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Lune Croissanterie began as a hole in the wall operation in Melbourne. Their dedicated, unique and perfectionist approach to ‘Viennoiserie’ baking created an enormous following from cult fans often queing from 3am. Outgrowing their tiny shop and original branding, Lune ‘v2.0’ was born in a larger warehouse in Fitzroy in Melbourne.

The packaging we designed features diecut ‘hyperdrive’ ventilation slots in a galactic theme (taking cue from the name Lune) which acted as ventilation for the pastries, paired with a subtle glitter print for a further cosmic touch. AFOM also redesigned their much loved rocket motif, and we couldn’t resist adding a little croissant in our update.

The project included several digital aspects such as a custom animation for instagram and a responsive website design complete with animation and parallax scrolling with drifting / shooting stars.

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Around 15 years ago, we created the brand for Regent Street as part of a program to restore the street to its rightful place as the jewel in the West End’s crown. This year saw the launch of the second iteration of the Regent Street visual identity by Small Back Room. During this time, Regent Street has changed. Gone are the days of budget travel agents and discount stores. Regent Street is now home to flagship fashion and technology such as Apple and Burberry, highly valued commercial space and desirable residential dwellings. Designed by Small Black Room.


Aesthetic Invention is the personal portfolio of entrepreneur/inventor Glen Liberman, founder of Kinekt Design. A video of Kinekt Design’s iconic gear ring has generated over 10 million (and counting) YouTube views – a genuine small business viral sensation.

After his smash success with the Kinekt gear ring, entrepreneur/inventor Glen approached Shellshock to design a portfolio site to showcase the full breadth of his work. This body of work was called Aesthetic Invention.

Over the course of a year, Shellshock worked closely with Glen to conceive a visual identity that expressed his skillset and personality. Shellshock designed an identity that played on the concepts of construction and creation within the name, Aesthetic Invention.

In phase one of the website design, Shellshock focused on highlighting the individual behind the inventions. In phase two, Shellshock enhanced this approach by making the inventions themselves the core focus of the site.

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Biju’s founder saw an opportunity to create a fresher, healthier bubble tea: brewing every tea fresh, using milk not creamer and ditching the artificial additives. His research led to drinks that are (literally) bursting with flavour and far fresher than those of many competitors. ico Design developed a name and identity that capture this freshness, appealing to a more discerning audience yet also acknowledging that it’s a fun experience.

The result, Biju, is now open in Soho. The store’s interior – designed by Gundry and Ducker – echoes the brand seamlessly, creating a bright, open social space. Social media has seen celebrities and bloggers rave about Biju’s teas, driving up traffic at their first location; hopefully just a taste of things to come.

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BikeExchange was ready for a rebrand, it was looking for a strong identity that would take advantage of the digital space (in terms of legibility) and would appeal to all riders. Brands to life created a brand mark that was designed with all relevant riding disciplines in mind. The straight line on the left stem of ‘b’ represents ‘Road’ for road bikes, the bent arrow for ‘Track’ for BMX on the right side of the ‘b’ suggests ‘Downhill’ for Mountain Bikes. You could say this is ‘Everything Bike’ in one mark.


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