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IYA was commissioned to create the brand, packaging and e-commerce store

Working closely with creator, Ankur Shah, IYA developed an exciting brand that epitomises the products uniqueness and sense of fun. The ‘m’ marque became part of the sole of the shoe, as a stand alone device and through the development of the brand, this has become an intrinsic part of the detachable soles.

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With pages and links sporadically added over time, the BHA site had become bloated and difficult to navigate. Starting the build from scratch, Firedog implemented a sense of hierarchy. The navigation bar is now clearly split into five main sections, allowing for a more compartmentalised and rigid structure. Horses, jockeys and trainers now form new sections within the website, which makes it easier to find relevant information.

As horseracing is an outdoors sport, Firedog ensured that information is easily accessible on the move. Firedog built a mobile first website which gives access to information in seconds, as there are no large images. Firedog worked with the BHA development team on creating custom algorithms for search and a brand new API. This ensures that the new site is incredibly intuitive and mobile, as well as featuring integral search.

Spotted via BrandNew.

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The new Fireclay logo mark builds on simple, interlocking tile shapes that simultaneously serve as a monogram. The mark is both solid and delicate. The new logotype was custom drawn–unique to the Fireclay brand. The colour palette was comprised of earthy and neutral tones that could support Fireclay’s wide selection of colors.

Product photography played a large role in the new visual language. The photography art direction was derived from three goals; (i) to capture the beauty and variety of materials, colors, finishes and product range; (ii) to accommodate a variety of colors, usage scenarios and seasonal stories; (iii) to showcase the beauty of the tiles in a new, unexpected way.

Character extended the new identity to Fireclay’s website, samples packaging, merchandise and signage.

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Notum is latin for ”known”, and is a tour operator as well as a consultancy company within the travel business in Norway. They focus on having a local insight and knowledge to all the small paths and unique sights in the vast nature in Norway – they want to deliver an extraordinary view worthy of a “postcard moment”. The identity builds on this, taking inspiration from a postcard stamp as logo together with photographs of Norwegian nature. The logo mark itself is a tree branching out to smaller paths and destinations. Designed by Daniel Brokstad.

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StyleBee came to Moving Brands with a beautiful idea: an app delivering celebrity beauty services to meet the lifestyle demands of the modern woman. Getting involved with a start-up and the earliest stage meant thatMoving Brands were intimately involved in the planning, design and execution of the innovative beauty service. Working together with StyleBee’s co-founders, Moving Brands defined a brand story that informed a brand identity system as beautiful and bold as the app itself.

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What happens when a company’s name no longer covers the breadth of their work?
Local non-profit AccountAbility Minnesota came to us to help rebrand their organization after many successful years providing high quality free tax preparation and financial services to individuals and families of limited means.

Their many passionate and savvy volunteers and staff had begun pursuing a broader focus: “improving the overall financial well-being and futures of low- and moderate-income families.” They wanted their branding to clearly reflect their expanded vision while making sense to the many customers and volunteers who prepare taxes.

To find the right balance, Zeus Jones worked to understand everything we could about the nonprofit. Through work sessions, moodboarding workshops and interviews with customers, we landed on a new name and branding that felt right for the organization. In the meantime,Zeus Jones had the pleasure of working with some of the nicest and brightest people in town.


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