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A new e-commerce site created by the founder of the Illustration Division of Art Department. Stampa sells limited edition prints by artists. We were commissioned to create an identity and website that was bold, simple and functional. The logo is based on a rolled up print in an “S” formation. To keep the optical “vibration” in all sizes, we drew 4 versions accommodating a 2 inch logo all the way up to 10 inches. Designed by Studio Lin. Spotted on September Industry.

Ben Hume-Wright is a plumbing and heating specialist with a unique and individual way of working. The Individual Agency developed a new name for his business; Tollington Plumbing & Heating. They then created a clever brand marque which incorporating a symbol of a pipe places his brand at the heart of his offering. This used in conjunction with other pipes is a useful motif which can be used across a variety of marketing collateral.


Identity, branding, graphic design, illustration/art and environmental design for a seafood restaurant in Oslo, Norway. It is situated at Tjuvholmen, a waterfront area in central Oslo. The speciality of the restaurant is grilled seafood. The wood-fire grill burns at a constant temperature, with the wood giving a tender, smoked flavour. The main restaurant, the Seafood bar, the Chambre Separée, the Mezzanine, the Fish Deli and the Conference Center. The work is done while at Uniform strategic design and in cooperation with interior designers at Radius Design.

When Aviva wanted to deepen its relationships with brokers, it needed to find a way not just of attracting attention but of sustaining engagement. Curious developed a look and feel specifically for brokers, creating an illustrated character and tone of voice that had just the right lightness of touch to intrigue and engage. Lasting over 5 years, our character became an eagerly awaited comms vehicle. As one broker remarked in research, ‘You may like him or hate him, but you certainly want to know what he’s going to do next.’

A very nice identity project and roll out from Zebra – a Perth/Singapore based communications agency – for Perth based food retailer Herdsman.Already well known in Perth for their quality food and fresh produce the Herdsman opened a brand new store at one40William in the city.

Zebra designed the interior space as well as uniforms, bags and posters through to the entire packaging range, also working on their print and online advertising campaigns.

Buenas Migas is a quality fast food chain of restaurants, which mixes Cornish with Genovese gastronomy to produce simple, fresh and tasty but healthy dishes at a value for money price. Their main distinctive trait when compared to their competitors is the high quality of their product, as a result of their artisan approach to their work.

A chunky, very commercial Futura Condensed Bold was chosen to complement this handmade approach. The use of this font tempers an otherwise ultra naturalistic view of the restaurant, and offers a commercial counterpoint which combined with the delicacy of watercolour illustrations we hope gives the whole image an edgy mainstream natural feel. Designed by Spanish design studio Mucho. Spotted via September Industry.


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