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A churro, sometimes referred to as a Spanish doughnut, is a fried-dough pastry—predominantly choux—based snack. They are normally eaten for breakfast dipped in hot chocolate. Comaxurros is a new Barcelona place specialized in fried dough pastry, where the star product is the typical Churro. Brosmind created an illustration in which you can find all the different products involved in crazy and funny situations.

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Creative director and founder Bonnie Roccelli, has over a decade of professional experience working on many high profile commercial and residential projects. Bonnie Roccelli was established in 2013 having traded under the name Bonchi Interiors since 2010. Two Times Elliott were asked to create a brand identity, including a bespoke logotype, full stationery set and responsive website.

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Bakken Design Build is a Seattle-based construction firm that has a diverse range of experience in creating custom homes, additions & remodels. They work closely with each client to create beautiful and well-crafted spaces that are functional & practical.

The brief was to create a minimal responsive website, showcasing their portfolio seamlessly across multiple devices. Along with creating the website, adaptable were also commissioned to craft a refreshed brand identity for the company. Designed by Adaptable.

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The creative solution: what idea or perspective mandate approached  The lawyer is a human expert, who will always fight on your behalf. We needed to create an image of a more human and personal law firm.

Overall tonality for communication was found in the passions of our client’s leisure time. By concentrating on things closest to our clients heart, Werklig were able to find a mirror for portraying our client’s values and ways of conducting business. Humanity, perseverance and will to fight for the best interest of clients were manifested through images of hiking and boxing.

Finsta’s logo is based on the formulation of the letter s. It was adapted to fit the industry symbol § (clause in Finnish law literature). To prevent too banal highlighting of the symbol §, the same design thought was carried in all letters of the logo.

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Having worked with John Smedley on a number of projects since 2000, including their recent hugely successful Outlet site, Un.titled were delighted to be given the opportunity again to design and develop their main e-commerce platform. Whilst completely re-thinking their desktop site we also developed their first mobile specific site.

Un.titled developed the e-commerce desktop and mobile sites on the Magento platform and built a suite of custom modules so that the site could meet the client’s operational requirements.

The site is multi-lingual and multi-currency allowing a greater user experience globally.

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KAE are a strategic marketing agency focussing on delivering insight, innovation and strategy to a small number of high-value clients. They specialise in unlocking opportunities that others have not yet seen, or thought possible.

Socio Design helped KAE reposition itself as a premium strategic partner in its market, working as a trusted advisor to their clients. This involved formulating a new brand strategy that drew out its distinctive identity. To deliver this we constructed a concept that focused on the idea of ‘exploration’ and ‘heroes’, likening the business landscape to hostile territory that required an expert to navigate. This metaphor enabled us to pitch KAE as the pioneers, who help their clients successfully make tricky business decisions and circumvent potential problems. Through their identity, we were able to increase KAE’s stock as an indispensable partner to its clients.

To reflect the high-end but hard-working nature of the brand, a robust copper foil was implemented across all marketing material. Paired with a neutral colour palette, this communicated quality without detracting from KAE’s renowned work ethic. Print work by Avenue Litho and Dan Mather.

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House of Vnholy is a design studio led by Matthew Adey and specialising in the creation of sets and lighting for theatre and performance, as well as custom built environments and objects. The studio’s exploration of the darker side of the arts informed the design, which takes inspiration from the geometric shapes of the Bauhaus and the contrast of light and shade. The 1930′s German typeface Neuzeit Grotesk was given a contemporary update and the initials stacked to reference the circle, square and triangle that make up the flexible grid pattern, repeated across silver-foiled 700gsm business cards and website components. Designed by Ross Paxman.

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Through ‘The Expedition’ Interbrand has created an identity system that hero’s all the emotions of TV, while helping customers to navigate through a remarkable world of content – all supported by a more helpful, more inviting, and more Kiwi tone of voice. The system itself extracts the two triangles found in SKY’s old logotype to create a refreshingly simple and iconic navigational device. Pause a moment, hero a character, expand a story – the brand is all about the journey through content, emotion and unlimited experiences.

In a period of immense technological and social innovation, SKY is now more in tune with its audience. While the affection, previously only felt towards the content itself, is now being experienced across the entire brand.


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