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Founded in 1863, Daher is today one of the French industry jewels, operating in key innovative sectors such as aeronautics, nuclear energy and defence… Despite its global span and a turnover reaching nearly 1 billion euros, the family-owned company has always remained humble and discreet. In 2014, as part of an ambitious strategic plan, it assigned CBA to help reassert its leadership within the competitive set of tier-1 supplier to high-technology industries.

The brand core personality trait is put at the foreground : its capacity to reconcile paradoxes in a unique way (service & industry, intuition & process, know & how, amongst others) enables it to leapfrog the competition on all its activities segments. After this thorough strategic work, CBA defined Daher’s new brand idea, which was so accurate that it was also chosen as the company’s tagline all around the world : Daher, shaping the industrial intelligence. Designed by CBA.

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Many foundations publish an annual report, touting their achievements of the year with glossy photos. In 2014, the Ford Foundation tried something different. Under the guidance of new president Darren Walker, the Foundation convened the inaugural Ford Forum. The goal of the Forum was to consider the health of the entire global market system, and find ways to improve prosperity everywhere. A diverse panel of experts were asked: “Where markets lead, will justice follow?”

The Ford Foundation has always grappled with a perceived dichotomy between capitalism and social justice. It has lived at the very heart of corporate America since 1936 – the Ford family, are the literal gods of capitalism in Aldous Huxley’s satire Brave New World. But despite its establishment origins, the Ford Foundation has always seen the flaws in the system, and endeavored to promote compassion among suits. In a typical move, hugely influential but little known, the Foundation helped launch the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Grameen Bank.

Hyperakt were proud to help the Ford Foundation facilitate this next great debate across the divide of human rights and the market. Hyperakt worked closely with communications leadership to develop a clear content strategy, which in turn informed the structure and design of the new Ford Forum site. The information architecture allows the substance of the report to shine through – a conversation by experts convened by the Ford Foundation. We were challenged to create a visual language that would reflect the complexities of the topics covered. Our answer was to commission illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Edel Rodriguez, extending the Ford Foundation brand bringing the conversation to life.

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Nine Sixty worked closely with Integrated Change to develop a website and brand identity. The brief was to keep the site simple and attractive, with a focus on converting new business.

The core aim of the website is to promote the digital services offered by Integrated Change to the healthcare industry. The colour schemes make the website unmistakably healthcare-orientated. With the inclusion of illustration and animation,Nine Sixty were able to bring the services to life, whilst retaining a professional feel throughout.

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Igloo is a full-service interior design firm focused on luxury residential design and high impact hospitality spaces. Everything they put out into the world, from furniture to custom millwork to lighting — communicates one clear, considered, and cohesive message.

The company Principal, Alain Courchesne, appointed me to create a new identity for Igloo as part of a company refresh. Steven Bonner designed a primary logotype using simple geometric shapes based on various simplistic views of an igloo and it’s core building blocks. This felt fresh and interesting, and sought to avoid the obvious clichéd traps that could have been so easy to fall into given the name. As a support system, Steven Bonner designed a set of avatars around two complimentary colour schemes to reflect the differing approaches and personalities of the company’s two principals. Each avatar uses the combined logotype shapes to form a whole, reflecting their work which encompasses several services working together to create beautiful spaces. The final system was then applied to a range of stationery and promotional items using Colorplan by GF Smith and a combination of foil stamping and letterpress printing.

Responsive website design by Mike Sullivan, Mister.

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Developer and eco-tourism stalwart Simon Current has pursued his vision for Pumphouse Point for nearly twenty years. A bold and ambitious dream will be realised when Pumphouse Point welcomes its first guests in early 2015.

Working to a clear brief on how he wanted guests to interact with and become immersed in their surroundings, SouthSouthWest were engaged to build a brand strategy and identity which was then executed across all aspects of the guest experience.

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The Forum for Theological Exploration is a leadership incubator that inspires future pastors and theological educators to make a difference in the world through Christian resources, events, networks, grants and fellowships. Since 1954, FTE has created spaces for gifted students, young adults and partners to explore their passion, purpose and calling. Designed by Matchstic.


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