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Bord 13 is a Restaurant & Wine Bar located in Malmö,Sweden. Bord 13 is founded by a former Souschef and a Head Sommelier from Noma (no.1 on the World´s best restaurants list last year). We helped Bord 13 with the concept and naming, the identity, as well as the whole interior.

In the restaurant world, it means bad luck to serve table 13, which is the name of the restaurant (but, in swedish). The restaurant is also located on street no.13. Therefor, in order to emphasise on the “dark side”, Snask created an identity all in black & white and decided to make the number 13 our hero. Together with the artist Emilie Florin, we created experimental and somewhat morbid illustrations for the concept. The identity – all in mono, works well as a contrast to the quite light, nordic and sober interior of Bord 13.

Photography by Gustav Arnetz

EI_Epi_071-804x536 EI_Epi_01 EI_Epi_04-804x536EI_Epi_09

Accel-KKR bought European Episerver and American Ektron in December 2014. After the merging of the two companies there was a need for a new brand, one that could represent the future ahead.

Essen International partnered with the new global organization in the creation of the new brand, EPI. Our common ambition was to create a tech-brand with a purpose far beyond the clichés of its industry. Essen International repositioned EPI as an ambassador of ‘people-first technology’ and built an identity that is as people-focused as it is progressive. Essen International then helped to launch the new brand in both Stockholm and Las Vegas.

The new brand was well received by the organization, its partners and customers. It is a brand to lead the industry by empowering its users, us. A brand that enables us to instantly realize our ideas.

minimal_design_contemporary_illustration_gold_foil_simple_japan_calligraphy_business_card_branding_identity_03 minimal_design_contemporary_illustration_gold_foil_simple_japan_calligraphy_business_card_branding_identity_02 minimal_design_contemporary_illustration_gold_foil_simple_japan_calligraphy_business_card_branding_identity_01minimal_design_contemporary_illustration_gold_foil_simple_japan_calligraphy_business_card_branding_identity_06

Yuta Takahashi did the visual design for our local festival, a traditional event held every fall in Shikoku, Japan. In this traditional local festival, we carry something called a Taikodai, which is a 2 ton portable shrine decorated in gold. We carry this through town, thanking nature and the gods for the year’s abundant harvest. Skilled craftsmen decorate the Taikodai with delicate yet bold embroidery, done in the shape of a golden Ark of the Covenant.

Various myths passed down through the ages are depicted through the elaborate embroidery, and the skill of the craftsmen is truly breathtaking. Yuta Takahashi selected one scene from a myth, and used Japanese methods like gold leaf covering and calligraphy, as well as modern design, to pay homage to these skilled craftsmen.

hi-res_logo Chris_Raeburn unmade_wrap unmade_bag_2

Unmade is at the forefront of a new textile revolution – reinventing the knitwear industry using cutting-edge technology to produce unique one-offs by means of mass production. The identity emphasises Unmade’s collaborative mission. Their philosophy is that no garment is complete until it has been personalised. Their approach is to partner with other designers and by collaborating they allow the customer to make a unique product by means of digital manipulation. When the design is finished it is sent directly to a knitting machine, transforming the design into an exclusive made-to-order garment.

Bibliotheque echoed this process by creating a flexible motif within the logotype. The diagonal crossbar of the E is combined with an opposing stroke to represent the intervention of the collaborating designer. This device is then used across the identity as an expressive visual component.

The digital part of this project was produced by the in-house unmade team, collaborating with Future Corp and can be viewed here.

Arrels_05Arrels_03Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 8.26.03 am Arrels_11

Arrels, which means “roots” in English, is a Barcelona based footwear brand making shoes for the urban market. Creating the identity meant finding the right balance between their urban look and their rural roots and between being handmade and mass produced.

This duality is reflected in the two colours of the identity and in the pattern created for the boxes and the shoes; an idea which was carried over to the brochure. The design of the pattern plays with the idea that if you were to rip up all the layers of concrete which cover the urban landscape underneath you would find the original, natural surface of the earth. Designed by Hey Studio.

pl-benney-4 pl-benney-2 pl-benney-1pl-benney-7

Public-Library partnered with the Tilford Brothers to reimagine, rebrand, and reintroduce Benney. Benney is a jewelry brand that is woven into the fabric of British Royalty and renown for exquisite goldsmithing and enameling. Public-Library brought Benney to the public and used their rich history to rebuild their visual brand to reflect the precision, craft, care and excellence that go into each piece. Each new design element is held to the same standards as the jewelry Benney has been producing for over half a century.


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