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Multi Adaptor took the P as our starting point, using the angle of the tip to create an ownable graphic device — the PayPoint pointer. We used this across the identity system in a variety of ways: to house messaging, create illustrations or frame content. Multi Adaptor developed tone of voice and messaging to reinforce the brand’s strapline and a flexible design language that could adapt depending on whether the brand was talking to consumers or businesses.

Brand development, tone of voice, messaging, consumer and B2B website, brand video, business stationery and collateral.

aloof-jw-identity-5 aloof-jw-identity-2c aloof-jw-package-6 aloof-jw-package-1

Josh Wood is one of the world’s most influential and respected hair colourists. As Director of renowned London salon, Realhair, Josh approached Aloof to review their branding and design a new range of hair styling products. Aloof identified an opportunity to evolve the existing branding to make it more impactful, creating a marque that could be used in inventive ways across their day-to-daycommunication, marketing collateral and packaging.

Aloof designed a family of four new styling products, launched at Harvey Nichols, updated an existing range of hair care products with the introduction of a travel set, and created the identity for ‘Realhair Prive’ — an exclusive salon service for overseas clients.

Franklyn_Redscout_Design_01Franklyn_Redscout_Design_08b Franklyn_Redscout_Design_05 Franklyn_Redscout_Design_02a

As the confidential advisory behind game changing innovations for top global brands, Redscout was ready to step into the light.

An inherently mysterious agency serving as a behind-the-scenes brand shrink for companies in need of a fresh perspective, Redscout wanted to develop its own public image. Inspired by their diverse team of loyal strategists and designers, Franklyn created a new identity system highlighting the diverse backgrounds and interests of these Scouts. Stylized illustrations of each employee were decorated with iconographic tattoos representing the who, what and where of these talented individuals. The result is a rightfully bad-ass statement that is just as popular with clients as it is with staff.

a-chacun-son-pain_10-1200x800 a-chacun-son-pain_11-1200x800 a-chacun-son-pain_8-1200x800 a-chacun-son-pain_1-1200x800

À chacun son pain is a recognized artisanal bakery, café, and pizzeria from Baie-Saint-Paul and Mont-Ste-Anne. In 2014, the small diverse Quebec business commissioned Paprika to review its visual identity program. To achieve this mandate, Paprika drew inspiration from the bread peel of the company’s former identity and the wood oven used for cooking ingredients. The fusion of those two elements made it possible to create an “A” whose round silhouette is reminiscent of the oven’s shape, while the countershape symbolizes the bread peel. Integrated into the company’s name, this typographic element is also omnipresent throughout the business products’ various designations. Simple and efficient, the symbol is identity program’s centerpiece and allows for many variations.

FTE_Assets_1212x804 FTE_Folder_1212x804  FTE_Large_Overview_1212x804FTE_Website_1212x804

The Forum for Theological Exploration is a leadership incubator that inspires future pastors and theological educators to make a difference in the world through Christian resources, events, networks, grants and fellowships. Since 1954, FTE has created spaces for gifted students, young adults and partners to explore their passion, purpose and calling. Designed by Matchstic.

Tanoshii_15-1600x972Tanoshii_07-1600x1050  Tanoshii_06-1600x1050 Tanoshii_05-1600x1050

Tanoshii is Dallas, Texas’ first dedicated ramen shop. The brand has a distinct grit to it that blends perfectly with the Deep Ellum neighborhood where it is located. Since Tanoshii is acting as an introduction to ramen, it is important to Mast to instill a bit of the food’s history to contrast the modern styling of the brand’s typography.

PPA_Logo PPA_TemplateC PPA_Mobile_duo PPA_DisplayD

The Prospect Park Alliance partners with the City of New York to ensure ongoing care and long-term preservation of Brooklyn’s largest park. Since 1987, they have worked to help fund the Park’s operating budget. Today, they employ three-quarters of the Park staff and help preserve the natural environment, restore historic design and provide public programs and amenities for the park. No small task at 585 acres in size with more than 10 million visits each year.

OCD worked with the Prospect Park Alliance to improve the park’s digital experience, as well as build community and clarify the brand. In November, we launched a new online platform including an interactive map and dynamic calendar. We also refreshed the logo and built a comprehensive identity system to support ongoing communications. The overarching strategy was simple: make a great park greater.


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