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One Eighty is a new residential development in Stratford, East London. It’s owned by Longharbour, an asset management firm and designed for people who choose to rent for the flexibility and freedom it brings to their lives. One Eighty offers its residents a suite of services that includes cold storage for food deliveries, dry cleaning and apartment cleaning, a residents’ cinema room with golf simulator, and private function room for parties.

Initially asked to create the name, branding and website, Fivefootsix‘s role grew to encompass interior design, apartment styling, wayfinding, and everything in-between. More 360 than 180.


Dirty Blonde, a fusion of prohibition inspired speakeasy glamour and early C20th decadence, is the new flagship brand from the revered Eclectic Bars PLC.Once established, the flambuoyant identity, bespoke monogram and custom pattern were then applied to a range of items in preparation for the launch. In addition to the design of invites, menu suite and responsive website, Salad also provided copywriting, photography and art direction services to ensure strong, consistent messaging across all materials.

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Raselli tea blends are made of organic herbs from the Swiss Alps. Protective aroma sachets preserve the precious scents and flavours of the natural ingredients. Each blend comes in a unique design featuring a signature colour and an animal that is characteristic for the alpine area where the organic herbs are grown. The cardboard surface of the box stands for the naturalness of the product while the bright colours and playful illustrations are a promise of joy and pleasure associated with each cup of this marvellous tea. Designed by Plasma Design.

Hidraulik_Alfombra_10 Hidraulik_Packs_03 Hidraulik_Alfombra_09Hidraulik_Alfombra_01

Project of branding, packaging, product design and web design for Hidraulik Modernist Rugs. Hidraulik is a new brand that reinterprets the modernist floors and turns them into design rugs. Based on the hydraulic tiles as a key element, Huaman designed a flexible and neutral identity that could coexist with very colorful designs, with its own universe and personality.

Once Huaman finished the phase of naming and identity, we proposed the client to design a collection of contemporary carpets, The Modern Series, which were a step further on the reinterpretation of the modernist designs, but at the same time could live together with the Classic Series and thus widen the range of target audience.

Cornershop_Bilmore3 Cornershop_Bilmore2 Cornershop_Bilmore1

Teusner Wines are respected artisan producers based in Barossa Valley, South Australia. The regions landscape is remarkably diverse. Teusner are fortunate to source grapes from all over the Valley and make wines that showcase the many faces of the region. Bilmore Shiraz is one such product. Named in honour of one of Teusner’s favourite characters, Roger Bilmore is the alter ego of a grape grower who shows his face after a few glasses of red wine.
To contrast with the existing brand architecture (top oval label), Cornershop developed a colourful idea inspired by the grape grower’s mischievous alter ego. His friendly portrait is a canvas that Bilmore has playfully defaced. Bilmore typically shows his face at night, so as a hidden surprise, these hand drawn elements glow in the dark.
Bilmore Shiraz is sold exclusively through independent retailers and on-trade at approximately A$20.

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