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Skellefteå Kraft is the fifth largest electricity producer in Sweden and wholly owned by Skellefteå Municipality. With more than a 100 years in the business, they have the most sustainable energy production in Sweden as well as the most satisfied customers (survey 2014).

Bold‘s brief was to create a new visual identity that better reflects the company they are. The identity should help them stand out from the competition and generate interest in a market with low engagement. As a market challenger, Skellefteå Kraft also needed to be distinctly different from the established, more traditional power giants. Electricity is uninteresting. That’s at least what most people say. And studies seem to say the same thing. So to generate interest we chose to focus on what electricity creates – energy!

One of the cornerstones in the new visual identity is the new logotype, which combines the letters S, and K. ’S’ represents a stable foundation and ’K’ represents energy. The ’K’s outward direction forms a layout system where energy can be visualised in different ways. The new typeface, colour palette, layout system and all new graphic elements such as icons, illustrations and patterns are all designed to be differentiating and full of energy.

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Zebra created the visual identity for Singapore-based brand consultants Affinity. Affinity specialise in brand strategy and ethical brand management. They also apply their brand thinking through pro bono work.

The two letter f’s within the logotype face each other to visually represent the affinity between two separate partners, coming together to achieve a greater good collaboratively. Imagery of twins helps further represent the idea of a close affinity between two parties. One twin represents Affinity’s client and the other represents the client’s target audience.

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Big Horror Athens were commissioned to design the visual identity for tdchrom, a company that is specialised in industrial & fireproofing paint for buildings. Big Horror Athens‘ goal was to communicate their services with a modern and minimal approach and to emphasise their professionalism and their expertise in the field, combined with the high quality of their services.

The logo is inspired by two elements, the paint and the buildings. The combination of the typography & the colour palette on the stationery describes the professionalism, the prestige and the quality that we wanted to communicate. Big Horror Athens have also designed the company’s website, which will be online soon!

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Early Excellence tasked us with putting their business at the forefront of the education sector by rethinking their brand. Focussing on their unique ‘Centre for Inspirational Learning’, Design Project gave the organisation a new identity, restructured their marketing with a segmented literature system and captured the engagement of their consumers with a fresh approach to photography. Brand development also included application to vehicle fleet graphics, signage and website.


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