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Global Generation are hands-on types. They run workshops for young people where they dig, grow vegetables, and make things. This was key to our approach with their new brand identity. Beginning with a one-day workshop attended the Global Generation team, some of the young people they work with, and Fieldwork (and led by one of our regular collaborators, Mark Shayler of Ape), we spent time uncovering the identity of the organisation and learning about their core purpose.

Fieldwork developed a few initial, exploratory ideas for the visual identity, which we iteratively narrowed down and developed into a custom stencil typeface that the team can use to create their own signage and print materials, in true hands-on Global Generation style. Fieldwork also developed bespoke iconography to provide additional tools for them to use in their communications.

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Experts in creating custom solutions for both huge and not-so-huge clients, with a particular penchant for unusual architectural challenges, Kinetica are known for their obsessive dedication to projects, and the usually mind-blowing results.

Face realized a complete overhaul of their brand DNA: changing their manifesto, their methods of communication, and, of course, redesigning their identity from head to toe. Using bright color, swiss typography, and a simple concept based on modular grids, the decidedly industrial tone of the design is tempered by an air of modernism and good taste. Designed by Face.

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Established in 1968, the franchise has had a remarkable visual history—it’s the only team ever to have its home court, then Mecca Arena, customized by the artist Robert Indiana. And the jerseys worn by Kareem Abdul-Jabaar and Oscar Robertson during their 1970s golden age are all-time uniform classics. As part of their overall quest to return the team to greatness, the new owners wanted to make a clean break with the team’s more recent logo marks and red-and-green color scheme.

Working closely with the Buck’s front office, Doubleday & Cartwright took inspiration from the organization’s rich history and the enduring character of its hometown. We introduced an updated color palette—deep forest green to represent Wisconsin’s woodlands, a contrasting cream in tribute to the iconic bricks that define the “Cream City’s” architecture, as well as a new accent of bright blue for its abundance of fresh water. Unifying all the elements is a custom typeface, MKE Block Varsity, inspired both by traditional varsity lettering and Milwaukee’s industrial heritage.

For the primary mark, we redrew the buck motif to better embody the competitive spirit of a team that is fearless (and fearsome), proud, and determined, with its antlers forming the outlines of a basketball. The secondary mark centers on a graphic reduction of a basketball and a bold letter M for Milwaukee. A tertiary mark puts the Bucks at the heart of the state of Wisconsin, literally and symbolically.

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Launched into the UK juicing market, two years ago, in that short time they have seen great success, rising from a small, exclusively online cleanse programme provider to become one of the the most popular and recommended functional juice and detox brands in London and the south of England. However as Purearth has grown, so has the competition. The Purearth founders knew they needed to review their brand strategy and execution in order to strengthen their presence and distinction, take their story to a wider audience and deliver a brand that matched their ambitions. That’s where we came in!

The first step was developing a compelling brand idea that captured their point of difference. The next, a creative concept that had the power to transition all the brand’s touch points and comms channels. One with the cut-through and emotion to engage a new audience. The new identity elevates their bottle tags from a functional packaging feature to a core brand asset. The tag becoming the vehicle to deliver the creative hook- the juices as a ‘gift from the earth’.

The tag and its loving messages to its recipient forms the central branding concept- speaking to the customer on shelf and engaging cleanse clients during their personal programmes. It becomes the canvas for communications and promotions too. Limited editions for events and partners play with the visual language of the tag, becoming a ‘designer label’ for London Fashion Week shows or a ‘VIP badge’ for festival partnerships. It also become a physical ‘hash tag’ to roll out across social media  highlighting their super food ingredients and benefits. The whole concept is designed to cause maximum disruption and engagement. Driving affinity and advocacy with loyalists and also introducing the benefits of their super juices to the uninitiated. The redesign has helped secure new distribution, listings and investment and has given the business a new voice in the market place. Designed by Afterhours.

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To highlight to visitors that Baltimore is a dynamic, engaging city, we invited some of Baltimore’s biggest fans and most famous faces to share what they love about this phenomenal town. Print, radio, online video spots and page takeovers in major markets and national publications gave our celebrity spokespeople a chance to share the things they love and the neighborhoods that keep them coming back year after year. TB&C also turned the abbreviation “Bmore” into a rallying cry—“Be more”—and anchored the campaign with a mark and related designs that can change with the calendar to highlight all there is to do in our home city.

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Anthony Cooper started Day Comes, Night Falls to give back to the community that gave him so much. It operates to help people turn their lives around and get them on the right track. The brand needed to be energy forward and lively. Balancing abstracted shapes with simple typography, Mast created a strong brand that people will gravitate towards and trust. It is the team you wear on your chest, it is your sense of home.

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Wondermade makes marshmallows of an almost endless variety “for eating and for sharing”. The Heads of State created a brand that has the heart and whimsy of Willy Wonka but the sophistication to jump out on the shelves of the countries top candy stores. From packaging to copywriting, The Heads of State  made it our goal to position Wondermade as an honest brand with its roots in the kitchen and its eye in the clouds.


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