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Accel-KKR bought European Episerver and American Ektron in December 2014. After the merging of the two companies there was a need for a new brand, one that could represent the future ahead.

Essen International partnered with the new global organization in the creation of the new brand, EPI. Our common ambition was to create a tech-brand with a purpose far beyond the clichés of its industry. Essen International repositioned EPI as an ambassador of ‘people-first technology’ and built an identity that is as people-focused as it is progressive. Essen International then helped to launch the new brand in both Stockholm and Las Vegas.

The new brand was well received by the organization, its partners and customers. It is a brand to lead the industry by empowering its users, us. A brand that enables us to instantly realize our ideas.

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Working with the Avalia Immunotherapies team Wink developed a strategy, a brand story and then its brand identity for global presence. At its core the essence of the brand is Science Amplified. Avalia’s technology is like no other immunotherapy in the world. It was critical for them to stand out to counter the competition and the negativity around what immunotherapy was and actually is in the eyes of Avalia. As a brand they only develop immunotherapies backed by the best research institutes, scientists and commercial partners with a focus on in-depth pre-clinical development. The brandmark and visual language not only expresses the perspective Avalia has to develop its immunotherapies but also represents its ambition to reach more people with serious unmet medical needs in cancer, infectious disease and allergies worldwide. The new brand has to appeal to a broad audience from pharmas, investors, researchers and clinicians – each being a crucial factor in the development of its products and building credibility.

so9-72dpi_miniScreen Shot 2015-11-04 at 3.00.59 pm2 SO9_0000s_0003_Website

So 9, which translates to ‘Number 9’, is the lucky number in Vietnamese culture. Situated in Waterloo, Sydney, So 9 restaurant serves up authentic Vietnamese street food in a refined, minimal and contemporary setting. The brief was to design a brand and store that was an homage to the client’s own Vietnamese roots as well as their Australian upbringing. The restaurant melds together traditional street food cues with a pared back interior inspired by the client’s love of fashion and Scandinavian design.

The interior has been designed around the preparation of the cuisine, with cooking stations for different traditional menu items, bringing the diner into the cooking experience. Detailed joinery creates implied boundaries providing intimacy whilst keeping the space open and a variety of seating styles allow for multiple dining experiences. Subtle references to Vietnamese style is made through forms and materials, however the interior presents a new environment to experience this artisan food.

BrandWorks engaged illustrator Beth-Emily to create several pieces of art for both the interiors and the menu. Beth-Emily’s quiet, spacious and reflective style speaks to the concept of families, journeys and collective memory we wanted to highlight in this project. This is also reflected in the carefully crafted type which features custom built diacritic accents.


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