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Inspired by graphic illustrations of the gut, the identity is designed to work a broad range of applications for a wide scale of audiences, with an architecture of sub brands that reflect the 3 main activities that UEG undertakes.

Felt have developed a range of printed items with UEG including their Journal (published by Sage), Education course adverts, stationery, a History brochure celebrating 20 years of the society and the guide to UEG Week.

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The Wild Network are a collection of organisations who came together around the Project Wild Thing film, and pooled resources to help kickstart a movement to reconnect kids and nature.

Fieldwork developed a brand identity, custom hand-drawn type, a series of illustrations, and a website to promote the film and get the community started. We applied the visual identity across film, web, and various printed materials.

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Notting Hill Housing Association is an innovative housing association and one of the largest property developers in London. They house people in need, help residents become homeowners and reinvest the money generated to build more new homes. For over five years February have created brand positioning and identities for NHH across a wide array of their popular developments. 


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Branding, Application and Digital services for freelance print and digital designer Greg Ball, focused on producing effective, innovative but simple solutions to problems, the identity needed to reflect this.  There are two main elements to the project, firstly the identity and application of this identity onto suitable and relevant stationery and secondly, the design and build of a fully responsive portfolio site that also conveyed some of the designers personality. Designed by Greg Ball.

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Brand identity and package design for a small Italian coffee roastery, called Nero Scuro.
The roastery is driven by a simple process: source the best single origins available on the market, roast them at perfection in small batches with a manual machine and pack the coffee straight away to ship it worldwide.
Manuel Bortoletti wanted to communicate the italian quality and the old school process with an handmade logo of an old roaster, shown while he is smelling the aroma and checking the roast level of the coffee during the roasting process. That is an important step for give the coffee perfect results, so I tried to tell this professional behavior through my illustration.
Manuel Bortoletti designed the packages trying to put the most important information on the front label, such as the coffee origin, the roast colour and the grind method; while on the back I put the secondary informations, such as the varietal and the tasting notes, in such a modular grid. Then, Manuel Bortoletti found color keys for the three coffee collections: organic, reserve and rare.

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A generational family business with a 28 year heritage needs careful treatment when it comes to rebranding, but if that business is also a funeral directors, it really needs handling with care.

Marking its move to another generation of the Devall family, D.B.Devall & Sons instructed us to undertake a full rebrand, including all printed collateral, brochures, website and signage. Parent simplified the name to ‘Devall & Son’ before creating the unique marque from a bespoke typeface drawn specifically for the project. Photographer Steven Friedman was commissioned to create a series of abstract pieces used as backdrops and mood-setters for the various communication material.

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Mash Creative was commissioned by Paul Hutchison at Hype Type Studio to collaborate on the brand identity design, book and website for Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture. MTLA is a full-service landscape architectural firm based in Los Angeles, California. MTLA are passionate about how the landscape evolves with time and use, they design exterior spaces that unveil a sense of beauty, accessibility, environmental responsibility and usability.


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