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Urbanized-ID – Identity, film poster, Blu-ray & DVD packaging for Gary Hustwit’s last film in the design film trilogy ‘Urbanized’. We created a series of graphic pictograms using 4 themes from the film, Housing/Mobility/Public Spaces & Infrastructure. These pictograms became the foundation for creating a strong visual look over all aspects of the films branding including the film poster and packaging. Designed by Build.

Spur is a pop-up shop nestled on Eng Hoon Street, with design products from independent designers from all over the world, curated by Indri Tulasan. Featuring a large cross-section of design inspirations from experimental art pieces, design products and artisan homemade goods.

Modern typeface co-existing with handwritten type tied in the concept of Spur, which is about sudden inspiration. A travel map of Tiong Bahru was also created to celebrate the ideas and inspiration of both old and new, now contained within the art-deco inspired district. Designed by ACRE.

Studio Constantine wanted our own printed materials to demonstrate the best-case impact achieved by intelligent and strategic use of a two colour production process on both premium and commodity stocks.

By using our visual mnemonics of geometry and colour, beyond the normal containment of a marque or icon and type lockup, they defined the aesthetic and layout of each piece as a whole. The result; a breadth of organic brand expressions.

When Colorpak purchased Carter Holt Harvey packaging in 2010 and their workforce swelled there was a need to cement and further develop Colorpaks’ position as a market leader in packaging in Australia. Colorpak has a history of being a progressive business, built on manufacturing excellence, innovation and commitment to customer service. Designworks job was to create a brand strategy, brand engagement plan and design expression that pulled all of this together for the existing and new team members.


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