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InBloom Kalgoorlie was an existing eCommerce client at enflexion who had a significant amount of regular customers ordering through the their smartphones. They already had quite a capable responsive website however wanted a new and contemporary experience for their customers to purchase flowers through a native application direct from their iPhone.

The design was kept as simple as possible by taking all the fundamental steps in the ordering process from their website and presenting them in a more intuitive progression through the application. The result was a faster eCommerce process, which has been successful in providing their mobile customers with a more efficient and rewarding mobile experience. Designed by Andrew Bray, while at Enflexion.

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In this project Sara Emilie Spon created an app for taking control of all the smart devices in a modern home. By knowing the users daily routine and exact location, both in and outside the home, Tacle helps the user to find the exact device the user wants to interact with. The app also monitors the energy use of each of the smart devices, making it easy to spot devices with an extensive energy consumption level.

In collaboration with:
Rasmus Anker
Photos by: Lise Balsby
Maja Bastian & Moa Liukkonen

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Espacio Fundación Telefónica is a new space designed to create, reflect and bring the culture, art and technology of the 21st century to society. Erretres has designed and developed a multimedia guide for Espacio; with this app visitors can read, listen or view information on the exhibition center and the exhibits on their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets, iOS or Android).

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Food is fuel for our bodies and a necessity for life; in other words, a universal need. However, because everyone is so unique, everyone has different dietary needs that need to be met. Just finding a suitable restaurant can be a mammoth task to many people because of these unique needs. These individuals should not have to feel restricted or feel nervous about what is in their meal in a city with so many food offerings.

“Forkguide” is an online service that connects users to food destinations that match their unique dietary needs, as well as the needs of the people they are dining with. The service relieves the stress of eating out and takes the guesswork out of the restaurant experience. Designed by Milee.

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Obsurfation is a swell, wind, tide and weather observation and forecasts app for water sport enthusiasts. The app focuses on providing an unparalleled services and user-experience through a beautiful, interactive interface to provide timely and accurate surf information. Obsurfation approached Pennant to develop a brandmark that complimented the design of the app and that could also be adapted into an icon for use on mobile devices.

Pennant‘s solution was a script wordmark, reflecting the wave like forms of the ocean, with a custom ‘O’ glyph that can be pulled-out to create a distinctive icon that will stand out in crowded app stores. Pennant also designed condition indicator icons for use in the app and a responsive marketing website that demonstrated the key features.

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Taking Chip & PIN card payments is quick and secure. It saves time and money. But until now, only bigger companies could afford to pay for it. Now, with WorldPay Zinc card payments can be in the hands of sole traders and small businesses. Literally. WorldPay Zinc is the low-cost, low-commitment way to accept card payments. Virtually anywhere and any time.

It’s simple to set up and use, and your payments appear in your account usually within four working days. No more chasing overdue payments. Simply pay as you go, on a monthly basis. And you can track all your payments online or on the go through the WorldPay Zinc app. This new brand comes from the number one payment provider in the UK — WorldPay. As a global leader in the field, with over 20 years’ experience, they work in more than 40 countries worldwide.

SomeOne was appointed to create the name and visual brand identity which centres around representing the high speed digital payments — represented by high speed photography capturing the moment when two elements meet.


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