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Cotton Love are an independent online clothing store, selling a compatible mix of original archive and fashion forward vintage pieces. Favouring a pure approach to form and function, each item is selected to fit Cotton Love’s preferred aesthetic, quality and design values. Founded developed an identity which would convey their love of stripped back functionality, reducing the neighbouring T’s of Cotton down to a more economical form, creating something both abstract and recognisable.


Bonnard is a Mexican french-inspired tea and confectionary shop.

The brand’s distinct brush strokes and color selection are based on Pierre Bonnard’s postimpressionist paintings. The simple art direction, together with french words and phonetics round up the brand’s gallic concept effortlessly, spontaneously and efficiently.

Anagrama’s approach with clean, sans-serif typography gives Bonnard a luxurious feel mostly associated with high-end fashion brands. The gold foil stamp and clean type directly contrasts and at the same time elevates the would-be informal paint marks. The rounded cross icon detail found in the wording relates to the shapes of macaroons, one of Bonnard’s prime delicacies.


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Wear it Live it Love it is the summer collection, focusing on pieces that embody a relaxed and carefree sophistication and fit seamlessly into our modern lifestyles.

The branding for the collection is made up of the key colours of orange, stone & black, as well as two signature prints and a focus on organic, hand-drawn shapes and typography, staying true to the classic White Label NOBA style while injecting a pop of a summer lifestyle feel. Designed by Emma Brownson.

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Jigsaw Menswear’s long-awaited relaunch this year sees a return to the brand’s heritage in classic pieces, beautifully designed and crafted using authentic materials. To reflect the brand’s design handwriting, Construct created a simple identity using bold, refined and balanced typography applied in a raw, muted palette, taking inspiration from English tailoring, textiles and production techniques. Designed by Construct London.

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The branding Motel hotel is born after the renewal of the commercial activity of a Motel, whose origins reach back to the first decade of 1900. If until now Motel had acquired the function of a hosting structure of extremely low price, confirming the stereotype the majority of B movies portray of these structures, today Motel, with this new branding project, experiences a rebirth as inn, on a passageway, that doesn’t lack any comfort of the most expensive hotels.The brand is well characterized by the presence of a red stamp. This can be used to place the date in each part of the visual identity, day by day, customer by customer. With this expedient, the visual identity of Motel aims to remember to customers in which exact days they’ve enjoyed Motel’s hospitality, since that days where special for the innkeepers.

The decision of the paper has been a natural consequence: ivory acid free paper, handwritten and recycled paper want to suggest the warmth and the caring almost domestic/homely which the motel’s staff offers to guests.
the entire brand is hand-made and printed at home on request to maintain the hand-made spirit which is so important for the owners of motel. Designed by Otto Climan.


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