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HipVan is an online store that curates well-designed everyday items. Bravo took inspiration from the 1960s Volkswagen camper van and extended it across the branding, creating an engaging identity for a free-spirited brand.

The HipVan identity is a mix of the bohemian and modern. The typography choice and treatment reflects on HipVan’s bohemian references and its relevance to modern shoppers of this era. When choosing the brand’s colour palette, Bravo wanted a colour that is reminiscent of the retro style but still contemporary at the same time. Bravo settled on this shade of turquoise – a colour that rests beautifully in between green and blue, radiating both the uplifting energy of yellow but still maintaining the cool insouciance of blue.

Awesome-Merch-3200-x-2000_0019_Sample-Box1 Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.15.49 am Awesome-Merch-3200-x-2000_0000_Web Awesome-Merch-3200-x-2000_0001_Production-6

Awesome make superior quality merchandise, all in-house and to exacting standards. Combining new school graphics with hand-painted typography, Robot Food created an edgy yet professional identity that captures their alternative spirit and expresses their passion for quality, craft and the personal touch. As well as the identity and website we also designed Awesome’s own range of products and a smart new factory showroom. The identity translates beautifully across all brand touch-points. Awesome.

navington_heritage_akcesoria[0] navington_heritage_packaging_set_l-1 Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 9.46.28 am Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 9.46.17 am

Introducing the new Heritage Collection was an occasion to refresh the whole Navigton brand. Studio Otwarte task was to warm its image as well as promote the category of classic, rocking strollers – for those parents, who love traditional solutions of a slightly higher-end. The flagship model of the collection is Contessa, a retro styled model inspired by the fist stroller designed by the founders of the company… 50 years ago.

Propel_hero_1500 Propel_site_1500 Propel_homescreen_1500 Propel_printAds_1500

Propel was previously known for flavored waters when they came to us with an innovative new product – a pure water with electrolytes for daily workouts. To help Propel regain their fitness cred, Mono created an identity and campaign platform to time this new product launch with the relaunch of their brand.

For those passionate about exercise, working out isn’t work. It’s not dark, raw, gritty, or full of chest-pounding trainers. Fitness is pure joy. This colorful, electric spirit was channeled through the line “lyte up your workout” and every campaign touchpoint to launch Propel Electrolyte Water. Bold use of blues and yellows connect pure water to electrolytes. Vibrant photography, linework, and pop culture-infused tactics aim to “lyte up” the daily routine.


truf-demarest-identity-logo  truf-demarest-duplex-biz-cards-stacks truf-demarest-business-cards-black-foil-backtruf-demarest_films_imac_988

Demarest is a unique film and television production company that also invests in technologies that create and deliver premium content across all mediums. They wanted to remove the “films” from their name and redesign their brand identity to better reflect their innovative business model. The name Demarest means “of the swamp” in french, which TRÜF Creative used to evoke a mysterious place where great ideas are born. The mark is composed of bisected circles that echo the letter “D”, creating an innovative wave pattern that’s full of motion and energy reminiscent of light refracting on dark water or ideas coming to life.

5-BI_sc_Finchtail_09 7-BI_sc_Finchtail_07 1-BI_sc_Finchtail_006-BI_sc_Finchtail_08

Finchtail is a new company dedicated to (simple useful) things. Their first product is a cardboard tablet stand. Cheap to buy and sustainably made — in stark contrast to the sleek glass and metal technology that it’s designed to support. Believe In sought to explore this juxtaposition through the careful interplay of language, design, print and materials.

Every aspect of the brand experience reflects the strategy, and everything is delivered with precision and purpose. The marque is inspired by the tablet stand itself, while also connecting to ideas of travel, adventure and social living. Packaging is deliberately limited to black and white inks, while bright orange stock (inspired by the Finch’s plumage) plays beautifully with the neutrality of the kraft board, leveraging distinctiveness and colour association. Language stays focused on being informative and helpful, while always conveying a sense of humanity.

In addition to the brand and packaging, Believe In also created the marketing materials, including a (simple useful) website and launch video. Finchtail attracted immediate interest from a global travel company, plus a listing in the Design Museum’s shop (with an initial order that sold out in days).


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